Two More…

Yesterday’s 6th at Thistledown was the third ever race for a 3-year-old named Evasive Maneuver. Here is Equibase’s recounting: “…injured entering the turn…euthanized.”

Short, and right to the point.

Also, the NYS Gaming Commission reports this for 3-year-old Dr. Stone yesterday at Finger Lakes: “reared up, fell backwards and began to seizure – euthanized.” The Commission, of course, makes a great show of calling this a “Non-Racing” death. Well – Dr. Stone was a racing horse (last raced just a month ago); she died at a racing facility; at the time of her death – and throughout her entire abbreviated life – she was under the complete and utter control of the racing industry. Theirs? You bet.


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  1. This is outrageous!!
    How can anybody in their right mind participate in and/or support racehorses DYING in the dirt?
    You would have to be delusional in some capacity to force a living being into these hell holes, subject them to the mandatory operating procedures, and think that it’s okay.
    Evasive Maneuver, Dr. Stone, Dr Drip, Ben’s Cat we will continue to be your voice from the grave like so many others before you.
    It didn’t matter if you died on the track or off because you are all victims of this deplorable business.

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