Shattered Pastern, Euthanized on the Track

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that 9-year-old Fashion Delight was euthanized on the track after “shattering [his] pastern” in the 12th at Yonkers Sunday. To date, 58 racehorses have died at New York tracks in 2017. 58.


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  1. Angering and depressing news. A grueling life, run until the last bit of money could be had. RIP Fashion Delight.
    There is NO truth to owners and trainers love their horses and they’re treated like royalty. It couldn’t be further from the truth and they need to be exposed and shamed! This is abuse and the public needs to know the real truth of a thoroughbred’s life. We need to shut all tracks down. Thank you to everyone for their diligence to exposing this massacre. Another sad day.

    • Thank you, Trish. My spirit is always renewed when I see another individual shares our compassion, concern and cause.

      RIP Fashion Delight – your life mattered.

    • Thank you Trish for your great words that are so appropriate for this vile situation.
      RIP Fashion Delight.
      We will continue to be a voice for racehorses like you, and for all the others who came before you, and will after you.
      People who partake in this horrific business would have to be delusional to watch racehorse after racehorse die or get dumped into neglectful situations and think that this is acceptable operating procedures.
      If your running a torture chamber it would be the norm, but this is completely unacceptable in the 21st century, and it needs to shut down.

      • Chris- you consider a “stakes winning trainer” “sub par”?? Then the majority of trainers in America should be considered really, really crappy! Gina has the balls to stand up to the corruption and death that is occurring every day – in a business that is horrible to the horses and also notoriously harmful to many of the humans that toil on the backsides of these dumps called racetracks.

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