“Carried Her Weight Past Finish Line” After Sustaining Fatal Break

Los Alamitos has disclosed the death of 3-year-old Smell Perfume in the 7th last Sunday: “As the horses approached the finish #3 Smell Perfume appeared to be injured. Upon closer examination she had carried her weight past the finish line before unseating Jockey Rodrigo Aceves. Safety Steward David Nuesch notified us she had broken her right sesamoid and was euthanized.”

“Carried her weight past the finish line” after sustaining a fatal break.

This is horseracing.


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  1. Ohh, I see, she was fatally injured but somehow managed to unseat her jockey ???
    This just beggars belief and confirms the utter callousness of the so called “sport” of horseracing.

  2. And the carnage continues….unabated. Stop the horror show. Stop betting on the horses.

    “We” (who follow Horseracing Wrongs) have been accused of being followers of a “hate” group by someone previously employed in this killing industry. Just to be clear, I do hate an industry that cripples, maims, and kills horses DAILY because I love the horses, not the industry that exploits them. There is a BIG difference. To continue to support this carnage is utter callousness.

      • David, I will reach out to Patrick and ask for your email and will respond to you privately. I do have screenshots to prove what I have said. I am very careful what I put on social media and try my very best to stick to the facts. There are several people, who are pro-racing, that invariably say that “we” hurt the horses because we speak out against the racing industry yet when ask to provide the name of ONE horse….again, just ONE horse….that “we” have hurt, these jokers can’t come up with a name. They just continue to babble and babble. Therefore, they have ZERO credibility.

  3. Just to be clear I despise this industry and all the supporters of it because it’s legitimized animal cruelty.
    Every single thing that they do to these horses is abusive, and it’s all to exploit them to the point of dying.
    You would have to be callous, and delusional to defend this cruelty circus.
    These racehorses are being mangled and killed every single day, and if they happen to survive this horror show then most end up standing at kill auctions with medical conditions that have not been treated.
    This industry does little or nothing about it while they brag about the billions they make at the sales auctions and wagering windows.
    This is a modern day Romanesque blood bath, and it’s not a sport nor is it entertainment.
    You are not “good folks” you are all just animal abusers or enablers of the abuse so take off your blinkers.
    So sorry for yet another victim of this vile business – SMELL PERFUME.

  4. Jockeys need o be trained to detetct injury in the change in gait and pull the horse up. There is perception that is being ignored and should be prosecuted for neglect or infliction of injury.

    • janwindsong, when you say that jockeys need to be trained to detect injury…..” it seems like you are suggesting that this is a solution to prevent breakdowns.
      If this is what you are suggesting then I totally disagree.
      There isn’t anything that this business can do or will do to change the fact that dying is inherent in this business, and that’s why it needs to shut down.
      Not only are the racehorses dying, but jockeys are dying as well.
      Another jockey just died over the weekend:

      When you draw the analogy between the trainers at SeaWorld and the trainers/personnel in horse racing there isn’t much difference because they are both at high risk working with 1500 pound, unpredictable animals.
      Further, the animals themselves are highly stressed in that environment which adds to the unpredictability of the situation including secret medical records.
      SeaWorld was ordered to stop all contact during shows, and the horse racing industry should be ordered to be shut down as well because it will save lives.

      The racehorses are at the mercy of multiple drug violating trainers with rap sheets, and with a string of dead racehorses under their belt in many cases.
      They are completely defenseless while intensely confined, and the daily operations continually put them at risk of being maimed and/or killed.

      This is a horrific, dangerous, and vile business that needs to shut down.

      • In order to shut it down, the violations have to be clearly against the law. This industry hides behind semantics, just simplify it – making it accountable will kill it.

  5. There is also complicit cooperation with veterinary science to NOT have rehabilitation for the horses. There is no worse decision than “it costs too much with the life of a sentient being is at hand. They know.

  6. I’m sorry – my comment should read “costs to much” when the life of a sentient being is at hand. Because they know.

    To continue. The spirits of the betrayed are watching.

  7. I cried. And then I cried some more. Then I thought about her mighty heart and the pain she was in, and I’m still crying. Three years old and murdered by greed. Dead on a track at the hands of a veterinarian. No easy death for her. I read many of these stories and they are all sad, but this one like the tragic Eight Belles, has ripped off a chunk of my heart and crushed it. Three years old, just a baby. What is wrong with us as a society that this is just chalked up to what? The cost of doing business? I need kleenex.

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