Sweetneida Killed Today at Saratoga – 13th Dead Horse There This Summer

In the 1st today at Saratoga, 5-year-old Sweetneida “took some bad steps” (Equibase) and was “vanned off.” Turns out, she is dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission. This was her 2nd race at Saratoga (two weeks ago), 22nd overall. She is the 13th fatality at “the oldest sporting venue in the nation” this summer.

Lakalas, May 28, “collapsed and died after breezing”
Queen B, July 6, “fractured leg while breezing…ambulanced to clinic – euthanized”
Wanztbwicked, July 22, “suffered an injury while breezing – euthanized on the track”
Angels Seven, July 28, “pulled up, injury to LF leg – euthanized on the track”
Howard Beach, July 29, “suffered a fracture to RF leg breezing and was euthanized”
Positive Waves, July 29, “suffered a fracture to his RF leg breezing – euthanized”
Brooklyn Major, July 31, “collapsed and died after the finish of the race”
Marshall Plan, August 2, “fractured condylar bone while training – euthanized”
Fall Colors, August 3, “horse fell at second fence, died on track”
Munjaz, August 3, “was pulled up…vanned off – euthanized”
Lakeside Sunset, August 5, “ambulanced off; fracture right hind leg – euthanized”
Unbroken Chain, August 6, “suffered a fatal musculoskeletal injury – euthanized”
Sweetneida, August 11, “ambulanced off – euthanized”

It ends when – and only when – the masses say no more. No more bets. No more attendance. No more. For the horses, no more.


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  1. On 12/04/2015 SWEETNEIDA didn’t make it through this race she DNF!!
    This horse was screaming out at that point that she wasn’t even able to finish a race 1 year ago!!
    Yet, that wasn’t enough for her connections nor was it enough for the enabler of the abuse – racing commissions.
    She was still permitted, and most likely forced to train under duress.
    A couple of doping cocktails later, most likely, and she’s good to go!
    These animal abusers are permitted to dope up a sore, and suffering racehorse to fill races, and increase profits.
    Total disregard for her well being as she’s just a commodity, a thing to generate bucks.
    Of course we will never know what she was going through 1 year ago when she wasn’t well enough to finish the race because they keep the medical records secret.
    The problem that, more than likely, was responsible for her DNF on 12/04/2015 finally caught up with her in the First Race today.
    This is so egregious, despicable, and VILE that it chokes me up until every single racetrack is shut down.
    SHUT DOWN this carnage, this horror show, this blood bath.
    Please, I beg you, stop watching and wagering on racehorses – leave them out of your gambling.

    • Its the horse racing world! My horse DNF 2 times in her career and they still raced her. She had shin splints and was pin fired to help the injury! Its rediculous!

  2. I noticed that there’s an article on the Horse.com about all these racehorses dying at this track.

    Saratoga racetrack has blood on its hands
    Saratoga has no shame
    Saratoga continues to race horses despite these horses dying cruel deaths
    So SICK!

  3. This carnage, and blood bath is most likely due to LIBERAL drug policies that mask chronic issues in order to fill races, and increase wagering profits.
    Furthermore, it seems obvious that top multiple drug violating trainers with multiple racehorses who have died under their direct training methods must have upper level inside government operatives behind them.
    They would have to in order to get away with their legitimized drug fest, and dying.
    Horse racing is nothing more than a cruelty circus, corruption pit, and death ring.

  4. Oh My God — I cannot believe the long list of magnificent horses — how quickly the decision to slaughter these horses as soon as something goes wrong — these injuries are preventable, yet these beautiful animals are ridden to horror — Because this industry is all about money (banking is all about money, finance is all about money, money is all about money — horse racing MUST be about horses) — precisely why this industry MUST be SHUT DOWN — there is no respect, no love for the horses — and, let’s admit it, it’s all about the horses and people who care about them!– Is it THAT DIFFICULT to change one’s mindset? Or, must we “gut” the industry and replace with horse-loving people?

  5. SHUT IT DOWN!! It’s going to end! Let the public know!!! Don’t stop!! ! It’s sickening. Horseracing KIlls! Period!

  6. With the inbreeding forced on thoroughbreds, this should not be a big surprise. New genetics are not allowed so fast but frail horses are a direct result. Enjoy watching these majestic run? Allow some out breeding to strengthen the breed.

  7. I was there on the rail- I saw it happen- absolutely horrifying. The casual fan sees her vanned off and assumes she’ll be ok. She labored all the way around the track unable to keep up with low level claiming horses. She had 3 races in a month at a distance she could not run. Her trainer, Eduardo Jones, is a joke. Sweetneida did not have to die. A capable horseman would have taken her off the track months ago.

    • Yes, Jean it is absolutely outrageous how this horse was abused and set up for death by a so called trainer. Unfortunately this animal abusing business will not question this abuse and death. Mr. Eduardo Jones will continue to masquerade as a trainer because there is absolutely no accountability.
      Unfortunately Jones is not unique in this business, far from it. The horse pays the ultimate price.

  8. Don’t you think losing 13 horses to this absolute discussing so called sport is enough ………. I am an animal lover not an abuser and this is killing me to see all these poor beautiful horses dying :( :( :( :(

  9. WTF!!! My wife and I were planning on going to Saratoga Racetrack this month but reading this has changed our minds!!!!!

  10. They need to stop racing these young horses …Wait until they are older to start them ad no whipping them to run ….There are horses out there that want to run use them

    • THey do not whip the horses they hit the saddle pads and then if you notice they ride to they bring the whips up to their eyes so they can see it but it never hits the horse. And it;s the same way @ the harness track they either hit the bike with their whip or their saddle pads. You know horses go down their two but you just don’t hear about it as much.

      • Wrong Kim – 100% incorrect.
        They do whip/beat the horses when usually tired/sore, and they do make contact with the skin which is painful despite what the industry says.
        Thermal image studies in Australia has proven that whipping/beating shows increased pain, increased heart rate leading to increased stress factors.
        Moreover, I invite you to peruse the “Rulings” sections of most major racing commissions.
        There you will find MULTIPLE violations for causing WELTS on racehorses as a direct result of beating.
        REAL QUIET |(Derby ’98) and AMERICAN PHARAOH whipped a minimum of 32 times in the stretch with Bob Baffert explaining it away as this “he (the jockey) was just keeping him busy.”
        Well how about somebody beat BB’s son Bode 32 times on the ass and see if he likes it!
        This Hall of (SH)ame trainer Bob Baffert obviously condones and possibly sanctions his riders to beat his horses – a win at all cost attitude which is further condoned by this industry – systemic beating of racehorses.
        Then there’s SILVER CHARM – another BB trainee who had the crap beaten out of him in the Derby ’77.
        Lots of abusive behavior behind this golden boys smile isn’t there?
        They even have meetings about where to hit the horse on what part of the body!

        Here’s BB saying that the rider was keeping AP “busy” by beating him REPEATEDLY 32 times.
        This dude is a piece of crap human being that this industry reveres and promotes!
        Not to mention the multiple racehorses that have DIED under his care, and this industry still supports him when his ass should be hauled into jail on animal cruelty charges.
        This is the ugly world of horse racing, and it’s rotten to the core.
        So go whip yourself on the ass 32 times nice and hard just like the jockey did to AP – see how you like it!

      • Just who are you trying to kid. The horses are mercilessly whipped on the sensitive flank area which is in breach of the international racing rules. There’s no doubt about it, these horses feel the stinging pain, some end up with welts and broken skin.

      • Kim Clagg, there have been many brainless comments on this blog but I believe your comment takes first prize. Either you are delusional or you aren’t the sharpest tack in the box.

      • Kim Clagg – suggest you have a look at this scientific study that was done in Australia re the whipping of racehorses. America’s hall of fame jockey, Chris McCarron referred to this study in an interview he gave when he shared his opinion on whipping racehorses and it was very refreshing to hear this from a high profile jockey.


  11. The drug policies must change in the US, this rarely happens in the other parts of the world . Very sad to read stories like this, I am a huge horse racing fan and not planning to abandon the sport quite yet

  12. OMG !! I never knew this. I was always a horse racing fan – NO MORE ! This is unconscionable – it has to stop.

  13. I haven’t been to Saratoga Race Track in 5 years and will never go again. Risking the lives of horses just for the thrill of winning money.

  14. We were there Friday. As the horses were being walked onto the track, she seemed quite agitated. Hindsight is 20/20. I don’t think Sweetneida was 100%. I am not a veterinarian, but I do have pets and can tell when they need help. She broke her leg and fell in front of us. I will never go or watch a horse race again. This needs to stop.

  15. After reading the KIA lists I can’t help but question motives of owners….arent all those horses insured? I’d love to know what they were paid out by their insurance companies…..I’m guessing more then the race they would have lost.. I am a racing fan but this has opened my eyes.

    • Maureen, because of high profile deaths, such as Alydar’s death years ago and Eight Belles’s death in the Kentucky Derby, people automatically assume that most of these horses are insured. That simply isn’t true. The vast majority of horses laboring at these tracks are low level horses and those horses aren’t insured because the insurance companies consider them to be too big of a risk to insure. I believe I still have an explanation that goes into more detail on my home computer and, if I can find it, I will post it here.

      Many of those in the racing industry eke out a living by running sore horses, living on the backside of the tracks, and barely earning enough to buy their horses quality grain and hay. If you spend time on the backside, you will quickly see that paying insurance premiums to insure a horse is out of the question.

    • Maureen, how can you be a racing fan when you know about all of this? It boggles the mind! I would hope you would instead be an activist working towards the banning of horse racing. It is utterly immoral, heartless and cruel to subject any animal to the conditions and risks of horse racing. There is no excuse to be doing this. None, whatsoever.

    • Maureen, here is some additional information on racehorses and insurance. This info came from a racing official at Beulah Park. Beulah was a low level track but most tracks are low level.

      I asked this official how many horses would be insured at Beulah and he said none would be. Insurance would cost an exorbitant amount and the horses at low level tracks aren’t worth enough to insure. He did say that, five or six years ago, there was a horse that broke down at Beulah and that horse was insured. The horse had a Kentucky trainer and the official was asked to provide documentation for the insurance company. He was very clear that insurance companies won’t insure the low level horses even if the owner/trainer has the money to do so. The risk is just too great.

      As far as claiming insurance is concerned, Kentucky has claiming insurance but Ohio does not. Therefore, you can’t insure a horse that you are going to claim here in Ohio. I’m not sure about other states. However, I believe that “rule” has changed and the claim is voided if the horse suffers a life threatening injury. Even when a horse is insured, the insurance company will sometimes try to keep the horse alive so that they don’t have to pay out the claim. The official told me a couple of stories and one of the stories he shared was about him going up against the insurance industry. They wanted the horse, who had a broken leg, to be rehabilitated but this official said the horse was suffering. The vet was waffling back and forth but he insisted the horse be put down. Corruption isn’t limited to racing.

      There are 2 types of insurance in the racing industry..

      1.) Use as racehorse insurance…the horse is injured and can no longer race. The insurance company pays because the horse can no longer be a racehorse.

      2.) Breakdown insurance…

      Hope this helps.

  16. The majority of racehorses purchased through high auction sale houses such as Keeneland ARE insured.
    They are insured for their purchase price, and any horse that is purchased for 6 figures or more is almost always insured.
    If that horse performs on the track, and the earnings EXCEED the purchase price then the equine insurance policy is updated to the EARNINGS!
    IF the horse runs a bad race and the pattern continues so that they drop it down into a high level optional claiming race then the insurance policy is reduced to that optional claiming price which is usually $62,500.
    So if the connections of the horse know that physical issues have developed which would probably reduce their performance resulting in a deduction in the insurance policy.
    So it then becomes a financial loss unless the horse dies.
    If the horse dies either during training or racing then they would collect the 1 million.
    Equine insurance payouts happen at the highest level of the game not at the lower claiming levels.

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