In Largest Track Protest Ever, Horseracing Wrongs Brings 105 Activists to Travers Day

105. That’s the number of protesters Horseracing Wrongs brought to Saratoga Race Course Saturday, Travers Day. It is, to my knowledge, the single largest protest ever held at a racetrack on the North American continent. Ever. And it probably breaks our own record – the 75-80 we’ve been taking to Saratoga weekly for the past two summers. It is a tremendous accomplishment, owing mostly to the extraordinary work of HW Vice President Nicole Arciello – our mobilizer-in-chief.

105. And here’s the thing, racing industry, this is but the beginning; we’re not going away. We’re smart, we’re organized, and we’re serious. We are Horseracing Wrongs.


  1. That Mr. P died on Saturday, Travers day, from a non racing injury. That was the reason given.

  2. I saw a news article online that had video and I saw you on it! It was a nice turnout. It’d be interesting to know if you changed anyone’s mind.


    • Jenni, Our six protests this year at Saratoga Race Course brought much success and changed the minds of many people. We received eight interviews on local television news stations, two radio interviews and appeared in three pieces in local newspapers. All of these were posted on social media for the respective outlets and those posts drew hundreds of comments and, while there are the usual Social media trolls who think themselves funny, most of the comments were people deciding not to attend horseracing ever again. We talked to many people in person at each protest as well. Eyes were opened and minds were changed. Thank you for supporting.

      “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Mead

  3. How wonderful-You continue to inspire and motivate many of us, everywhere! Thank you,


  4. Great work Patrick, Nicole and all the wonderful supporters at the Saratoga protest.

  5. Wonderful!! I wish we could get a group like that at Del Mar. We are seeing anywhere from 6-15 activists at the weekly protests, whereas dozens and dozens often show up at Seaworld.

    On Mon, Aug 28, 2017 at 4:45 PM, Horseracing Wrongs wrote:

    > Patrick Battuello posted: “105. That’s the number of protesters > Horseracing Wrongs brought to Saratoga Race Course Saturday, Travers Day. > It is, to my knowledge, the single largest protest ever held at a racetrack > on the North American continent. Ever. And it probably breaks our ow” >

  6. WOW!
    A huge shout out to Nicole, and her partner Patrick.
    You dudes are doing amazing work on behalf of the racehorses.
    Every single racehorse who has died on that track was there in spirit.
    Thanks to Joy, Jo Anne, and all the brave people who stood out there.
    I can’t make it so I continue to be a voice for the voiceless on this blog.
    Saratoga is a certified graveyard due to all the racehorses who have died there.
    Their tombstones would occupy the entire track – tragic.

  7. It would be wonderful if you could take those same protesters to the DA’s office in St Landry Parish, Louisiana to let him know we want Dr Drip’s abusers to be punished to the full extent of the law. We are facing an uphill battle, justice could escape us for Dr Drip, and the hell he went through would be for nothing. Just a thought. Letters, phone calls, everything helps. Dr Drip represents all that is WRONG with horse racing. Here’s your chance to tell the world Dr Drip’s life mattered.

    • Thank-you Karen for that reminder, and I will make calls.
      I did sign a petition for justice so I will look into the status of that as well.
      Not only is his final owner responsible for this abuse, but it was his owners (who made over $200,000 on him) that dumped him, then his jockey, and not one ever checked up on his well-being.
      This absolutely blows me away, but it’s so typical of racetrackers and their mentality.
      They approach this with a disposal plan in mind right from the beginning, and the entities in horse racing condone this because they know that DUMPING is one of the mandatory operating procedures of this despicable business.
      Poor Dr Drip – I cry for you every time I think about the pain, and suffering that you endured until your body gave out.
      This is the real world of horse racing, and this is why I will continue to be a voice, and fight every single day.

  8. Thank you, Gina. If someone doesn’t pay for what they did do that poor horse, I’m going to go ballistic. Visit Dr Drip’s FB page. The goal at this time is to get 20/20 to carry a story on Dr Drip and the fate of others when they are no longer lucrative on the track. The impact of the truth being exposed to the masses can bring about change. Blackfish shook Sea World to it’s core, and other parks. People became aware who didn’t know. We need that. It’s a start.

    • Justice must be done for Dr Drip.
      It’s up to the District Attorney to ensure that the abhorrent crime committed upon this defenceless animal is dealt with appropriately in that the perpetrators are committed to a public trial and found guilty of animal cruelty of the worst kind category.
      Anything less does not meet community expectations.
      Karen, it’s times like this that I wish I didn’t live so far away because I would stage a protest outside the DA’s office, it doesn’t have to be a big crowd, a few people would suffice. I would have placards with photos of Dr Drip’s horrific suffering and that should draw the attention of the local media. Where I am, there have been similar incidents but sadly no steps taken to involve the Police and take further action. With Dr Drip, much publicity and irrefutable evidence and in my humble opinion that is a huge advantage. I signed the petition and wish I could do more. Thank you, Karen for what you’re doing for Dr Drip.

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