Brooklyn Major Becomes 7th Victim at Saratoga ’17

In the final race of the afternoon yesterday at Saratoga, this for 4-year-old Brooklyn Major (Equibase): “BROOKLYN MAJOR three wide at the half mile pole, was through after the half, then fatally collapsed after crossing the finish line.” Yes, another “fatal collapse” after the wire. But all is not lost: For finishing the race, Brooklyn’s connections took home $84.

To date, seven horses have died at Saratoga ’17, four in the last four days:

Lakalas, May 28, “collapsed and died after breezing”
Queen B, July 6, “fractured leg while breezing…ambulanced to clinic – euthanized”
Wanztbwicked, July 22, “suffered an injury while breezing – euthanized on the track”
Angels Seven, July 28, “pulled up, injury to LF leg – euthanized on the track”
Howard Beach, July 29, “suffered a fracture to RF leg breezing and was euthanized”
Positive Waves, July 29, “suffered a fracture to his RF leg breezing – euthanized”
Brooklyn Major, July 31, “collapsed and died after the finish of the race”


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  1. Absolutely Karen.
    It’s slogans like these that perpetuate false advertising on the unsuspecting public just like SeaWorld does.
    Some other examples:
    DEL MAR “where the surf meets the turf.”
    It should be “where the dying meets the dead.”
    How about this one:
    “Racehorses are born to run.”
    How about “racehorses are born to die?”
    It goes on and on.
    I’m so sickened and repulsed by this morally bankrupt corruption pit called horse racing.
    I’m also infuriated with the government who financially supports it in one form or another because they can’t support themselves.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died last week on tracks – VILE.

  2. I’m so sick of reading of such senseless deaths of race horses! They can set the break and send them to an animal sanctuary! They do not need to kill these beautiful Animals😤

    • Actually setting a broken leg in a horse is extremely difficult . Even with the best of care and intentions – think of Barbaro’s struggle at New Bolton. Even with expert care and the recovery of the broken limb, he was felled by vascular destruction of the alternate leg . Recovery from a broken leg It can be achieved, but it’s very difficult and often the alternate limbs are responsible for the death of the horse . Also, these fractures while breezing are likely catastrophic , compound fractures .

  3. Many of these horses have better lives than the neglected ranch ponies that I see forgotten about. I support humane horse racing. They are well looked after because thousands of dollars has been invested into them. Which is more than I can say for these backyard hacks that get their feet trimmed once every few months. People need to take a look around before they criticise an industry they have never been involved in.

    • There is no such thing as humane horseracing. Horseracing Kills. Period. Take a look around this site and bear witness to the thousands of dead horses we report on every day. We are against all forms of animal cruelty and exploitation, and we fight for all horses and all animals. Take a look around the comments too, there are many in our group that have been involved in the horseracing industry. We know it, and we will keep fighting it. The facts are on our side.

    • I agree with Jess, as someone who has been involved in the racing Industry for many years.
      These horses are well cared for and love to run.
      There are so many horribly mistreated.
      disciplines in the horse world but horse racing is on TV so it’s an easy attack.
      While I appriciate your passion for horses please also do some research and write some pieces on some of the other disciplines. that need to be brought to attention.

      • Nicole says “these horses are well cared for and love to run.”
        So let’s provide the reality to this statement shall we?
        Beating/whipping, drugged/doping, running with chronic/sore conditions, intensely confined for 23 hours per day, sold like slaves on a chopping block in the claiming ranks, dumped while maimed, and left to die on farms (Dr Drip) or on the slaughterhouse floor (Excellor, Ferdinand and countless unnamed others).
        Any reasonable person would realize that they are merely exploited for their flesh, bones, blood, sweat, and tears – nothing more, nothing less.
        Next up: “love to run.” This has got to be the most falsified euphemism ever perpetrated on the public.
        Well Nicole if they LOVE to run so much then why do you have to repeatedly dope them up with tranquilizers, beat them, whip them to the point of breaking down and/or dying like Angels Seven?
        It’s absolutely disgusting to watch this horrific animal abuse, but I suppose Nicole asked this filly if she “loves to run” while getting beaten?
        She answered you loud and clear – she died in the dirt while being beaten.
        If that isn’t a good enough answer for you then check yourself into the nearest mental hospital.
        In the meantime, the supporters of this Blog will focus on the wrongs of horse racing.
        Hence, the name.
        Now if you want to focus on other disciplines – have at it.

      • Nicole, those that support racing continually babble about the other “disciplines” that exhibit rampant horse abuse. However, that does NOT negate what the racing “industry” does to its athletes. Do my research? I was raised with horses, specifically the TB, and galloped racehorses at a layup farm back in the 1960’s before they were shipped back to the track. Now, do YOUR research. Spend a couple years at a low level track, and most ARE low level, and observe how the horses are treated. Lame/crippled horses, thin, covered in rain rot standing 23 hours a day in stalls with very little bedding. Well cared for? Some are but many aren’t and I know that to be a fact since I have done MY research. Now, go peddle your lies somewhere else.

      • Nicole:

        The bottom line is that if you learn to perceive the transcendental/spiritual nature of ALL sentient lifeforms you will no longer support ‘benign’ disciplines such as horse racing.

        “To create suffering without recognizing it – this is the essence of unconscious living; this is being totally in the grip of the ego.” Elkhart Tolle

    • Amen…and when a journalist writes baiting literature, such as…”Not all was lost, they took home $84k”…one is inclined to question the judgement of this article. Seven…seven out of how many?? I’ve seen three times this many abused, to bones that would’ve been better off euthanized. Horses die, just like people, bones break in pastures every day….with out that beautiful, shiny coat.

      • Heidi Nicholson – you question the “judgement” of what is simply the truth YET, you are willing to accept the unnecessary deaths of non-consenting sentient beings who were used in an unnecessary entertainment and gambling industry? – “seven (dead racehorses) out of how many?”, you exclaim, as if that many dead horses are not enough to be concerned about…and YOU question another’s judgement?

        For those seven horses? – it was they ONLY life they had. Dead. Gone. Their lives risked then snuffed out for entertainment purposes. You lack not only judgement…you lack compassion.

  4. I was just pointed to this article, and I have to claim ignorance about the issue. Can someone please point me towards more information? The hairs on my arms are already standing up…

  5. I have been an advocate of ending horse racing for some time now. Every season in Saratoga, I get on Facebook and make aware the death counts. I have friends and acquaintances that are unfortunately, fans of the races. I have many discussions on Fb with these people concerning the horse death issues. I do my best to shed light and discuss answers to these issues. But I have to say, when a friend is private messaged and insulted by the administration of this website, that is uncalled for. The question my friend asked was not unreasonable. She asked simply, what to do with the tens of thousands of horses if racing were to be stopped. She also included that when she asked her question, she did not get a response, stating “hearing crickets”. The reply from your admin was very insulting, calling the questioner moronic and dumb. Have some class and dignity when answering peoples questions. You think you are furthering your cause by responding in such a manner? That’s what fanatics do. Be civil.

    • Michael, you and your friend must realize horseracing would not shut down overnight. It would be a gradual process and the breeding industry would respond appropriately by breeding geared to the diminishing demand. In other words, there would be fewer foals instead of an over abundance that is usually the case due to current overbreeding.

      Further, you and your friend should know it is estimated 70%, or more, of horses bred for racing end up on the slaughter bound trucks.

      What do you and your friend think happens to all the horses now, such as those that never made it to the track; those that can no longer race because of chronic issues due to racing or for other reasons; the breeding stallions not producing winners and the broodmares that are no longer being bred ?

      The industry has no plan for the horse except for the few years, or less, that it races or is a money maker in some capacity. Once the horse no longer makes money it is a liability to the business and is gotten “rid” of.

      The gradual decline of racing means less horses to abuse and send to slaughter.

      • Do you have a source for the 70% go to slaughter stastic? I have been looking for research on this or at least something more than anecdotal evidence of the number of thoroughbreds that end up in the slaughter pipeline.

      • Sue, go ask the multibillion dollar horse racing industry if they have a financial “source” for the thousands of racehorses they dump every single year after they are done maiming, and exploiting them?
        I will save you some trouble – they have LITTLE (compared to their obscene profits made off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses) available for all the people who dig into their shallow pockets for $200 to get them out of harms way.
        Mind you, these people had nothing to do with the exploitation, but they do possess one ounce of compassion unlike most in your industry.
        The multibillion dollar industry doesn’t even have a 1-800 number for people to call because that would be a responsible thing to do, and as most of us here know every single member of this industry (upper or lower level) DUMPS racehorses either into the claiming ranks or into a neglectful situation without checking up on their well-being (Dr Drip) or at kill auctions where they subsequently end up in their disposal system called the slaughterhouse.
        For heavens sake even domestic pets (dogs, cats, rabbits, etc) have a shelter they can go to, and most shelters have 1-800 numbers to call when they see a pet in distress, but not the horse racing industry.
        This approach is far too civil for a business that kills racehorses.
        No Sue, the industry washes their hands of their responsibility to a living being after they are done exploiting them.
        There are hundreds of racehorses in Louisiana and Florida right now in severely neglected states that every day people simply can no longer afford to support.
        My email box is full every single morning from rescue groups contacting me for money.
        Well, like most of us, I’m drained out because the last racehorse we rescued standing at a kill auction had a life-threatening infection of his shoulder – a direct result of joint injections.
        It was CHRONIC, and he had just run his last race meaning that he was not receiving proper vet care while he was being exploited.
        In any other situation, in the normal world, the owner would be charged with not providing vet care to their horse, but not this industry – they protect these bastards.
        The vet bill alone was $2000 to save his life. He was a multiple graded stakes placed racehorse from another “prestigious” track called Woodbine.
        For every one they save there are much more to be saved as long as this industry exists.
        As for facts on the slaughterhouse go to the website: canadiandefensecoalition.
        There you will find plenty of facts on racehorses going to slaughter.
        Keep in mind, that the people who claim to “love” and “care” for the racehorse are the very ones that burn, and/or mutilate the tattoos on the upper lips knowing that they are finally being held accountable for their despicable, and vile business operations.
        Furthermore, it’s a known fact here in Canada that the paperwork on thoroughbreds are being falsified and turned into quarter-horse papers in order to obscure the facts.
        They also deliberately mess with papers/tattoos so that they can’t trace the medical records so they are going to slaughter full of dope, and the Canadian government knows that, but nothing is done.
        Therefore, the figures are minimum at best.

    • I did not call her a moron, just the question. It – what to do with all the animals – is an all-too-common ploy to trip up activists; vegans hear it all the time. So sorry, I don’t believe your friend was being sincere in the least.

  6. IMO any so called sport that involves animals. there is abuse of all kinds. these people only care about the money and nothing about the animal.
    there is only one way to stop all this is to outlaw BREEDING of any and all animals. from birds to horses and everything in between. get a job and stop lliving off the backs of these poor animals

  7. Your friend Amy Hoffer has boasted on social media before of the “crickets” she has heard from activists. Apparently, she comes out to my protest line to ask that question over and over to amuse herself and her friends and try to discredit us. It looks as if you and your friend are comfortable with 2,000 dead racehorses, and horse slaughter for that matter. To save the suffering of sentient beings, I would rather they never existed in the first place. Please remember how they all got here. They were made by humans (breeding) for humans ends (money.) It’s an inconvenient truth. But let’s distract from that by saying we hate horses. No, we hate exploitation. We hate that they don’t have a choice. We hate that people keep breeding them to suffer and die. But know this: we will never stop being their voice.

  8. 😭 so sad! These horses are still babies at 4 yrs old, pushed so hard for the $$ they mean nothing to owners. Go to any horse auction and see the dumped ex racehorses sold to kill

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