Read the Dream Dead at Aqueduct

The chart (Equibase) line for Read the Dream in the 7th this afternoon at Aqueduct: “…took some bad steps approaching the three-sixteenths marker, was pulled up in short order, then was subsequently euthanized” (on-track, as it turns out).

Incidentally, Read’s “bad steps” in the stretch were conveniently left out of camera view on the official NYRA replay; the track announcer uttered not a single word of them. Worse still, as one horse lay dying – awaiting “the pink” – another was being feted in the “Winner’s Circle.”

This is horseracing. (race 7)


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  1. 3 year old Stormy’s Return fell and was euthanized on the Gulfstream turf :-( Chart says he was vanned off but he was euthanized immediately. RIP Stormy’s Return :-( :-( :-(

  2. “Vanned-off” is the new euphemism for died in the dirt, or in this case, died on the turf.
    Well folks at least Stormy’s Return had a little bit of cushion when he dropped dead.
    Wonder if he had a few pieces of turf sod in his mouth when he hit the ground?
    We now know that Stronach owned Gulfstream Park deliberately eliminates Race Replays, that the camera angle can’t conveniently omit; OR, proceeds with the Race Reply if the dying is omitted from the camera angle, then it becomes a FOIA request to find out what really happened.
    I’ve been told that any announcer who gets hired at one of his tracks is told how to handle a breakdown.
    For the most part it’s ignore, and move on.
    Can you imagine accepting a job where you are told to ignore the DYING of sentient beings?
    I wouldn’t care how much I starved they could take that job and shove it where the sun don’t shine.
    Then you have other Stronach owned racetracks such as Gulfstream and Golden Gates actually eliminating the names of the racehorses who died on these tracks confirmed by recent FOI requests.
    Their position is clear: Stronach owned tracks will go to no lengths to uphold the ongoing deaths of racehorses who die on their tracks by deliberately covering up the carnage.
    Although they consider their tracks to be “premier,” let’s be clear:
    there isn’t anything “premier” about a sentient being dying for this despicable outfit who owns wagering companies and who has sent many to their deaths in order to fill races and increase wagering profits.
    If any of you horse racing supporters had any doubts before?
    Those doubts should not only be dissipated, but should be abundantly clear that there are no “good” folks in horse racing.
    There are only abusers, and/or enablers of the abuse and dying.
    End of story.

  3. Then you have our Stronach operated track located in our state with its total lack of sanitary facilities for the horse people on the back side where many times the flush toilets are not clean and where the workers have to make do with porta-pots that don`t fit the smaller people involved with the care of the horses or the recent winter snow events where we know the stalls could not be cleaned for days because of all the ice / snow preventing hauling away of soiled stall bedding.Our track doesn`t allow the use of ANY mechanical means of soiled stall bedding removal. It all has to be pushed by hand using 2 -wheeled carts on bicycle type wheels all taken to a central location in what used to be barns 4 and 5.Once at the manure barn you then have to push or pull up a short steep incline into the building.Our states Stronach track is all but a full-blown private casino which is illegal under our states laws! We wonder how they have been able to get away with this. Our states track has an appalling death/ injury rate and if one attends the meet you can`t avid seeing the deaths / injuries to the horses on that harder than concrete sub surface of which we have first hand personal physical contact experience with! Our Stronach operated track is anything but PREMIER for the poor horses or people working there. During our past winter weather emergencies NO ONE was allowed to sleep in any tack rooms to ensure at least food / water provided to the poor horses there.There of course no dormitories for workers. Just imagine being the couple of security back gate staff knowing that there are 900 horses needing care and you are unable to tend to them! At the peak points of the winter weather there many Facebook messages pleading for help in caring for horses that people were unable to care for because of the inability to get to the track due to poor road conditions. Some people posted pictures of the snow piles and ice at the track by the few who could get there.The insanity of racing in our state knows no bounds it seems.

  4. STOP abusing & murdering our magnificent horses — no matter what the endeavor, the needs & rights of the horse MUST ALWAYS come first. — Without HORSES, you have nothing; yet, you abuse & kill them off as if they were large wooden trinkets — SHAME on society for allowing such suffering of & depraved indifference regarding the miserable & immoral plight of our beautiful horses — SHUT DOWN THIS CRUEL & ABUSIVE INDUSTRY PERMANENTLY!

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