Dead in California, March

Dead Racehorses in California, March:

Royal Riddle, March 1, Golden Gate, “flipped on pavement in the barn area and hit her head…pronounced dead before [vet] arrived at the scene”

Tattenham, March 4, Santa Anita, race 4, “euthanized”

unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita

unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita

unidentified, week March 1-March 5, Santa Anita

unidentified, March 8, Golden Gate, “…horse collapsed while jogging on the main track during training hours and pronounced dead by attending track vet”

Rhett’s Image, March 10, Golden gate, race 7, “following the running of the seventh #4 Rhett’s Image was injured and fell, pulling up…track vet reported the severity of the injuries and euthanized the five year old gelding on the track”

Nowalking, March 11, Santa Anita, race 8, “pulled up, vanned off, euthanized”

unidentified, week March 6-March 12, Santa Anita

Initiative, March 12, Los Alamitos, race 2, “after the finish of the second race, the winner #6 INITIATIVE pulled up on the backside and was vanned off, euthanized”

Keihl Crissia, March 16, Golden Gate, race 4, “was injured after crossing the finish line, was transported by horse ambulance and euthanized”

A Toast To You, March 18, Golden Gate, “had been fighting an illness but the illness worsened and the horse had to be euthanized”

King’s Palace, March 18, Golden Gate, race 1, “went wrong and fell…suffered a catastrophic injury to the right front and was euthanized at the scene”

Solar Zone, March 18, Santa Anita, race 8

unidentified, week March 13-March 19, Santa Anita

unidentified “pony horse,” March 24, Golden Gate, “severe ringbone – euthanized”

unidentified, week March 20-March 26, Santa Anita

(source: California Horse Racing Board)


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  1. King’s Palace, March 18, Golden Gate, race 1, “went wrong and fell…suffered a catastrophic injury to the right front and was euthanized at the scene” I’ve been searching for a public video of this…email me a link if you know it

    • According to Equibase, King’s Palace last raced on March 4, 2017 so did they deliberately completely erase his last race on March 18, 2017?
      Illegal and fraudulent if so.
      It shows him winning his last race on March 4, 2017, but got the crap beaten out of him to do it.
      This is a new low for this industry if it did eliminate his last race on March 18, 2017.
      What’s going on here?
      This shows a deliberate elimination of critical public information by this despicable business if they are now eliminated races both on videos and on horses race records.
      Perhaps you can clarify for us Bruce?

    • Bruce – if you go to and set up an account – you can watch almost any race in the US, UK, and Australia. Go to “replays” and you can search any horse, jockey, or track that has a video.

  2. The race was declared no contest.
    GOLDEN GATE FIELDS – March 18, 2017 – Race 1 … – Equibase
    Equibase › chart › pdf › GG031817USA1

  3. Either we eliminate the cruel, irrational, merciless people in this industry making these horrible decisions whereby our horses suffer and die OR we SHUT DOWN the horse racing business — we MUST NOT allow this unconscionably brutal treatment of horses — it has to STOP!

  4. The pony horse was in pain and it broke his owners heart but she put him down. She’d only had him a brief time and believe it or not the short time he had with her was much better than where he was rescued from.

    • The owner had the pony for only a brief time? – and he required euthanasia due to severe ringbone? Well we both know severe ringbone doesn’t develop overnight – how cruel to use him/her as a pony with existing ringbone during the “brief time” she had him.

  5. Bob Baffert the “king” of breakdowns, and subsequent deaths is at it again.

    Another one bites the dust.
    Let’s be clear,.
    This Trainer is nothing more than a scoundrel KILLER of racehorses who has NEVER been held accountable for hundreds of racehorses maimed and/or killed under his alleged doping cocktails and cheating.
    He is a disgrace, and his training methods are nothing more than cruelty to racehorses that ends in death on many occasions.
    If anybody else in the “normal” world was found to have pets continuously DIE in their care they would be in jail by now.
    Instead, this industry reveres this trainer which speaks volumes for the fact that they don’t give a damn.
    If they really “cared” about racehorses then they would have implemented rules to hold them accountable.

    Another point, I encourage all regular bloggers here including Joy, Rose, Carolyn to read the comments below the article link provided herein.
    This Blog site is given the spotlight, and many things we say here are quoted by pro-horse racing people in their comments.
    In fact, Mindy (who hides behind a disguise) suggested that I get labeled a “terrorist,” and that every single racetrack should have my picture posted in their race office because I will commit a terrorist act on their track.

    What absolutely astounds me about these racing apologists is how they spend their energy and words attacking people who actually care about the racehorses, who has never KILLED a racehorse, but they fail to go after the actually perpetrator: Bob Baffert.
    He’s to be protected at all costs, and that’s precisely why this cruelty, maiming, and killing continues because everybody sticks up for these Trainers who have horses DIE under their brutal training methods.

    Since I now know that this Blog is being heavily monitored I need to say this for the record:
    1. I would never hurt a racehorse or any animal so your suggestion of me being a “terrorist” is misleading, and fraudulent nor would I destroy any racetrack property whatsoever. Quite frankly, neither you nor your industry is worth me doing anything at all. You are doing a great job yourselves at destroying the industry, and the racehorses whom you PIMP off of.
    2. If I were to obtain evidence that you have my picture in racetrack offices then I will have grounds for a lawsuit.
    3. I’ve been informed by Canadian authorities, where I live (thousands of miles away from most racetracks), that my private emails, FB page, Twitter account, and cell phone is being monitored due to my comments on this Blog.
    So they pretty much know where and what I am up to every day.
    In fact yesterday morning while another one of BB’s horses was dying in the dirt, I was thousands of miles away feeding and taking care of 3 thoroughbreds on the farm – the lucky ones that made it.
    4. Since I’m busy feeding, and rescuing the discarded racehorses whom you maim I have NO TIME to conduct any such type of destruction as you suggest MINDY.
    5. Isn’t it funny how you want to go after somebody like me who has dedicated their lives to saving racehorses, has never KILLED a racehorse in my care (like your industry does regularly), while you protect those who do?Then you have the audacity to suggest that I will commit property destruction acts against racetracks? Absolute BULLIES. I dealt with you bullies when I was raised in the stable area at Woodbine, I’m still dealing with you BULLIES on a daily basis for doing nothing, but reiterating the DEATH FACTS on this Blog, submitting my opinion based on my years of experience, and you are labeling me as a “terrorist?”

    There is no lower bar than you people who support this death of racehorses dying everyday.

    • Gina, I keep an eye on the PR and the comments – but the majority of comments made by cowards who hide behind an alias or screen name, I scroll on by. Anything those types of individuals say you can just completely disregard…if their words contained any fact or substance, they would have the backbone to stand behind them with their names. Cowards. Cowards who support an unnecessary industry that kills horses for betting entertainment.

      Scroll on by, Gina – they mean nothing to you, to me, or to any of the compassionate supporters of this blog. And we will just continue to be the voice for the horses we care so deeply about.

  6. Mindy dominated the comments on the link provided.
    Here’s one:
    “correct, they assume “broke down” and “vanned off” ALWAYS mean dead, which, of course, they don’t, but there’s no explaining that to them, and, even when you produce what you believe to be evidence of life, if it’s “only” from the trainer or other connection, that’s not good enough for them…and they only seem moderately happy to learn that a horse they thought was dead, isn’t, since that takes away from their ever-growing lists of deaths, instead of being happy a horse survived, they’re sad they lose a talking point.”

    Very misleading statement by Mindy.
    Anytime anyone of them has claimed that the racehorse survived a breakdown I request that they send evidence of this claim by taking a picture of the upper tattoo with a time stamp on it.
    NOT ONE has every responded.

    So the racehorses that they claim survived the breakdown are really nowhere to be found.
    They are usually, and subsequently located on the Death List here acquired via FOIA’s.

    Well Mindy, since your industry makes every attempt to “cover-up” the maiming and dying of racehorses don’t you think you should be going after them?
    After all, if it weren’t for racehorses DYING then this Blog wouldn’t be necessary now would it?

    • Mindy, or whoever she is, is talking rubbish, or at best, clutching at straws because if she has anything to do with the game she knows the vast majority of injured racers are not saved and that is a fact.
      This is a gambling business and the injured horse is a liability. People in the business will not spend the money to save an injured horse unless there is the potential to make money at stud. Very few injuries will allow a horse to return to the rigors of training and racing. Mindy knows these are facts….. So nice try Mindy, or whoever you are !

      • Rose, the Mindy woman has ZERO credibility…again…ZERO. She states “…the poster has a woman’s name, but there’s no way, of course, to actually know this person’s identity…”. Wow! It looks as if Mindy has a woman’s name but there is no way to know her TRUE identity. You’ve heard the expression….”it’s like the pot calling the kettle black” and babbling Mindy is doing just that. We have no idea who “Mindy” is and she doesn’t even use a last name on the PR. Therefore, if she wants to insinuate deceitfulness in regards to others then she must do the same for herself. What a joke she is! Then again, maybe Mindy is just a “keyboard monkey” who is desperately trying to discredit those of us who have helped dozens of discarded horses over the years.

        I do believe that HorseLuv73 is the infamous Ms. Christine Tutcher although I don’t know for sure. Tutcher is on the BOD’s of TROT and that “rescue” has six horses under their jurisdiction, five of which can only be adopted out as pasture pets due, I would assume, to injuries sustained while racing. Tutcher “prances and dances” as she touts aftercare programs for TB’s but I actually have more rescues currently than TROT does. Pathetic, at best. If TROT’s funding is limited, then Tutcher needs to stop being a “keyboard monkey” and she needs to start reaching out to all the “good” people in racing and work diligently to solicit donations for the horses that are discarded by the industry she loves so very much. Tutcher just recently told me to “back off” because I challenged her in regards to the stress incurred by horses who are stalled 23 hours a day at the track. She came up empty with that comment so she promptly blocked me on FB. What I can tell you is that the next time Tutcher opens her mouth and criticizes those of us who get up off our asses to save horses, I will report her to the TAA. She is part of an organization that answers to the public but perhaps that fact has eluded the girl.

        There was a commenter on the PR by the name of Steve Gibson and he replied to Mindy. This is one of his replies and I quote, “Please stop playing the false care harp. That one got old a few decades ago. No industry that actually cares about its animal participants would permit what 13+ some odd legal medications permitted to be in a horse’s system including, but not limited to: Bute, Clenbuterol, Lasix, Thyrol-L, Adequan, Nandrolone, Methocarbamol, Diclofenac, Flunixin and a slew of other drugs…”. Well said, Mr. Gibson! However, this is my favorite from Mr. Gibson and I quote…”You clowns (referring to those who defend racing) have literally told so much of the same bullshit over such a long period of time that you actually started to believe your never ending BS!! Laughable.” Racing maims, and kills, DAILY yet the clowns, Tutcher and Mindy, along with many others, defend it. Again, thank you, Mr. Gibson!

        Finally, Mindy, once again, uses the same old tired excuse. Yes, horses are ruined in other sports. No one said that they weren’t. If the clowns feel that I have, please provide documentation. However, the title of this blog is Horseracing WRONGS, WRONGS being the operative word. Got it?

      • After reading more of the comments here (from Gina, Rose and Mary), I went back to the PR comments and read through them – WOW! – and they call US crazy!

        To HorseLuv73 (and Mary, from her comments and the photo accompanying her alias, I believe you are correct that it’s Tutcher) – you’ve been DEMONIZED by us?!?…get a grip. So how about you, HorseLuv73, get your cowardly a** from behind your alias, use your name like we do (here and on other blogs/sites), and back up the comment you put on the PR…THIS one; “And many times they report a horse as dead that is very much alive.” I’m certain that you’d like nothing more than to discredit Patrick and Horseracing Wrongs, so let’s see those horses! – the “many” horses reported as DEAD that are alive! List them – here. Discredit this site, if you can.

        But you know as do we, you can’t – because in your putrid desperation to defend the industry, you BURY any shred of credibility you might still have when you make such asinine claim. Another industry-lover made that claim before you did and I challenged her, as well – she back pedaled in a hurry and was shown to be the lying fool we already knew she was.

        Many might strongly dislike this site and its worthy cause, but one thing no one will ever be able to HONESTLY claim is that it is not credible. So let’s go, HorseLuv73…

    • You mean ladies (laughable) I commend each and every one of you for what you stand for your fire integrity and first hand knowledge of what horse racing reality is. I’m at such a loss for the delusions of people that state how much they love and cherish the horse but stand up for horse racing like it’s actually good for the animal knowing full well. Its taking their life either slow and steady or at the blink of an eye and its odd to know that these same people are all aware of how the industry operates and what’s done with the horses good bad or indifferent how how in the world does one support that I’m fed up with it I’ve stated before looking into horse racing has been the single biggest mistake I’ve ever made but I’m glad I did I’m glad I know what’s going on and how things are it’s opened my eyes to another world I can’t help but to think of whistle included anita vacation press exclusive brave miner and the hundreds thousands of names and lives of other horses I think of the lucky ones joy greenwish rose face the fire Gina wolfie Mary anita and your others I don’t know and know that without yous those horses would have no life, I commend each and every one on here who truely supports the horse and finally Patrick thank you for your blog your tireless daily effort that shows with undeniable evidence that horseracing is inheritedly wrong even the supporters don’t agree with it half of the time

      • TY, Billy – and as much as I’m truly grateful for the support you give to Patrick and to those of us who share Horseracing Wrongs’ cause, I am even greater touched by your support for and loyalty to the racehorses. Thank you so very, very much.

  7. So Santa Anita cancelled their Thursday race card due to insufficient entries.

    It’s no secret that the CHRB in conjunction with such Trainers as Doug O’Neill, Bob Baffert dominate, and control California horse racing.
    Anybody in their right mind wouldn’t invest or run out in California because you are competing against Trainers with multiple doping/cheating violations with little to no repercussions whatsoever.
    In addition, they have multiple racehorses DYING under their direct training methods, and nothing is done.
    So if you are not willing to dope/cheat/kill your racehorses then you can’t compete with them.
    One could argue that killing is not the same as dying, but the end result is the same, and nobody is ever held accountable so that’s what you have to be willing to do in order to compete with these people.
    These cowboys have been doing this, and getting away with it for so long now, and this industry does little or nothing to rein them in.
    People see this, and so does the wagering public.
    The CHRB continues to keep secret the names of racehorses who are dying on their tracks in most cases.
    So the connections of the dead racehorses are actually being protected from transparency.
    This is equivalent to the Humane Society charging an owner with killing their animal and not releasing the information!
    The saddest part of this entire scenario is that the racehorse pays with their life in many cases as we have seen time and time again on this Blog.
    The Death Facts speak for themselves.

  8. When you need THEM, they pull through with all their heart and soul. THEN when THEY (race horses) need us we KILL them ,on the spot. no justice in that! What happened to compassion to find out how bad the injuries are. Maybe they can nor rece again, but the can still make good pets GIVE THEM A CHANCE!! You can afford it .

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