Hank Who Becomes 88th Dead Racehorse at NY Tracks in 2017

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 4-year-old Hank Who is dead after breaking a pair of sesamoids in the 5th at Finger Lakes Monday afternoon. He is the 88th racehorse to perish at a New York track in 2017.


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  1. Does this injury occur when a horse is pushed to his limits?And why are there no animal abuse charges ,severe punishments for all this abuse.They just pull out the needle everyday and inject.Seriously what can we do to Really stop this?

    • Nancy, it’s legitimized animal cruelty that is financially supported by our government because there are, allegedly, politicians who have received or may be receiving lost of cash to keep it going.
      The Interstate Horse Wagering Act which generates the billions in gambling profits operates with virtual impunity!
      Moreover, it’s so secretive that obtaining financial disclosure records is virtually impossible because lots of this income is originating out of country it seems.
      It’s a dark, mysterious, world that keeps the public at bay to continue financially gaining off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses.
      If it wasn’t for government/taxpayer/casino financial support this business would be shut down for the most part with only a few scattered tracks around.
      When the government stops supporting these tracks, and when people stop participating/supporting them they will shut down.

    • First and foremost, expose, expose, expose. Share these posts; write letters to the editor; call your local TV stations. Most people have no idea what is happening on American racetracks. As for abuse charges, not going to happen. The law as regarding animals-in-industry (any industry, not just horseracing) almost always defers to “common industry practice.” Horseracing has existed here for over 150 years; for 150 years, horses have been abused and killed. It ends when people stop betting, stop going, and stop patronizing racinos (which directly subsidize the racing industry).

  2. NY STATE MUST CLOSE DOWN THE KILLING MACHINE THAT IS HORSE RACING! Once NY is shamed into taking this long overdue action, other states that allow this HORRIBLE industry to exist will soon follow their lead. This is what MUST happen. ASAP!

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