2-Year-Old Breaks Shoulder in Gulfstream Stakes Race – Dead

2-year-old Slacks of Course is dead after falling in the 3rd yesterday at Gulfstream. It was but his second race – of course, because he was two. This being a stakes worth $100,000, the Daily Racing Form saw fit to report the kill, saying, “But the race was marred when Slacks of Course had to be euthanized after fracturing his shoulder…”

“Marred.” Vile.

By the way, Gulfstream’s official YouTube channel completely edited-out any mention of Slacks or his decidedly untimely death. Surprise, surprise.


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  1. Frank Stronach (AKA Adena Springs AKA Magna Entertainment) owns Gulfstream Park.
    So you can bet that he probably has a standing order to eliminate videos that show the racehorses dying on his track, and/or not releasing names of horses who drop dead in the dirt on his California tracks – a distinct pattern of cover-ups going on here.
    His tentacles reach deep into Ontario horse racing especially at Woodbine where they no longer post public records called “rulings” which usually give the names of racehorses dying in the dirt.
    My FOIA requests/complaints have gone unanswered for months now!
    Basically, they are running their own private death gallery or at least trying to.
    If it wasn’t for this blog this poor baby filly SLACKS OF COURSE would have died anonymously for the most part, just the way they want it.
    Her grandsire is AWESOME AGAIN who is owned by Adena Springs which would badly reflect on his sire that is reportedly rumored to be putting out unsound racehorses – a genetic flaw perhaps?
    It’s estimated that Frank Stronach owns about 600 thoroughbreds for breeding, selling, and racing purposes.
    If this isn’t the definition of a psychologically challenged hoarder then I don’t know what is.
    One thing is for sure it’s in his best financial interest to cover-up dying racehorses, and/or to protect this VILE business at all costs.
    Just because it’s conducted under the umbrella of opulence, and horse racing it doesn’t make it right.
    Magna “entertainment” constantly puts out statements extolling the virtues of horse racing such as huge increases in wagering profits to racehorses being “royally” treated.
    Of course nobody else can confirm this information since the wagering books are very secret for the most part, and I don’t believe one iota of what they say.
    We also know that the horses are not “royally” treated, and this is misleading the public on all counts.
    Just as they are covering-up for all the racehorses dying on their racetracks, it’s possible that they are covering-up for the sinking horse racing industry.

    All of this going on as they just announced that they may re-open/revive horse racing in New England!


    Should this go through then there will probably be many more racehorses dying in the dirt, and the continued business operations of covering-up will surely be a part of this business deal it seems.

  2. Thank You Gina for your Comprehensive explanation.

    I pray to God every Single Day for the judgment to descend upon All who abuse and Exploit & murder horses and upon All those who abuse and exploit all other animals as well.

    I pray to God for them to be exposed and horse racing to be shut down Forever. A Lot of business would be lost if people saw the videos of horses dying at the race track. I think people would leave the racetracks in droves if they actually knew the truth, as you do, of what goes on behind the scenes at the race track.

    • Since you expressed your personal religious beliefs I feel compelled to express mine.
      I’m an atheist and that will never change.
      Nevertheless, I do agree with the body of your comment – thanks for being a voice for the horses.

      • Gina,

        I have great respect for you and for your Love for animals.

        Some of the people I Love and respect the most are atheists.
        i Know atheists that have a far deeper moral code than many who verbally say they believe in God.

        In my world, actions speak far louder than words.

        There are those who say they believe in a Higher Power and yet they stand by and allow horses to be sent to be slaughtered – brutally Murdered- in Canada and in Mexico and throughout the world- 4 million plus a year worldwide. For example. All those in Congress who refuse to pass the SAFE ACT for horses , all those refuse to protect the wild horses and donkeys now facing potential slaughter by the BLM, all those who refuse to Stop Horse Soring and Refuse to stop Mother bears and baby bears from being murdered in Alaska while they sleep ( thanks to one Congressman’s bill that the Congress passed with no spine) i have no respect for any of them in either party that stands by while innocent people and animals are murdered. I do not care what religion they say are- anyone who allows brutal murder and says they believe in God is a total hypocrite in my book.

        i believe in reincarnation so I hope and pray that those who abuse life in any way will all come back and have their karma return upon them multiplied by 100.

        Many do not understand why God allows animals to being brutally murdered and abused. i do not understand that either. That alone causes countless people to decide that God does not exist. I cannot begin to explain any of it.

        I do know that some people who call themselves “christians” are some of the most evil and cruel people on the planet .

        On this Fourth Of July I will pray for Freedom for All of Life who are enslaved. Especially the racehorses that people on this list work so hard to rescue from a life of absolute Evil.

  3. 2 years old? Really ??? when was this baby started under saddle as a foal? come on its bones weren’t even solid enough to ride! Anything for $$$$ right !!!! Horse racing is disgusting!

  4. Thanks to all of you who helped me through the difficult time in 2015 when I lost my filly at Thistledowns over needless neglect. Just an update; the lawsuit over the cruelty and wrongful death of my 4 yr old filly, Zanuche, has been filed against the trainer and the two veterinarians involved, in Cuyuga county, Ohio. There are so many facets to what happened, and so many defenders of the lies surrounding her death. Zanuche, you will finally have your day in court!

  5. Thank you, Rose. The horrible disregard of racehorses has to go public. Most have no idea. Let them be an example.

  6. On the 16th of June at Laurel Park the #1 horse, Colmont Fire, in the 6th race was beaten at least 16 times between the 1/16 pole and the finish. It was bad, and he was struck with the long whip on the underside. The gelding was 51/2 in the lead in the stretch and won by 61/4 lengths. So the beating was just a total show of brutality by the jockey, Katie Davis.

    My friend called the track and spoke to one of the stewards, a Mr. Johnson, to bring the out of control whipping to his attention. His reply was, “yes, yes I know, but if you had bet the horse you wouldn’t be complaining”.

    No rules to protect the horse, whatsoever; sadistic beating in public view totally tolerated and, seemingly, encouraged, Not only do these people not give a damn about the horse but they are just fine with cruelty. Makes one wonder what these horses are subjected to out of view.

    Colmont Fire was claimed for $4,500 in that race and was run back on 2 July. The life of the claimer is brutal.

    • Yes it is, Rose. Colmont Fire is just one of so many horses without a single compassionate individual looking out for HIS/THEIR welfare.

    • Rose, what you say reminds me of ARMANI THE WON and how Silvestre gonzalez whipped that poor horse to the finish after the horse broke down in his right front at the top of the stretch. That son of a bitch had the nerve to say he didn’t know the horse broke down and was still learning to my knowledge no fine no punishment but the same track fines him for not wearing a proper safety vest

    • Horse racing is legitimized animal cruelty backed-up by the pro-horse racing commissions.
      For example, the recent trial of Rojas clearly shows that the people who claim to “love,and “care” for their horses, including the vets who take an oath to protect them, are actually the abusers themselves.
      The voiceless racehorses are “sitting ducks” in their stalls and subjected to daily abuse in order for this charade to continue.
      The PA racing commission was clearly complacent in this organized race fixing which endorsed the ongoing abuse of doping, and cheating.
      I can say with utmost certainty that this corruption is going on all over racetracks.
      From the stable areas, during morning training hours, to the everyday beatings the racetrack and its respective pro-horse racing entities are an entire culture of abuse.
      One of the biggest enablers of this abuse is our government who provides tax incentives, casino money, corporate welfare strategies, the Interstate Horse Wagering Act to generate millions in profit both at the expense of the racehorses, and the taxpayers.
      For example, Gov. Cuomo of NY recently handed over millions to keep Finger Lakes and another track going in that state.
      Had Cuomo not given them this money they would have shut down as they should have.
      Our government financially supports, and enables this animal cruelty routinely endorsing it – “rubber stamping” it without little to NO consultation with taxpayers, and total disregard for money that could otherwise be diverted into essential community services.
      It’s a system that has been in place for a very long time, and it will take people banging on the doors of the politicians, but it will also take progressive politicians to stop supporting this.

  7. Yes, Billy, I remember that incident and the excuses made for the jockey, Silvestre Gonzales.
    It is so obvious the horse is just a means to an end in this business. Cruelty is part a.nd parcel of racing. Any complains regarding abuse are just ignored. Racing is a law onto itself.

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