Laurel Breakdown Edited-Out of Official Replay

In the 7th yesterday at Laurel, Credit Ready “broke down approaching the eighth pole” (Equibase). (“Broke Down,” for the uninitiated, is racing-speak for dead.) Here is the official “Maryland Racing” replay:

Note that the video cuts out right as CR was about to break down; the audio doesn’t return till the happy – complete with children – “Winner’s Circle” shot.

This is horseracing.


  1. Once again, the industry hides the truth like it never happened. And everyone oh so happy in the winners circle. Disgusting. Horseracing so wrong on many levels!. So sorry for you Credit Ready.

  2. Thanks Trish, and so sorry for yet another victim of this deplorable business – CREDIT READY.
    These people are not only blatant animal abusers, but they actually PROTECT the people who are killing them!
    Now if that doesn’t tell you anything I don’t know what possibly can.
    Incidentally, the entire Maryland horse racing scene is owned and/or controlled by Frank Stronach and his cohorts under the banner Magna “Entertainment.”
    Of course I find it odd that Frank Stronach finds racehorses dying in the dirt to be family “entertainment.”
    Or perhaps his prolific breeding program that forcibly impregnates a non-consenting broodmare every single year as his outfit usually breeds about 300 horses per year from what I’m told.
    Now this qualifies for demented hoarding for sure!
    All of his racetracks are, via their audio/visual, intentionally eliminating videos of racehorses who are breaking down, and dropping in the dirt or they are showing an angle that doesn’t reveal the horror.
    This is a violation of First Amendment Rights because it’s conducted utilizing PUBLIC WAGERING MONEY.
    I find this so pathetic, vile, disgusting, and repulsive.
    His time will come, and the racehorses will get their justice through the court system.

  3. The reporters, newspapers, news on tv— all not showing or printing the true happenings at the track. This is like censorship! Are the “live” people at the track deaf, dumb and blind? Do they not see the collapse and death before their eyes? How can so many do nothing and sell their souls for a two dollar bet?

  4. The horses should be named for the truths in their sad lives:
    #1. “Jockeys are Cruel”
    #2. “Trainers R Ignorant”
    #3. “Owners Greedy”
    #4. ” Last in my Class Veterinarians”
    #5. ” Overmedicated With Poor Care”
    #6. “DOA”
    #7. “Lies and Cover-Ups”
    #8. “No Respect”
    #9. “Used and Abused”
    #10. “Racetracks R Out of Business”

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