Three More Felled Yesterday

Three horses were reported as “broke down” on the Equibase charts yesterday; for the uninitiated, “broke down” is racing-speak for dead. The felled:

5-year-old Z Besha in the 3rd at Oaklawn

5-year-old Aaron of Goshen in the 6th at Fair Grounds (Aaron’s previous two races, both $5,000 claiming: last of 12, 16 lengths back; last of 10, 32.5 lengths back)

3-year-old Blanchfield in the 5th at Charles Town

The killing stops when, and only when, the betting stops. Please, for the horses.


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  1. More ABSOLUTE EVIL coming from Kentucky !!

    I Pray to God that Karma will Descend upon Kentucky and Horse Racing throughout the world and All connected to Horse racing and gambling. According to Gods Will, Let it be done !

    Now according to Kentucky the “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” is run by a bunch of livestock.
    These same Kentucky lawmakers may also tell you that this has nothing to do with horse slaughter yet SB 139 conveniently opens the door to it.


    Governor joins lawmakers in betraying Kentucky’s horses by tagging them as livestock
    Posted on Mar 31, 2017 by Tuesday’s Horse
    FRANKFORT, KY — On March 27, 2017, Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin signed SB 139 into law.

    Previous to SB 139 becoming law, Kentucky horses were categorized as domestic animals and had the protections that go with it. Not that animal protection is a high priority in Kentucky. Kentucky is in the bottom five of the country in animal protection; some put it last.

    SB 139 tags Kentucky horses as livestock, a clear demotion in status and entitlement to desperately needed protections. It is clear to see what a sad day March 27, 2017 was for the horses of Kentucky.

    In every legislative step taken for SB 139 to become law in Kentucky not a single negative vote was cast against it despite hearing from constituents strongly opposed to it. Of course, lawmakers in Kentucky may tell you differently. If they do they are lying.

    Kentucky lawmakers may also tell you this is simply a necessary step towards awarding tax breaks down the line to horse owners in Kentucky. Again, untrue. This could have been done without reducing horses to livestock.

    These same Kentucky lawmakers may also tell you that this has nothing to do with horse slaughter yet SB 139 conveniently opens the door to it.

    We think it is a fair statement to say that the horse industry in Kentucky cares only about the money they make off these horses’ backs and precious little about the horses themselves. We see no evidence to the contrary. Where were they in all of this? Backing SB 139? Or will they now conveniently say that Kentucky lawmakers ignored them too?

    The timing is interesting with the Kentucky Derby weeks away when the eyes of the world will be on Kentucky. How will they all be viewing this?

    Now according to Kentucky the “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” is run by a bunch of livestock.


    • Supporters of Kentucky SB 139 respond to their critics in Blood-Horse article, March 18, 2017 »

    • So happy together — Supporters of Kentucky State bill SB 139 reducing horses to livestock status, March 7, 2017 »

    • Kentucky legislature setting the stage for the slaughter of horses with SB 139, March 5, 2017 »

  2. Kentucky has sent a loud and clear message to the rest of our animal loving nation – they don’t give a damn.
    The racehorses are private property profit slaves which is the definition of livestock when you really understand that concept.
    According to Kentucky, racehorses can be used and abused as they see fit with absolutely ZIPPO protection.
    This is yet another reason why people should no longer support this antiquated business model.
    Stop wagering on racehorses, stop supporting this mayhem, educate, and be a voice for these horses.
    All animal lovers in this country should stop supporting this.
    Congratulations Kentucky – you have reenacted a modern day slavery ring.

    over 125,000 US Horses Slaughtered each year in Mexico & Canada -Many Are race horses

    Take action against horse slaughter in the Nation’s Capitol with HR 113
    Posted on Mar 31, 2017 by Tuesday’s Horse
    WASHINGTON, DC — The first federal bill introduced against horse slaughter in the United States was HR 2622 by US Rep. Thomas M. Reynolds (NY-27) on July 25, 2001, “To prohibit the interstate transport of horses for the purpose of slaughter or horse flesh intended for human consumption, and for other purposes.” It was referred to the House Committee on Agriculture and died in Committee. It had 8 co-sponsors.

    That was nearly 16 years ago, and since then numerous attempts to outlaw horse slaughter in the US have been made in Washington. For a history of legislative activity to end horse slaughter, please see The Horse Fund’s Horse Slaughter Legislative Timeline beginning here.

    Horse slaughter is not currently taking place on US soil because of annual federal budgetary defunding of horse meat inspections necessary to export it effectively since 2012, but this does not help the horses who are exported across US borders for slaughter.


    On January 3, 2017, Rep. Vern Buchanan (R-FL-16) introduced HR 113 — Safeguard American Food Exports Act of 2017 (The SAFE Act).

    HR 113 amends the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act to deem equine (horses and other members of the equidae family) parts to be an unsafe food additive or animal drug.

    HR 113 also prohibits the knowing sale or transport of equines or equine parts for human consumption and is intended to close the export to slaughter loophole as well as ban the slaughter of horses for human consumption on US soil.



    POPVOX is our preferred method of contacting US Legislators.

    There are many reasons. Chief among them are that POPVOX is used by Congressional staff and lawmakers to see who supports bills, which means you are assured they have received your message and that your voice is counted.

    You will also be able to see how well a bill is supported throughout the country, watch who is co-sponsoring it, view comments other constituents are making and more.

    Check out HR 113 right now on POPVOX to see how it’s doing.

    All it takes to be a part of the PopVox community is to sign up with an active email address and password. Join PopVox and make your voice heard in support of HR 113.

    Congressional Offices Online

    You can also contact your US Representative via

    Find your US Representative and use their contact form to ask them to co-sponsor HR 113.

    If you know who your representative is but you are unable to contact them using their contact form, the Clerk of the House maintains addresses and phone numbers of all House members and Committees. Call (202) 225-3121 for the US House switchboard operator.


    HR 113 currently has 86 co-sponsors. See them here.

    If your US Representative has already co-sponsored HR 113 please let them know you also support it and thank them for co-sponsoring this bill and to please use all their influence to get HR 113 passed.


    Please take the time right now to go online and support HR 113.

    With online opportunities like PopVox and you can help and support legislation beneficial to horses virtually anytime day or night. And speak out against the ones that are not.

    Thank you for taking action and giving a strong voice to our horses.

    We will be back with more for you soon.

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