Delaware Park: Four Kills in Six Days

I have confirmed (Stewards Report) that last Wednesday there were two – yes, two – kills at Delaware Park. In the 3rd, Glitzy “pulled up lame around the first turn, was vanned off, and afterward humanely euthanized.” Glitzy was a 5-year-old mare being raced for the 8th time. Two races later, Pandamonia, too, “pulled up lamehumanely euthanized.” Pandamonia was a 2-year-old colt under the whip for the very first time.

Last week, I reported kills on back-to-back days at Delaware; today, two in three races. Or, four dead racehorses in six days of racing. How can the good people of The First State countenance this? Please help end it – no more bets, no more attendance, no more going to the racino (which directly subsidizes racing). Please, for the horses.


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  1. Watched a race replay today for a horse named Nice Shot. This horse has had 2 DNFs now – first was for bleeding. Today the chart said “pulled up in distress and walked off”. Horse was clearly struggling and was about 25 lengths behind his field. And the jockey was still hitting the horse as he was pulling him up!! Just goes to show the brutality of this “Sport of Kings”!!

    • These animal abusers are so protected by their self-governed agencies that the inhumane treatment is systematized, and legitimized.
      These people are bold when partaking in the inhumane treatment of a racehorse.
      This business is nothing but a cruelty ring, corruption pit, and death camp.
      It’s not unlike dog racing, dog fighting or the circus.
      Just the victim is different.
      These people are heartless, have no mercy, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they run Nice Shot again.
      There is no lower level bar for these racehorse animal abusers,
      They sink lower than the dirt that their racehorses die in.

  2. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…..I’d have no qualms about using the whip on these people. How they can abuse/kill these lovely creature on a daily basis is beyond me, guess they don’t have a conscience, only care about the money. It’s sickening and criminal.

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