Once Again, Multiple Horses Killed at Same Track

Last night at Delta (Equibase):

“After crossing the finish [in the 4th], Don’t Undermind Me fell and was euthanized.”

“[In the 9th] Theboyzproudntrue fell entering the turn and was euthanized.”

Not even two months into the new year and we have already had multiple horses killed on the same day at the same track six different times. Insanity.


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  1. Horse racing is a gladiator style blood bath that needs to be put away in the history books.
    Another 2 sentient beings sacrificed for dimes, dollars, and for people that don’t give a damn.
    So many times, while active in this business, I heard owners/trainers say: “we love them.”
    No they don’t.
    They are delusional.
    To send a horse out, to subject them to this ongoing cruelty circus, to permit the opportunity for dying in the dirt is not love.
    It’s nothing more than exploitation at the detriment of the racehorse.
    This blog is about as close as you will get to any type of respect for your broken and dead bodies.

  2. There has just been a report of horses racing on a ICE track where one of the horses broke both legs due to water undermining the frozen lake surface that the horses were racing on.Those people are idiots and stupid beyond belief! We don`t care if it is a longstanding tradition. Absolutely cruel to race horses on a frozen lake.This was reported on the Paulick report.

  3. The more I learn, the more I know THIS pastime, THIS sport, using, exploiting and abusing horses MUST come to an end — I’m learning attendance has been dropping over the past years — let’s continue this positive trend and ensure these magnificent animals get happy, healthy and normal lives with those who genuinely care about them.

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