Back-to-Back Kills at Belterra Yesterday

In back-to-back races at Belterra yesterday afternoon (Equibase):

In the 4th, 2-year-old Baytown Princess “went bad, fell (and took rival with her)…euthanized on the track.”

In the 5th, 7-year-old Cherokee Callie “went bad, was pulled up in distress…euthanized on the track.”

Young, old (for this industry, at least), it matters not – when it comes to killing horses, Racing doesn’t discriminate.


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  1. And yet the apologists will say how “loved” and “well treated” these horses are, even better treated than some people !!!
    It would be laughable we’re it not so outrageously false as well as insulting.
    Every single aspect of this game is solely geared to MONEjY. The horse only counts to that end.
    Also outrageous is that such a business of blatant animal exploitation and cruelty is allowed to police itself without any oversight.
    Even the HSUS is complicit not to mention the politicians.
    R.I.P. Baytown Princess and Cherokee Callie

  2. Cruel, inhumane, and vile.
    So sorry for both.
    The apologists would also say that a royally-bred horse from wealthy breeders, the Ramsey’s, coming from a million dollar horse farm is somehow immune to dying in the dirt – wrong.
    Cherokee Callie, and so many others disprove this all the time.

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