Abuse Defined: Horse Slated For 148th Race Today

Just when you think this industry cannot revolt any more, that some within said industry cannot debase themselves any further, comes something like this: A horse named Aurora’s Secret is scheduled for the 5th today at Belterra Park. But Aurora’s Secret is not just any horse, for you see this pitiful animal is almost 13 years old and today’s cheap $5,000 claiming-race will mark his 148th time under the whip. Take a moment to allow those numbers to sink in. 13. 148. How, Stephanie Eilers (trainer), Larry Eilers (owner), Belterra stewards, et al., do you sleep at night?


  1. If Aurora’s Secret was in Australia he would be protected under an Australian Rule of Racing and would be barred from racing as soon as he attained the racing age of 13 years.
    Shame on the American racing industry, which has a shocking international reputation for killing racehorses, for having no rules in place to protect these horses in any way whatsoever.
    Stephanie Eilers, Larry Eilers, the Beltarra stewards and so-called vets, you are repugnant vile creatures. You all should be dragged before the courts and severely punished for aggravated animal cruelty. You are also guilty of failing to meet community expectations in relation to animal welfare.

    • “A shocking international reputation for killing racehorses, for having no rules In place to protect these horses in any way whatsoever”. This is a well deserved reputation, Carolyn.
      Is it not interesting how the apologists pick and choose the instances when they come. to the defense of their beloved “sport”. Could it be that at some level they know this business is indefensible. Perhaps I’m being too generous.

  2. Repulsive, heartbreaking, and unacceptable.
    Any horse with back class is so vulnerable to such extreme abuse by this despicable business.
    Every single last drop of sweat, and blood is being squeezed out of many American racehorses who are dumped into the claiming ranks when no longer able to perform.
    Yet, their bodies are used to fill races, and increase wagering profits with total disregard for their pain, and suffering or even their deaths as they lie dying in the dirt.
    They end up running for their lives, and a flake of hay.
    Aurora’s Secret has, more than likely, been injected into her joints HUNDREDS of times with blood probably squirting out of the needle from over injections, possible pus, and infection.
    Then there is the dope, probably, to keep her going for these horrific people.
    There is no outside NEUTRAL animal advocate group, agency, or vets who can go in there, and diagnosis her suffering nor are there any mandatory vet records available for review to immediately cease this ongoing abuse of Aurora’s Secret or to even prevent a catastrophic breakdown.
    This is just the way they want it, and this is why this business has lost their social license.
    That said, we will never know the extent of the invasive procedures, pain, suffering, cruelty, soreness, lameness that poor Aurora’s Secret is probably going through, and will continue to go through in order to keep her running for these lower than scum people Stephanie Eilers, Larry Eilers who are directly responsible for this animal cruelty.
    The Beltarra stewards, and their cohorts are all enablers of this abuse.
    Just this one example alone clearly shows the legitimized cruelty going on for this antiquated business model.
    If decoupling were to pass, if their financial cash flow was stopped then this extreme animal abuse, and cruelty would end.
    If even one person in this pathetic business gave one iota of compassion towards the racehorses whom they abuse, there would have been somebody or some entity go in there, and remove this racehorse from her misery.
    Every one of you supporters are demented, delusional, masochistic pieces of crap.
    You need to all go stick your head in the dirt of the racetracks where you ply your legitimized animal cruelty under the banner of “entertainment.”

  3. I want to make something clear for those not in the industry. When (and if) a horse reaches the age of 13 the trainer actually has to get permission from the track stewards to run. So in Aurora’s Secret case, this is not a horse who ‘slipped thru the cracks’, or a misunderstanding, or an overlooked mistake. Those who have the power to help him has not and will not. My heart goes out to this poor horse who deserves retirement, and will probably never get to see it.

    • Even WORSE than I thought.
      These “officials” at Belterra need to be swamped with protests…..but how many people who care know about this outrageous situation. I for one, will let them know that people are watching.

    • TY for this additional information, 20yr+ industry insider – in my opinion, it makes the fact that this gelding is still running even more egregious. Even worse, I believe? – his number of starts.

    • 20yr+ industry insider, that isn’t true here in the state of Ohio. Racing a 13 year old isn’t against racing rules. However, according to the track manager at Belterra, it is “common courtesy” to reach out to the stewards and let them know that you are planning to race an older horse. If the horse is still a maiden, or has just won a few races over his/her career, the stewards would, most likely, deny the entry but under normal conditions, such as this one, they will allow the horse to run because it is perfectly legal to do so. However, like Joy said, my horror over this situation, even more so than the age, is the number of times this horse has had to put his “life on the line” for some freaks to bet and be entertained but we shouldn’t be surpised since this is horseracing.

      • My apologies…this must have been a house rule at the track I was at. And who knows that may have even changed. I hope this old warrior doesn’t die in the dirt.

      • Standardbred horses can’t race past age 13. Some states enforce age restrictions for Thoroughbreds, but some don’t. Among the major racing states, California, Florida, and Kentucky do not have a cutoff, but New York’s limit is 14.(drf how old is to old for a racehorse) tho the article is from 2010 I believe here in pa there is no age limit just have to post 2 timed workouts within 60 days and pass pre race exam I think alot of states operate this way

    • No problem, 20yr+ industry insider. As we know, every racing jurisdiction plays by its own rules. I called the Ohio Racing Commission yesterday but I placed my call shortly before they closed at 4:30 so I left a message for a call back. I wanted to know the “rule” as to the age limit on Thoroughbreds racing here in Ohio. As soon as I hear, I will post on the blog. However, limits on age could differ according to the state in which the horse is racing.

  4. PS Permission to abuse this old track warrior and risk his life for the 148th time GRANTED. What a bunch of cruel uncaring creatures.

    • You Are right Mary.
      Difficult to believe such callous people are mascurading as normal. They are not close to the norm because most people are not cruel and would take issue with what these horses are forced to endure in this subculture.. Trouble is the business has been able to hide the abject cruelty and somehow promote the notion that racehorses lead a pampered life.

  5. ON the Subject of HORSE ABUSE.

    Colorado Springs, Colorado – For the last 2 years, Sherri Brunzell has been fighting her animal cruelty charges when 14 dead horses were found rotting in her barn –

    and nearly starved to death was a famous Quarter Horse Duel Peppy.

    In 2015 Brunzell was sentenced to 60 days in jail and 5 years probation, not for the dead horses, but for the live horses and llamas suffering in her barn.

    Brunell and her legal team have been fighting the sentencing, but the Colorado Supreme Court declined to consider the case, and she must report for jail by 7:00 pm tonight. As part of her sentencing, she cannot own, manage, possess, lease or care for horses during her 5 years of probation.

    My comment:
    this woman should go to jail for 20 years minimum.



    Ending horse slaughter: A glimmer of hope on the Hill
    Posted on Apr 28, 2017 by Vivian Grant Farrell

    Rep. Earl Blumenhauer (D-OR) wrote the following in his April 26, 2017 newsletter entitled “Ending horse slaughter: A glimmer of hope on the Hill”, and taken those words right out of our mouths.

    These are strange times in our nation’s capital, with looming discussions of government shutdowns and tax giveaways for the wealthy. In this era, Congressional victories may seem difficult to come by.Yet I wanted to tell you about one glimmer of hope that I saw today on Capitol Hill. Just a few hours ago, the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus, which I co-chair, held a briefing to highlight the issue of horse slaughter, the horrific killing and processing of horses for human consumption.

    The Caucus, a bipartisan group of over 120 lawmakers committed to passing legislation that promotes animal welfare, was formed to highlight important issues affecting animals and to educate members and their staff on the need for sensible animal protection legislation.

    While it may sound foreign, horse slaughter is still prevalent in the United States. Each year, over 100,000 horses are purchased in the U.S. and shipped to slaughterhouses across our borders in crowded trucks, without food, water, or rest, only to be slaughtered using often gruesome methods.

    In order to educate my fellow Representatives on this issue, I invited experts from all over the country to testify on the need to end horse slaughter now. The panel that testified included animal welfare experts, as well as celebrities like “Pretty Little Liars” star Huw Collins and sportscaster Bonnie-Jill Laflin. The room was packed, and the presentation was powerful, personal, and highly effective in conveying the horrors of horse slaughter.Today’s event showed that people are paying attention, and something can be done.

    On the very first day of this Congress, with my colleague Representative Vern Buchanan (R-FL), I introduced legislation to bring an end to this abysmal practice of horse slaughter. H.R. 113, the Safeguard American Food Exports (SAFE) Act, now has 97 bipartisan co-sponsors.

    The momentum from our briefing represents a critical step in helping to usher this common-sense and humane legislation through Congress. I am committed to putting the resources of the Congressional Animal Protection Caucus behind the bill until it becomes law.Whether it’s fighting to strengthen existing laws, or working to push forward new ones, we must continue to fight for policies that protect animals in the United States and abroad. Today’s briefing was a small, but significant step in this Congress, and I am proud to have worked to provide a glimmer of light amidst this strange and unusual time.

    Source: Rep. Earl Blumenauer Media Center E-Newsletters »
    March Against Horse Slaughter was a big success and mobilized so many advocates. We knew we were having a big impact in support of these sorts of efforts.

    We are so grateful for Rep. Blumenhauer’s encouraging words which verifies what we have been seeing and reporting from the halls of Congress.

    Keep up the good work. Let’s do this. There is little reason for us to fear that the President will not sign it into law if the 2017 SAFE Act is passed. More on that in another post coming up very soon.

    • Please check here to see if your Representative in the U.S. House has co-sponsored H.R. 113.


  7. Aurora’s Secret ended up 5th beaten by 8 lengths. The sad part is – this horse has hit the board about 70 times – but only made a paltry 150,000 because he has had his ass run off at these low level crappy tracks to earn that much. Such a hard knocking horse that I’m sure this is why they want to get every last dime out of him even at 13. Especially now that purses are a little better in Ohio.

    • Thanks, SD – I had checked, as well, just wanting to make certain he finished OK (although, as we’ve seen, that doesn’t necessarily indicate the horse is OK). He made $82 for the Eilers. Good grief.

  8. The horseracing business shows it’s true colors when it allows this blatant abuse to continue.
    This is one tough warrior but even the toughest succumb to such a grueling life. He should be retired. But as we know, he has to have a place to go and not many of these horses do. The numbers of used up racers shipped to slaughter is a disgrace to this gambling business.
    And yet, there are those who defend racing.- hard to believe !

    • Both owners,and trainers know full well that they are risking their racehorses life every time they send them out to that cruelty ring.
      These owners are well aware of the excessive dope and joint injections being used because they get the vet bills that itemize everything that is given so they can pay the bill.
      Both the owners and trainers are blatantly aware of the pain, and suffering that their racehorse is going through.
      Yet, they continue to endorse this animal cruelty, and that makes them enablers of the abuse.
      Aurora’s Secret is showing us just how callous, abusive, and pathetic these supporters are.

  9. I just heard back from the Ohio Racing Commission. Here in the state of Ohio, there are NO rules on age limits. However, individual tracks can put a limit on age but, again, that is up to the track. For Standardbreds, the age limit is 14. Hope this helps clarify the age questions.

  10. I have contacted Stephanie a few times to offer a free retirement home at our sanctuary in Wisconsin, I have even offered to pay for the shipping. This is not fair to this horse he has ran his race and is now needing a place to be safe and just be a horse. I have not received a response from Stephanie as of today but have now found out he will be starting his 150th race on 5:26 with a 5000$ claim. If our sanctuary had the funds I would claim him. We are a 501c3 organization located in Wisconsin. A year ago we rescued Madame Mistletoe from euthanasia. We are willing to take Aurora into our sanctuary where he can live out his remaining years just being a horse. I will continue to reach out to her for Aurora’s retirement.

    • Bless you jody, it’s a shame what these geldings go through all because they can’t make their connections money other then the track, I will say though it looks as if the horse has been with the same connections his entire life now I haven’t looked at every race but alot of them and the same connections show up every time. Whether that means anything I’m not sure all I know is the horse has raced alot of races a year for many years the realities of racing are not in his favor

  11. I cannot speak to validness of this but facebook thoroughbred rescue network has a video shared by wendy thompson stating that AURORAS SECRET has been retired after winning in his 151st start I hope this is true and he is with people that will just take care of him and let him finish out his life just being a horse id love to know where this guy ends up retirement is such a feat for a gelding most don’t make it bless you boy

  12. I have a question for all you dogooders out there.How many big time derby horses break their legs and are put down.Anyone racing a 13year old horse,takes great care of the animal,and feels he actually can still compete.The stewards,track vets,and jockeys do a great job of letting owners know if their horse can still do it .I’ve seen a15 year old win, a14 year old run 20 times and win,many 12 year olds win and so on. No matter what age a horse is,broke down is broke down.Nobody should race any horse that is sore and losing by 40 lengths,but is it not a big deal when a million dollar horse is destroyed from 1000s of dollars of exotic meds are given to try to win a big race?How many jockeys have died riding 10year olds and how many have died riding younger horses that have been drugged up? The older horse knows how to run,they really are special and loved more than you think.

    • Your damn right auroras secret is special he’s like a walking trophy a monument for horse racing. Here’s a question for you how many horses make 151 starts not many very very few that’s the whole point it’s about the risk… I mean for a animal that is supposedly born and bred for this I’m just not seeing it to many problems not enough answers auroras secret should be the norm not the exception anybody that says they race their horse for the horse is a damn liar upwards of 70 percent of the goal crop never make the races does that not speak volume money and greed horses started to young pushed to hard not given every single chance to excel like the normal athlete this is why horses like auroras secret are very special and yes obviously well taken care of cause horses just don’t make 151 starts I started following horse racing and educating myself about it because I seen a horse on tv sun city with 116 starts and said to myself that seems like alot not knowing how many it truely is these horses are your sport and their getting wore out like old shoes for the most part he has since been retired also so why is 151 the magic number cause he won cause he’s done enough or cause he don’t have more to give that’s a very up in the air question but yes the horses that I follow that are similar do have things in common started slow not pushed and obviously taken care of but like I said this should be the norm not the exception

    • To see a 13 year old with151 starts still able to run is nothing short of a miracle in this business. This horse is tough and a true track warrior. As we know, most racehorses are finished at 5 or 6 yrs because of the totally abnormal lifestyle, the brutal demands of training and racing under the whip along with the drugs.

      Aurora’s Secret is overdue for a decent retirement and a chance to be a horse. Also, the horse is entered in claiming races which means he is for sale. If his owner cared for him and “loved” him how is it he is risking losing him in a claim,

      And yes , Lee Eyerman, your assessment of the business is right on the money! Racing runs sore horses drugs them and kills them. However you are wrong concerning running older horses. Subjecting a horse for 8 to 12 yrs and more of such an isolated, abnormal and stressful lifestyle while being claimed over and over is just as wrong as what happens to the younger horse.

    • First of all Lee take your anger to the people who are perpetrating this obvious abuse on this poor creature. Take your invalid delusional claims to them not people on here who have nothing to do with the exploitation of this racehorse or any racehorse for that matter.
      Secondly, take your anger to the multibillion dollar wagering companies who give NOTHING to these profit slaves who are maimed and/or killed while generating profits.
      Finally, go stick your head in some manure with all the broken bodies of racehorses who are maimed and/or killed daily on racetracks.
      “they really are special and loved more than you think.”
      You’ve got to be kidding right?
      If you call this special and loved than please find your closest mental institution because you need one lady.

    • Well if you’re the Lee Eyerman who runs 10-year-old Wakes Week (with 95 starts), 10-year-old Erin and Ava (with 88 starts) and the 2007 gelding Iquitarod (74 starts), your defending of this unnecessary gambling industry is to be expected. Save your declarations of love – no one who loves an animal puts them UP FOR SALE via the cheap 4K claiming races you put your horses into. Nor do we force our family members into earning money for us in a high-risk job. Nor do we “move them on”…

      So it’s the “best feeling in the world to win a race”? – then YOU run it. But don’t expect to keep any of your winnings for yourself and be prepared to be “moved on” when you’re used-up.

  13. Dear Gina,what do you think they feed lions-kibbles and bits?Horsemeat and horse heads.Remember,a race horse has to be sheltered and fed grain and daily cared for.Most of us make sure our horses find good homes,people we know.Sticking a thoroughbred in a field to fend for himself is cruel.They usually will founder,and die without consistent human contact.I respect your opinion and much needs to be changed about horse racing and an age restriction could be one of those things .Just remember race horses are warm-blooded not a bunch of wild mustangs running with buffalo.PS-you don’t think wild horses walk lame most of their lives?

    • Nobody ever said that they stick their horse in a field to fend for themselves so where in the heck did you get that from?
      Even if somebody did stick a racehorse in a field it sure as hell is better than dying on a kill floor or being confined 23 hours per day with needles being shoved in and out of their joints, veins, muscles and wherever else they can get a competitive edge.
      Most OTTB’s I’ve rescued over the years want nothing to do with people once they get out into a field and start living a natural life that they were intended to.
      So other than indirect supervision, turning in/out, and contact they quite enjoy it out there.
      Furthermore, We are not talking about wild horses.
      This Blog is not called the wild horses theory – it’s called horseracingwrongs.
      That should be self-explanatory for most people.
      The owner of this Blog, and those who support him know that there are no changes, no compromises, nothing that this industry could do to make it better.
      It needs to shut down – period.

    • Well let me ask you lee since I’m pretty sure you know the horse and connections auroras secret was claimed and supposedly retired any truth to that has Mr eiller bought him back or have the new connections since retired him ps if a wild horse walks lame it is solely to survive every mammal that would be in the same situation without being able to reach out to anyone would be subject to the same crueltys of nature, that is completely different than what happens in horse racing and you know it forcing an injured or lame horse to train or race that’s ok though because they are given the same basic care that any horse owner gives to their horse really that’s basic pet ownership skills you not doing special things at the track, also we all know horses are free moving creatures so why are they stuffed in a 12×12 everyday for 22 23 hrs losing their mind let me ask you why do you race horses and by the way I see an aweful lot of thoroughbreds turned out in the pasture enjoying life with nothing expected of them. And as far as your comment about the stewards vets and jockeys doing a good job of letting owners know if there horse can still do it look around obviously not and you know as well as I do that the horse usually just goes to different people at a different track doing right by the horse has way to many different meanings in the horse racing world and it’s all to easy to repeatedly get away with its rediculous shit going on

    • Lee Eyerman – “most of us make sure our horses find good homes”?!? Having been in TB racehorse rescue for nearly 20 years now, I KNOW that is a bold-faced lie. The 2016 TB foal crop is 20,850 and the conservative figure of TB’s butchered is 13,000/year – in other words, approximately 60% of the annual foal crop are slaughtered.

      And why should you have to find them homes at all, Lee? – aren’t they your beloved family members? You sleep well at night because you’ve deluded yourself and believe your own lies.

  14. Billy,horse racing is a business,sport or hobby pending on your view.You can try to make as much money or as little as you choose to make by the decisions and how far you are willing to go.We always looked at our horses as family and kept each one for many years sound I may add, til they moved on as trail horses,broodmares or whatever.I have one of my older geldings at Old Friends.We run a lot of good races but only win at 6 percent because I think more of the well being of the rider and the horse than lining my own pockets.Everything in horse racing is not equal,but I love the sport and the best feeling in the world is winning a race.In anything in life,there are bad people,but you can’t codemn an entire sport for the actions of a few.I work a regular job and after50 years of being around the sport I can sleep at night.

    • Some preliminary research into Lee J. Eyerman is a disgusting display of animal cruelty.
      Let’s start with CHINOOK TO KNIGHT – 111 starts! That’s right folks this guy forced a non-consenting being to keep racing for 111 times. That says it all, but there are much more notches under this dudes belt.
      LO LIFE AVENGER – 95 starts! Same as above.
      HOUSEBUILDER – 80 starts! Well I sure got to hand it to you, you sure define the saying “squeeze the lemon dry” – don’t you?
      Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse – it did!
      GNARL – 140 starts! This poor racehorses PP’s is a BRUTAL display of a heartless human being called Lee J. Eyerman. You disgusting scum bag.
      SAM MCGEE – 133 starts!!!!! Are you fu**ing kidding me? You abusive asshole!
      WAKES WEEK – 95 starts. Looks like WW got off easy.
      LIQUIDATED DAMAGES – Previous DNF, and a racehorse screaming out in pain according to the PP’s.
      This wasn’t enough for Lee, he just kept running him.
      MIKE THE SPIKE – 126 starts!!! Dumped and sold.
      GOOD OLE STORM – ran as a 2 y.o. So obvious this horse has some serious issues going on, but that wasn’t enough for Lee to take care of him. After all his “business” commodity needs to turn a profit, and get severely abused in the meantime finishing by LENGTHS in many of his races.
      MASS – 115 starts!!! You make me sick! You are a sadistic piece of crap!
      DEVIL HIS DUE – previous DNF, but the abuse continued. There’s only one devil in this entire scenario and that’s Lee J. Eyerman.
      ARCTIC SAND – abuse personified including DNF.
      KISS OF SHAME – this poor mare. This is despicable, abusive, repulsive. This poor mare had not 1 but 2 back to back DNF’s and they still ran her! Not 1 DNF was enough, they went for 2 and got it! On 11/14/1999 DNF and then on 11/24/1999 another DNF!!!!!!

      These are but a few of the abused profit slaves of Lee J. Eyerman.
      It’s important to note that throughout these racehorses lives they had changed hands many times one of the hallmarks of the claiming sector, but it was Lee who ran them right up until their, more than likely, crippled, sore, lame limbs could no longer operate.
      In a few examples here, they were “sold” to other connections after Lee squeezed them dry only to be further abused by their new connections – so much for “treated like family” right?

      You, Lee J. Eyerman qualify as an abusive, sadistic, animal abuser for starters.
      You have the AUDACITY to come on here and refute our claims when your record clearly shows every single claim we make on this Blog.

      Not only is this damming evidence, but this also clearly shows just how delusional these racetrackers are.
      I feel sorry for any racehorse that was ever in your care.
      Yet, this industry supports these animal abusers, and permits them to continue plying their “trade” which is nothing more than animal cruelty.

      All of these racehorses after being used, abused, and dumped – we could not find at least 3 out of this long list that are living in a grassy pasture as he claimed – NO SURPRISE there!
      Furthermore, some of our contacts told us that he has no problem with his racehorses going to slaughter or handing them out to dry after he squeezes them dry.

      Unfortunately, Lee J. Eyerman is the true picture of what this industry classifies as a “horseman.”

    • Lee Eyerman – a little more digging on you exposes you for what you are…an abuser. And then you try to take credit for a race gelding (you helped to run into the ground) being at Old Friends with your “I have one of my older geldings at Old Friends”! When I read Gina’s post listing all of the racehorses you ran the S**T out of, Mikethespike caught my eye. Let’s see what the Old Friends’ website has to say about Mikethespike…

      “Hardworking Mikethespike raced 126 times from 2003 to 2010. Virtually all his starts were in claiming races. He sprinted on the Florida circuit as a youngster, then drops in class took him to Great Lakes in Michigan and Beulah Park and River Downs in Ohio. In all the gelded grey grandson of Black Tie Affair scored 12 wins, 11 seconds and 17 thirds for total earnings of $85,301. Injured after seven and a half years of strenuous campaigning, sometimes at one week intervals, Mikethespike was purchased with funds from the Appygolucky Memorial thanks to the tireless energy of Vivien Morrison and the invaluable assistance of Gail Hirt who fostered him until he arrived at Old Friends in December 2011. Old Friends thanks all who contributed to the Appygolucky Memorial for giving Mikethespike a well-earned secure future.”

      Click to access mikethespike.pdf

      You did NOTHING to ensure Mikethespike was safe, Eyerman…no, YOU were one of the abusers who ran this lovely grey gelding until he was INJURED and had nothing left for you to take.

      By the way, Old Friends is asking for sponsors/donations for the care of Mikethespike – send them something. Weekly.

    • Every racehorse is at equal risk racing, what racing does to them is inevitably unavoidable it’s bad for them I don’t care how you shake it as far as you family comment that’s all I hear all the time how much there loved like family here’s some reality for you while it is nice that you care about your horse and try to do right by them as you say if that is truely the case why would you put their lives at such risk it doesn’t make sense why would you try and diminish their quality of life by letting them race knowing it’s literally tearing them apart you’ve been around you see you even agknowldge there are great problems that’s just not love and care man and if they are like family why don’t you still have everyone of them after what they’ve done for you after they’ve fulfilled what you’ve asked of them you don’t want them around for the rest of their lives I really struggle with that doesn’t make much sense honestly I don’t have a horse thoroughbred ex racehorse as of yet and only because I feel at this moment I can’t fully be fair and honest to them as they would me and it’s not to ride or do anything I wanna do it’s for that horse to live to be free basically an expensive pet that I don’t expect a damn thing from same deal as with my dog pit bull rescue I choose him he didn’t choose me we share a home and a life together he’s my family I love him I expect him to be respectful of me as I am him and that is all nothing more he doesn’t do cartwheels for treats cause I don’t for dessert no money would be able to purchase him ever and he will live the rest of his life with me as far as winning at competition your right there’s no feeling like it nothing compares to that exhilaration I’ve played football wrestled raced cars done gymnastics and ballet to be better at athletics mainly football kickboxed as an adult but it was all on me all on my own work and free will it is ludacris to have somethin else compete for you and look at it the same way and the biggest problem with that is that it was for you and about you not for your horse or about your horse that’s shameful Shit in my mind I want you to do this go to the stable tomorrow look your horse dead in the eye and ask yourself am I doing everything possible to ensure the welfare of this animal am I doing 100 percent right by them your horses should be in their prime 9 10 yrs old middle aged but old and used up in the race world bad joints bad feet new bone growth loss of cartilage I can go on and on my most serious question since I always hear the few bad ones can’t mess up all the good ones well how do the good ones react to the bad ones what do you dogooders do about the ones that are not doing the right thing look at is not your problem and go on about your buissness but you love horses right rediculous get a new hobby one that risks your own life and one you could reap your own rewards from I don’t care if you are 70 yrs old

  15. Thank you, Joy, for showing what a hypocrite Lee Eyerman is. However, I should say I’m not at all surprised. Anytime someone uses the term “dogooder” it raises a red flag for me.
    What is so ridiculous is Eyerman’s claim of how well cared for and loved the older horse is. The basic fact that the horse is up for sale every time he starts negates the claim of great care and love. Most horses do not make it to 9 or 10 yrs in this abusive business and to be running these survivors at 13 and older with mind boggling numbers of starts is beyond the pale. It highlights the total disregard for the welfare of the horse that is the hallmark of racing.

  16. Every single time one of these apologists come on here, and defend this legitimized animal cruelty claiming to “treat them like family” – we expose them for what they are.
    Every day these supporters/participants watch racehorses get maimed, and died while brushing it off as “business as usual.”
    They use them, exploit them, sell them, and dump them.
    That’s not “treating them like family,” that’s hanging them out to dry, and expecting everybody else to clean up the mess that they are SOLELY responsible for.
    I find it despicable that Old Friends (a reputable horse rescue operation) in Kentucky has to ask the public for donations to support Mikethespike.
    While this industry brags about making 127 million in wagering profit in just 3 days these aftercare organizations are in dire need of funds to support these racehorses!?
    This industry makes BILLIONS in profit off the bones, backs, and lives of racehorses while the real “dogooders” are begging for even $200 to keep them out of harms way.
    This is a despicable business that needs to die in the dirt like their racehorses.

  17. Gina,no kidding a side,I looked up Get Down Wolfie’s race record,you did a really good job with him,he had a lot of good races and always ran well.You have to be proud how well you devoloped that horse,and he was a nice horse.Your a good trainer.Be proud of it.The thing that impressed me is the good races for a number of years.Racing needs help,I agree with you completely,good luck on your endeavors.

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