3-Year-Old Killed at Parx

The chart (Equibase) line for 3-year-old Warrior’s Dance in the 9th yesterday at Parx: “WARRIOR’S DANCE broke down nearing the three eighths pole and was subsequently euthanized.” Just another mundane bookkeeping entry. Vile.


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  1. And was “subsequently” killed. Sometimes these horses can be saved. But of course, they are not considered “worth” it by an industry that has no compassion or feeling for the horse unless he is a Barbaro and has the potential for millions at stud.. All allegiance is to the money. Everything else is inconcequental.

    RIP Warrior’s Dance, your sad short life is over.

    • Well said Rose.
      Warrior’s Dance – you were bred for the money, they only cared about the money, and that’s why you DIED in the dirt for the money.
      Until every last hell hole, AKA racetrack, shuts down we will continue to be a voice for victims like Warrior’s Dance.

  2. Because this industry is all about money (banking is all about money, finance is all about money, money is about money — horse racing is about horses) — precisely why this industry MUST be SHUT DOWN — there is no respect, no love for the horses — and, let’s admit, it’s all about the horses and people who care about them!– Is it THAT DIFFICULT to change one’s mindset? Or, must we “gut” the industry and replace with horse-loving people.

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