Four Killed in Just One Day; Defend That, Racing People

Saturday at the races…

In the 5th at Kentucky, Mutazen “was pulled up and vanned off” (Equibase); I have confirmed that the 5-year-old was euthanized for his injuries.

In the 11th at Louisiana, Fast Talkin Man “was pulled up…later euthanized” (Daily Racing Form). On the chart, the 3-year-old was said to have “[taken] a bad step.”

In the 2nd at Los Alamitos, Discreetly Leah “broke down” (Equibase); she, too, is dead. ‘Twas the 3-year-old’s 3rd ever race.

In the 5th at Charles Town, Holy Zendaya “broke down at the three-eights pole and was euthanized” (Equibase). The 5-year-old was “For Sale” at $4,500 prior to the race.

That’s (at least) four dead horses on American racetracks in a single day. But we’re just a bunch of haters, right? Disgusting.


  1. There’s more to this: money, payoffs, insurance— some day someone will tell about the whole crooked mess. I guess some will continue to think it’s a coincidence, or a run of bad luck… it isn’t.
    A terrible shame these innocent, abused horses pay the price with their lives.

  2. Please forgive me,after reading this posting I cried profusely.It is my utmost hope (prayers never work for me,I’ve had an exhausting life)that SOMETHING,SOMEONE,in the midst of this “Nothing but money making business,experiences the pain and evil of this business,who is involved in this insanity,directly.
    NO laws,please educate me if there are,to kill a horse if it is “no good,for a buck.”

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