Casualties, 6/19/17-6/25/17

Last week in U.S. horseracing – not including training and harness casualties.

(Chart Terms: “Broke Down” – racing-speak for dead; “Vanned Off” – required horse ambulance to get off the track; many, if not most, of these animals will resurface on my year-end FOIA kill-reports; “Bled” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage)

Dandy Man “pulled up in distress, vanned off” at Fairmount

Forever Slew “bled after the race and was vanned off” at Fair Meadows

Teves “bled, vanned off” at Fair Meadows

Sister Juanita “vanned off” at Louisiana

Read It and Weep “went bad, vanned off” at Belterra

This Is Me Now “vanned off” at Charles Town

Boudiceas’s Revenge “bled” at Churchill

My Miss USA “eased…due to bleeding” at Finger Lakes

Okie Dokey Rosie “vanned off” at Delta

Tizagoldenrocket “vanned off” at Gulfstream

Joe T’s Garcia “vanned off” at Ruidoso

Valentina Lady “vanned off” at Albuquerque

Walt “in distress, vanned off” at Belterra

Non Stop “took bad steps…took even worse steps…vanned off” at Belmont

Lady Chocolotta “vanned off” at Belmont

She’s All Love “vanned off” at Belmont

Stef and Me “in distress, vanned off” at Belterra

(source: Equibase)


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  1. 17 horses vanned off racetracks in a horse ambulance in just one week. Some bled and that usually means either a bi-lateral or a severe pulmonary haemorrhage. I’ve witnessed a horse galloping at fast speed in the final stages of the race when he suddenly staggered with other horses getting out of his way in the nick of time. This poor horse crashed into the rail, blood everywhere – not a pretty sight I can tell you. He did survive this bi-lateral bleed but was never seen again – discarded by the racing industry. My information was that he went to slaughter.
    Some horses listed in this post were ‘distressed’. Having seen far too many horses in this state, I can tell you that it’s serious, the horse’s body and mind has been pushed way beyond its limitations and they appear to be close to collapse and some do and drop dead, either in the ambulance or out the back.
    Some horses listed in this post have been vanned off with no disclosure of their adverse condition or injury.
    When they say that a horse took ‘bad steps’ or ‘mis-steps’ it simply means that the horse is breaking down e.g. a catastrophic limb injury resulting in it being euthanased.
    As Patrick points out, most of these horses listed will come up as being dead in the FOIA reports.

    All this inexcusable legalised animal cruelty for $2 bets and entertainment.
    Makes me ashamed to be a human being.

  2. Born to run is more like “born to die.”
    Yet another bunch of beautiful racehorses dying in the dirt for this despicable grotesque freak show.
    Thank you Carolyn for your words.
    Shame on every single participator, supporter, and/or anybody who derives money off the bones, backs, and lives of these racehorses.
    “Good” folks you are not – delusional you are.
    So sorry for all racehorses listed here.

    Anybody who places a bet is supporting this dying.
    You are the enablers of this abuse and dying.

  3. Thank you, Gina and Patrick, a big thank you to you, too. When I joined this list, I was curious and had to know more. As an animal rights activist and also growing up with my aunt’s “pet” horses (one of whom decided to lie down while I was on her back instead of walking with me aboard), I was unaware of the brutality, cruelty, and utter lack of humanity involved in this so-called “industry”. I’m glad that Lee Eyerman came on board and was exposed for a fraud, a liar and an abuser, living off the flesh of these magnificent animals. LAWS must change. Let the gamblers find another form of slot machine or card game, but leave the horses and dogs out of it.

    • Thank you.
      The entire animal rights community and animal advocates need to come together and implement an agenda to get this legalized animal cruelty shut down.
      It will shut down.
      It will take time, but we will succeed.
      It’s well on the same path that SeaWorld, Marineland, Circuses, and all other profit derived from the suffering of animals is going wayside.
      People no longer want to support this, and neither does the younger generation.
      It’s finally being seen for what it is – WRONG.
      The only reason why it’s taking time with horse racing is because this multiBILLION dollar business tends to hire high powered public relations firms to maintain their image under a “sports” “entertainment” banner.
      It takes time to educate ignorant people or people who are so delusional that they will step over a dead racehorse while continuing to support this, and even call themselves “good folks” while upholding their delusion!
      I request that all individuals who see this for what it is please pull together, come on this blog, submit comments/support, and educate others.
      The racehorses are depending on our voice.

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