Dead at Laurel, Los Alamitos, Golden Gate, Delaware

From Equibase’s account of the 4th yesterday at Laurel: “SEVENTY NINER…broke down in upper stretch and was euthanized.” 9-year-old Seventy Niner was under the whip for the 59th time. At the end of last month and into this one, he was raced twice (both cheap claiming) in nine days at Timonium. Trainer/owner, Annette Eubanks.

Dead from the latest CHRB Stewards Minutes:

unidentified, August 29-September 3, Los Alamitos, racing

Hubertofhavasu, September 7, Golden Gate (euthanized September 8), “collided with another horse during training”

Discreetly Leah, September 9, Los Alamitos, race 2, “injured, euthanized”

Out of Aces, September 10, Golden Gate, race 3, “suffered catastrophic injury”

Also, I have confirmed (Delaware Racing Commission) that 3-year-old Aldalma was “humanely euthanized” after being “pulled up in distress” in the 1st September 18. ‘Twas her first time under the whip.

Dead animals, every day. This is horseracing.


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  1. The carnage continues and those who have the power to intervene do NOTHING!

    Innocent horses dying every day while the racing industry turns a blind eye and ignores the brutal abuse of these noble horses.

  2. The audacity of these creeps intentionally HIDING the names of racehorses dying in California,
    I swear their day will come – the racehorses will get their day in court.
    It’s just a matter of time.
    The fact that they intentionally hide the horror show speaks volumes about them and the extent that they will go in order to continue this blood bath for stupid bets and egos,
    Every single one of you should get your ass out on that track in 90 F heat, and be repeatedly whipped while your all doped up – see how you like it.

  3. The true value of horses, by this industry, is unconscionable and tragic — it strikes to the heart of so much animal suffering  —  the horses’ commodification.  When there is profit to be made on the backs of animals, history shows that those backs are often strained and broken — SHUT DOWN THESE TRACKS!

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