A “Flip,” a “Broken Back,” Another Dead Horse

The NYS Gaming Commission reports that a Thoroughbred named All Class “got caught on [the] walker” Monday at Finger Lakes, “flipped and fractured it’s [note the choice of pronouns here] back [and was] euthanized.” All Class was nine years old and had been raced 61 times. But apparently, they – Racing – weren’t quite done with him yet, seeking, as is their wont, to drain every last dollar from his long-abused body.

This is horseracing.


  1. Finger Lakes is a hell hole for racehorses so this example comes as no surprise.
    This is one example that we know of, but there are probably lots of similar examples where racehorses died on the hot walker, and it was kept secret.
    I directly witnessed a racehorse flipping over on the walker, breaking its back, and fracturing its skull while the Trainer was up at the track watching his horse train.
    It took about 30 minutes for a vet to arrive since he was tending to a broken down horse at the 3/8th’s pole.
    All racehorses are at risk of getting maimed and/or killed, but the “B” tracks are absolute hell holes – full of crippled racehorses that are getting squeezed for every last drop of blood they have in them.
    The “B” tracks get all the racehorses that are dumped, that really should be in a field.
    Yet, they use them further to fill races,and to increase wagering profits.
    Our local, and state governments continue to “rubber stamp” these hell holes, and people need to start speaking out about this.
    All Class – so sorry for you. You had more class in the tip of your ear than the people that killed you.

  2. Also noticing they don’t know how to edit their own despicable words. Anyone who doesn’t know the difference between its and it’s needs to go back to school.


  3. The choice of pronoun “it’s” (wrong grammar aside) speaks volumes of how the industry feels about its “athletes.” All Class was a he, a living, breathing being capable of feelings, thoughts and emotions, yet a mere pawn in a dirty game that is no sport. We fight for you, All Class and your thousands of brothers and sisters dead and (barely) alive in this despicable industry. And we won’t stop fighting.

  4. Automatic walkers are notorious safety hazards for horses, especially if left unattended, as many racehorses with less than million dollar price tags are. These I’m-too-lazy-to-walk-a-horse potential deathtraps should be outlawed. But I’m not going to hold my breath.

    • The industry is well aware that walkers are safety hazards for racehorses, and they do nothing about it.
      Yet another example of this industry who claims to “love” and “care” for the horses they abuse.
      They simply don’t give a damm.

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