“Pulled up in distress – euthanized”

The (Equibase) chart line for 7-year-old Smokealittlesmoke in the 4th last night at Evangeline: “SMOKEALITTLESMOKE last away, trailed, failed to menace, pulled up in distress at wire, euthanized.” Cold. Callous. Contemptible. Horseracing.


  1. This business is evil to the core.
    They use, abuse, maim and/or dump.
    Heartless animal abusers who think that they actually “love,” and “care” for their horses.
    This is very typical of abusive behavior as the abuser (example pedophile, domestic abuse) just “loves” their victim as they are abusing them.
    100% delusional, and we must educate the ignorant masses on this delusion, and why it needs to shut down.

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