5-Year-Old Killed at Parx

The Equibase line for 5-year-old Northern Rail in the 9th at Parx yesterday afternoon:

“NORTHERN RAIL broke down and fell near the far turn and was subsequently euthanized.”

This is horseracing.


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  1. The temperature in Bensalem, PA where Parx is located hit 96 degrees yesterday afternoon – when the horses were being made to race. I cannot imagine doing that to an animal.

    Northern Rail, a 5-year-old chestnut horse – owner, Hopes Racing Stable and trainer, Guadalupe Preciado – forced to run in sweltering heat for betting entertainment. I cannot imagine that, either.

    Are there any apologists who care to defend this?….

    • Joy, you won’t find anyone able to defend this it’s damn near impossible especially in this case northern rail 7500 claim voided may 16 ran back 27 days later…dead remember me telling you about transparent claim void at aquaduct on 2/5 running for 12,500 shows up at parx 5/23 for 5k for Scott lake it’s sure as shit seems to me that parx is nothing but a dumping ground harbor breeze is another shit I got a list of em and being that pos Sam Elliot has made it perfectly clear it’s about making money and filling races I wouldnt doubt for a minute that’s exactly what’s going on for every track and trainer that will not allow this to happen there’s always 4 or 5 more that will also I should add being that I was watching due to another horse I follow racing , first off the horse only made it a quarter mile coming off a voided claim in 27 days so much for that pre race inspection and another example of multiple people repeatidly failing this horse bet you won’t hear the maggie moss outrage over this one and it’s not really much different if you look at the big picture and I also found it rather odd what the idiots said on tvg saying how the breakdown was hard to see as the horse was running in the back of the pack this is these guys jobs they’ve watched probley a million races the horse was 5th in an 11 horse field a quarter mile from the gate and it was hard to see what happened bullshit you just don’t wanna tell the people watching what happened hoping they missed it anything to protect horse racing’s image right public perception rip northern rail….and yes joy I agree wholeheartedly any of you supporters care to defend this Sam Elliot Guadalupe preciado, track vet, owner your all leaches getting by on something else’s blood how is this place still open after every thing that has happened there I just dontbknow how all the good folks around can deal with these things ( laughable) when the very people that support this industry are boycotting parx boy does that speak volume that place would fail yesterday if the subsidies were yanked and simulcasting pulled almost there handle is from off track wagering I’m sure there’s alot of loose unaccounted money floating around pa all the investigations in cal Florida new york at penn national yet nothing at parx after making headlines 40 times over sure do wonder

  2. I must say that Parx is living up to it”s deplorable reputation. Also, Mr Sam Elliott at Pafrx made it quite clear he had no interest in the welfare of the horse when I spoke to him on the phone a while back.
    His sole interest is money and his sorry “job” .

  3. They race horses in the temps we were experiencing? Thats SICK. I had no idea PARX had this reputation. Thank goodness I rescued my boy from that place.

  4. PARX is a prime example of how BILLIONS in casino money doesn’t translate to the racehorses being protected or even given a guaranteed aftercare transition period.
    This is precisely why DECOUPLING must pass in every single state in this country!
    After years of receiving BILLIONS in casino profits racetracks have been SOLELY responsible for the precipitous decline and the extensive abuse perpetrated on their profit slaves – the racehorses.
    The more money they make the more exploitation, maiming, dumping and/or dying of racehorses increase.
    The racino has accelerated the degradation of the American racehorse, and it’s a crying disgusting shame.
    All this money and it has only become worse for the racehorses not better.
    The racehorses, who generate the profit, has not shared in the billions as they are exploited, dumped, and sent to slaughter by the thousands every year.
    All this going on while they make BILLIONS and this is why this industry has not only lost their social license, but the public is seeing this business for what it is: legitimized animal cruelty.
    Furthermore, as long as they keep people like Sam Elliott in power then the racehorses don’t have a chance.
    I perused the comment section in a petition that was started for Candy, and many of the comments were from people that used to race at PARX, and have since left the business citing the extreme abuse of racehorses under Sam Elliott, and the corruption is so bad it’s outrageous.
    I feel sorry for any racehorse who is being used, and abused by this deplorable industry.
    For every racetrack that shuts down I will crack open a bottle of champagne and celebrate!

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