Video of “Fatal Step” at Belmont

The official chart line (Equibase) for 3-year-old Submit in the 9th yesterday at Belmont: “…picked up interest angling into path five as three-quarters was being completed, fell, taking a fatal step…subsequently euthanized.”

A fatal step.”

This makes two kills in as many racing-days at Belmont; in fact, Submit’s line is a virtual carbon copy of Top Fortitude’s from Sunday. We also know (Gaming Commission) that, like TF, Submit was euthanized on the track. Which, at least for me, begs the question: How, after bearing witness to such an event, could a person ever set foot in a racing arena again? Where is our collective conscience, America?

Oh, Submit’s gone down there.” (pick up video around 1:47:55 mark)


  1. I had read somewhere that Submit had a “severe cannon bone fracture”. This probably means this poor horse very literally snapped a leg off. Having seen this occur up close, I can’t believe anyone could ever find enjoyment in ever potentially seeing it happen again. What’s even more heart wrenching is watching a horse struggle to still try to get on its feet, even missing a leg. Please, folks, please. This just needs to end. Get the word out to everyone you know- please stop supporting this “sport”.

    • Another thing, it was so obvious to me in her last start that she was sore on her left front it appears.
      She was practically limping.
      I know it’s easy to say this in retrospect, but how her trainer could permit this is blatant inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
      This is where I would like to get a hold of the medication records, and hold these bloody assholes accountable once and for all!!!!
      Her medical records/x-rays or any medical treatment would have to be presented or the vet should lose their license because if they are treating a racehorse with suspected serious chronic issues they should be held accountable as well in a court of law with a felony charge!!
      This industry PROTECTS these people to the ends of the earth, and that’s what’s so egregious about it.
      Nobody “cares” or “loves” these horses – they are profit slaves of their connections, and this entire industry.
      You are a disgusting bunch of animal abusers and enablers of this abuse, and we will shut you down.
      It’s just a matter of time.
      So sorry for you Submit, and isn’t your name so ironic?
      You were forced to submit to these idiots, and you lost your life for it.

  2. The suffering, based on the PP’s, is horrific leading up to Submit, and most of them who die in the dirt
    The PP’s show the ongoing cruelty, abuse, and forced suffering of many of these racehorses.
    However, it’s the abusers, and enablers of this abuse that make a conscious decision to subject their horse to this treatment, and they have an industry that enables this process.
    The reason why they enable this process is to fill races, and increase wagering profits/egos.
    This is not a sport – this is a blood bath all being conducted under the guise of “entertainment.”
    This is their new label – “entertainment.”
    Can you imagine the trauma that a child probably feels when they are at a track and they witness the break down of a racehorse?
    Neither a child, people or a racehorse should be subjected to this antiquated business model that constitutes animal cruelty.
    Neither should our government endorse and/or financially use precious dollars to support this.
    Stop going, stop wagering, stop promoting this horrific business because it needs to shut down now.

  3. I encourage people to watch from the 1 hour & 30 minute mark. References might say Submit or they might say #7. The announcers, Gabby Gaudet, Greg Wolf & Andy Serling need OUR input. If they have FB pages, I will comment when I calm down. Gabby seemed to have a special affection for Submit after saying she looked unsettled until her rider was up. At the end the announcers said some good news, Jose Ortiz walked off on his own accord. Never mentioned Submit again. I guess she submitted to the racing game, the $2- bet, her fate written in stone yet who will remember her & all the thousands tomorrow?

  4. If you support this. If you think you look good in absurd hats. You are the ones along with the bastard jockys and the monster owners who murder these gentle beings. You are the ones who have made slaughtering the “slow” horses a million dollar business. You are vile selfish people

    • Shall we talk about the jockeys? And not the whipping. How about excessive drug abuse from poppers/snappers to cocaine on a major scale into morning hours before exercising & racing these beautiful animals? I’ve seen it all and a few Hall of Fame Jockeys. I would take a lie detector test in a minute!!

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