Progress: Gillespie Racetrack Closing in Texas

From the good news department: The Daily Racing Form reports that the Gillespie racetrack (along with two greyhound tracks) in Texas will not be renewing its license for live racing/simulcasting effective yesterday, August 31. In other words, it’s closing up shop. One down, three – Lone Star, Retama, Sam Houston – to go.


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  1. Great news, and it’s a collective voice that had a huge contribution in this closing, as well as, lack of business.
    The last time I trained at Retama Park was 2009, and it was so pathetic there for the horses that I couldn’t believe that a government would financially contribute to this sinking ship.
    There was a new politician elected in the county of Selma where Retama Park is located, and he has been trying to shut it down for the last 5 years by denying them financial support.
    For some reason he has been unable to do so, but vows that he will no longer give any money to them while the public coffers are suffering.
    It’s the powerful HBPA that always raises their ugly heads because they rake in billions in wagering profit, via the Interstate Horse Wagering Act, while going to the public coffers for either taxpayers money, corporate welfare, or casino money!
    Is the government finally waking up to this devastating financial calamity that NO public money should go to support not to mention the moral ugliness of using, abusing, dying, and dumping of racehorses?!
    Then there is the corruption – it’s so prevalent, and all the evidence is there from track to track.
    These racehorses are nothing but profit instruments for people that don’t give a damn about them, and they instill Trainers who uphold this attitude – that the horses are there to fill races and be gambling pawns for their dirty rotten business that involves dying.
    The racetracks in Texas are running multi-million dollar deficits, and the government just keeps rubber stamping them, and sending them money while communities with positive benefits are starved of funds to support this cruelty circus?
    There must be politicians and/or people high up in government that is financially benefiting from this in order to continue this charade.
    It’s despicable, repulsive, and vile – it has got to go, it will go, I will fight on until it does go.

  2. This just makes my day!! I just came home from my weekly protest at Del Mar Race Track here in San Diego and dream of the day that this death track closes down. YIPPEEEEE

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