Memorial Day Killing

Monday at the races (Equibase):

In the 1st at Parx, 3-year-old She’satoughbroad “broke down leaving the chute then was humanely enthanized.”

In the 8th at Santa Anita, 3-year-old Calli Way “broke down [‘on his own,’ says the cognitively challenged chartwriter] and fell approaching the wire.”

Same track, next race, 4-year-old Stormin Tina (in her very first time under the whip) “broke down and fell in midstretch.” Again, “on her own.”

Watching horses die – how some Americans chose to spend their Memorial Day. Sad.


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  1. Repulsive.
    So sorry for yet another set of victims.
    It amazes me that this industry touts their business model as “family fun and entertainment.”
    How could anybody bring children to any racetrack on any day to watch the horses getting whipped/beaten, maimed and/or killed in action?
    Entertainment it’s not – a horror show it is.

  2. Oftentimes, humans are morally and ethically bankrupt. Those are the humans that turn a blind eye to horses dying in the dirt. Repulsive behavior, in my opinion…

  3. On Sunday, at Remington Park,OKC, I saw a terrible accident, at the end of the last race. The victim was the horse, of course. There are no words to describe what I saw. The skill and promptness with which everything was “handled” right there was, for a me, a sign of how frequently these terrible things happen. I will never ever go to a racing track again. There were people with the kids there. I guess, or I want to imagine, that they will never take their kids again to the races and that in a future there will no be no races where to take them.

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