Dead Racehorses in California, February

Dead Racehorses in California, February:

Golden Ocean, February 2, Golden Gate, race 4 – “went wrong and fell…euthanized at the scene”

Dry Ice, February 3, Cal Expo – “Post time for the seventh race was at 8:23PM. The eight horse field left the paddock at approximately 8:17PM. #1 ‘Dry Ice’ fell at approximately the 3/8 pole after the post parade. CHRB Veterinarian advised us that the horse was deceased. ‘Dry Ice’ was scratched and removed by the horse ambulance. Seventh race was off at 8:49PM. More to follow.”

Sizzling Bel, February 4, Golden Gate, race 1 – “suffered an injury to the right foreleg and was euthanized at the scene”

Spirit Rules, February 5, Golden Gate, training – “sustained an injury during training hours…euthanized”

unidentified, week January 30-February 5, Santa Anita, training

unidentified, week February 6-February 12, Santa Anita, racing/training

unidentified, week February 7-February 12, Los Alamitos, racing

unidentified, week February 7-February 12, Los Alamitos, racing

Eaglemaker, February 11, Santa Anita, race 9 – “went wrong, fell”

Storming Candy, February 19, Santa Anita, race 1 – “suffered a catastrophic injury…euthanized”

Dixie Ballet, February 19, Santa Anita, race 2 – “fell…unfortunately the horse was euthanized”

unidentified, week February 13-February 20, Santa Anita, racing/training

unidentified, week February 13-February 20, Santa Anita, racing/training

Dance the Waltz, February 24, Los Alamitos, race 2 – “went wrong and was pulled up…vanned off and euthanized”

unidentified, week February 21-February 26, Santa Anita, racing/training

(source: California Horse Racing Board)


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  1. This Death List shows the pathetic low scum level that this despicable business has dipped below.
    Moreover, it defines one of the largest racetrack owners, Frank Stronach AKA Magna Entertainment, as accessories to these killings.
    Santa Anita and Golden Gate are both owned by Stronach.
    We now know that they uphold the ZIPPO accountability and lack of transparency business model even when racehorses are dying on their racetracks by not releasing their names, and by deliberately eliminating Race Replays that show the breakdowns on the camera.
    They don’t give a damn.
    This is intentional and it classifies them as enablers of animal cruelty by not holding people accountable for the racehorses dying in their care, and on their properties.
    They are giving them a Free Pass and that makes them equally as bad.
    They are both the abusers and enablers of the abuse and they reap financial rewards because they own one of the largest wagering companies Xpressbet.
    The Stronach group has sent a clear message that racehorses are nothing more than wagering profit machines who can die in the dirt with no accountability.
    STOP supporting this carnage and this heartless business enterprise called Magna Entertainment.

  2. Yet another racehorse victim by the killing scoundrel Hall of (S)hame Trainer Bob Baffert.
    Paulick Report:

    Cheyenne Stable’s Mastery was the dominating winner of Saturday’s G2 San Felipe Stakes on the Road to the Kentucky Derby, but worries immediately surrounded the 3-year-old son of Candy Ride as Hall of Fame jockey Mike Smith pulled the colt up sharply on the gallop out. It was not immediately clear what went amiss with the Bob Baffert trainee, but he was unsaddled and loaded into the horse ambulance for a ride back toward the stable area. He did enter the ambulance under his own power. Mastery had recorded a final time of 1:42.28 for 1 1/16 miles over Santa Anita’s fast main track, winning by open lengths, and will be credited with 50 points toward the first Saturday in May.

    How many more racehorses must breakdown and/or die under his care until somebody does something about it??
    Oh, I forgot – this is horse racing where dying is acceptable and common.

    • Bet this horse of Bob Baffert’s doesn’t make an appearance on the first Saturday in May – the Kentucky Derby. Another career ending injury for a 3 year old. Oh, but then again they”ll give him another career – in the breeding barn. There’s no escape for any horse bred specifically for racing. If they don’t die on the track, in training or in the breeding barn the vast majority end up suffering a horrific inhumane death in the slaughterhouse.
      This is horseracing.
      End it!

  3. We have galloped on our Stronach operated local track! It has 3 or 4 inches of cushion, then wham!, hard as a paved road underneath! They wonder why so many horses breakdown in our winter racing season! We have landed on newly paved asphalt roads that were softer than our local Stronach operated track. The facility is all but a full blown private casino which is illegal under our states law. They have card game competitions, historical racing games that look just like slot machines to us,Poker plays etc. We hope the new Indian casino newly opened in our neighboring state, plus the increasingly high value of the land where our track is located will help them realize they can make better monies with other uses of the land besides racing horses in the dead of winter when everything is froze up for days as happened this year.

  4. DRY ICE
    Hey folks, this horse didn’t break down and die during the race or just past the finish line, as some do.
    This racehorse died on his way to the gates….. can you believe that?
    Report said he fell and vet confirmed he was dead. No mention of injury/condition horse suffered. Wonder what those present at the track and the online bettors thought about this one?
    Damn, I put my money on this one.
    Damn, race delayed.
    Damn, bit of an inconvenience but that’s racing, we’re used to horses dying for our $2 bets.

  5. Update on MASTERY – yet another victim of Bob Baffert’s brutal training methods that can only be classified as animal cruelty and abuse to normal compassionate people.
    “Mastery suffered a condylar fracture to his left front that would require surgery and indefinite time off.”
    In typical BB fashion he shifted the responsibility away from himself like most connections do who have a horse that breakdowns or dies.
    “It’s a tough pill to swallow…”
    Go swallow a compassionate pill Baffert – that’s a good start.
    This comment was followed up by pro-horse people who were disappointed that Mastery would not be in the starting gate on Kentucky Derby day.
    This is just another component of the delusion.
    No mention of the HUNDREDS of racehorses that have broken down or died in Baffert’s care.
    Or, no mention of the racehorses who disappear off the radar once they are established to not be high level stake horses.
    There is ZIPPO accountability folks – none.
    Neither BB nor any other person whose racehorses died is ever held legally accountable, and this entire business upholds this legitimized death camp.
    Educate, peacefully demonstrate, sign petitions, and let’s get these hell holes for racehorses shut down.

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