Dead in California, July 2017

Dead Racehorses in California, July:

Brother Soldier, July 2, Los Alamitos, race 1, “euthanized following the race”

Angels From Heaven, July 2, Oak Tree, training, “fractured carpus – euthanized”

Globalization, July 2, Oak Tree, “colitis” – not clear whether euthanized or simply died; 3-year-old coming off first race

unidentified, June 26-July 4, Santa Anita

Spring Mix, July 9, Oak Tree, “anaphylactic reaction to ESE shot” – not clear whether euthanized or simply died; 3-year-old yet-to-be-raced

Sunny Dee, July 23, Golden Gate, training, “fracture of sesamoids left front fetlock” – euthanized

Golden Light, July 27, Del Mar, race 6, “DNF – euthanized”

Cajun Cookin, July 30, Golden Gate, training, “fracture of both sesamoids” – euthanized

Amazing Lady, July 30, Los Alamitos, race 1, “fell – euthanized”

(source: California Horse Racing Board)


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  1. I’m so glad that I have been made aware of this situation. I can’t believe the slaughter that is going on in this country. “War Horse” was only one example of how we have tortured equines throughout the centuries. Why must man destroy the natural world at every opportunity.

  2. Horse racing is unnecessary pain, and suffering just for a lousy $2 bet.
    It’s so vile, and disgusting what’s going on here.
    I patiently wait for the day that the state of California kicks both SeaWorld, and horse racing out of there.
    The animal loving state of California, and the residents therein, should call for a total ban on horse racing.
    It’s legitimized animal cruelty – period.
    Surely we can do better than this in the 21st century.
    Leave the greyhounds, and the horses out of the gambling equation once and for all.
    The carnage is so vile.
    This is a modern day blood bath.
    So sorry for all racehorses on this list who lost their life for a stupid bet.
    This has got to stop, and it will only stop when people stop patronizing it.

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