Two More – at Least – Killed Yesterday

(At least) four Friday, (at least) two more yesterday:

In the 7th at Fairmount, says Equibase, You’re My Favorite “broke outward, raced in contention from between horses, began to fade along the rail on the second turn, broke down at the quarter pole, lost her rider and was euthanized.” She was six.

In the 2nd at Louisiana, Mi Padre “chased the early pace from the outside, was bumped entering the turn, fell and was euthanized.” He was four.

Horseracing abuses and kills intelligent, sensitive beings every day. Every single day. And all for gambling and entertainment. For shame, America. For shame.


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    • Two more victims (You’re My Favorite & Mi Padro) of this disgusting business – all this carnage, mayhem, corruption, and blood bath for stupid bets, and egos.
      What a shame that we are still witnessing this VILE business in the 21st century!
      It should have been shut down years ago, and our governments continue to give this legitimized animal cruelty handouts either via taxpayers, gambling profits, and/or corporate welfare.
      This is equally disturbing.
      It makes me sick to see those poor racehorses, with all that equipment on, probably doped up, sore, and stressed being forced onto that track in 90 F heat and humidity to run around in circles for stupid idiots that don’t give a damn about them.
      If they truly cared about racehorses then they wouldn’t be in this business.
      Shut it down!!

    • Bonnie, this exercise grows tiresome. “What is going wrong” is horseracing itself; there is no mystery to unravel here. The domestication, exploitation, abuse, and killing of horses for gambling and entertainment is inherently wrong; we don’t need PETA to explain why.

    • Bonnie Jo, it really is quite simple. Horseracing, just like dog fighting and dog racing, is a gambling industry. Whenever you mix money and animals, the animal always end up losing. That is what is “going wrong.” The lure of the almighty dollar is strong….very strong….so strong, in fact, that those involved in the exploitation of the horse put money before what is best for the animal. The solution? Stop betting on ALL animal industries and the problem rectifies itself.

  1. Reblogged this on UDdeer and commented:
    Racinos were supposed to bring enough revenue for the state for which horses horrifically die for $2 bets everyday. This has to stop. Now townships by law have to allow dispensaries which they say will bring increased taxes to the state.. When will this stop?

  2. Thank you for your input. I probably should rephrase my previous post above. I know that the horses are abused and killed in this horrid gambling “past time”. I know PETA people can come out in great numbers; publicize the horse racing deaths, and help to shut down this industry. Has anyone contacted PETA?

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