“Colicked and Died During Training”; “Spinal Cord Dislocation”; “Catastrophic Injury With Paralysis” – Texas’ Dead Racehorses, 2016

Through a FOIA request to the Texas Racing Commission, I have confirmed the following kills at Texas tracks in 2016:

Carters Regal Eye, January 18, Retama training, “horse collapsed and died”

Final Time, January 25, Sam Houston 9, “sesamoid fractures [both front legs] with open luxation of fetlock – euthanized on track and hauled to necropsy”; “both front limbs and left eye submitted for necropsy and drug testing”

Carving Hearts, March 26, Retama training, “horse colicked and died during training”

Bush Eagle, March 26, Sam Houston 11 (euthanized March 29), “slab fracture in carpus”

Sr Mirandas Dream, April 4, Sam Houston 6, “open, complete fracture of metacarpal – euthanized on track”

Bellamy Maschio, April 8, Lone Star 8 (euthanized April 9), “condylar fracture of cannon – owners opted to euthanize”; “distal forelimbs submitted for necropsy”

Home Time, April 23, Lone Star 3 (died May 1), “condylar fracture, surgery – died sudden in stall”

Anthepartyneverends, April 29, Sam Houston 5, “spinal fracture – euthanized on track”

Jump for Pie, prior to April 30 Sam Houston 5, “sudden death”

Savvey, May 2, Sam Houston 11, “large slab fractures – horse euthanized”

Fudge Bar, May 21, Lone Star training, “condylar fracture – euthanized due to economic reasons on May 28”

Mr Sonic Blast, June 4, Lone Star training, “fractured sesamoid with luxation of joint – euthanized [on] back-side”

Morning Lily, June 12, Lone Star 2, “fractures of sesamoids – euthanized”; “both distal forelimbs submitted for necropsy”

Brighterthanthesun, June 16, Lone Star 1, “two slab fractures of carpus – euthanized”; “both forelimbs submitted for necropsy”

Youdaboy, June 26, Lone Star 4, “suspect fracture of carpus – euthanized”; “both front limbs submitted for necropsy”

Papalote Sweet, July 8, Retama 7, “sesamoid fracture – euthanized July 9”

Tres Seis Zoe, July 17, Gillespie 9, “bilateral paresis of hind legs…from spinal cord dislocation – euthanized on track” (chart merely said “went down, vanned off”)

Root of All Evil, July 17, Lone Star 4, “sesamoid fractures with complete disarticulation of fetlock – euthanized on track”

Overspent, August 6, Retama training, “horse sat back hard on walker, conditioned worsened over last few days with progressive ataxia; Aug 11: found recumbent in stall, unable to rise; trauma to atlanto-occipital joint/spinal cord – euthanasia”

Fancy Zoomin, prior to August 6 Retama 8, “heat stroke resulted in death”

Shining Cartel, August 14, Gillespie 5, “horse collided leg into support pole of outside rail – euthanized”

The Lefty, August 14, Gillespie 6, “horse appears to have suffered major back injury/fracture after leaving starting gate…continued down the stretch until it stopped near finish line…showed bilateral hind leg paresis prior to stopping – euthanized” (yes, this horse tried to continue running after breaking his back)

Faulty Tower, September 10, Retama 4, “sesamoid fracture with disarticulation of fetlock – euthanized on track”

Sr Inseperable, September 23, Lone Star 6, “comminuted sesamoid fractures with disruption of suspensory apparatus – euthanized”

Boxcar Babe, September 24, Lone Star 6, “RF proximal cannon bone comminuted fractures, LF multiple comminuted slab fractures – euthanized on track”

The Suprise Coronas, October 6, prior to Lone Star 5, “colic – died due to illness”

Vodka Effort, October 29, Lone Star 6, “possible condylar fracture, sesamoid fracture with disruption of suspensory apparatus – euthanized on track”

Rango B, November 4, Lone Star 3, “catastrophic spinal cord injury with paralysis – euthanized on track”


In addition, the following horses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While this may be technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Eventhescore Rose, February 5, Sam Houston, “euthanized due to severe acute colic”

Ja Cool Carolina, April 10, Sam Houston, “colicked and died”

Captaincrawfish, June 18, Retama, “colicked – humanely euthanized”

Ivory Debt, September 30, Lone Star, “head trauma from flipping in barn September 29, severe CNS signs September 30 – euthanasia after contacting insurance company” (yes, after suffering head trauma, this horse had to wait a day before being put down – because of money)

There can be no justification for the killing of animals for $2 bets. End it. Now.


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  1. These deaths are gruesome, and this business is deplorable.
    They might as well take a chain saw and saw-off their limbs because that’s what’s happening here.
    It’s just another Texas Chainsaw Massacre really.
    All of this for bets.
    Texas horse racing is in a death knell just like the racehorses.
    I’ve provided a link to the situation, but I will put it succinctly:
    Texas horse racing wants to pass a form of gambling known as Historical Horse Racing, but both the government, and GREY2K has currently blocked it citing illegal gambling.
    This cash flow is needed for both greyhound, and horse racing in Texas or it can’t continue.
    Without funding, both Texas greyhound and horse racing will finally be put away in the history books where it belongs.
    The court hearing is on February 18, 2017.
    The horse racing business claims that they support 36,000 jobs in Texas.
    Yet, not one piece of factual evidence exists to support this claim.
    Without taxpayer, corporate, or historical race funding this business will finally SHUT DOWN.
    It can’t come soon enough for the racehorses.

    • The only way to really determine what might be happening with the spinal injuries is to perform necropsies (including tissue samples) on every single racehorse with a spinal injury, and then provide evidence of findings.
      Texas DOES NOT have a MANDATORY necropsy program.
      Under intense pressure, not from the racing business (they don’t give a damn), but from animal advocates, Texas implemented an optional necropsy program as late as 2015.
      It was supposed to be mandatory, but supporters of Texas horse racing strongly opposed it, and a OPTIONAL program was implemented instead.
      The current program in place leaves it up to the attending veterinarian to decide whether a necropsy should be performed.
      The owner on record, at the time of death, must pay for the necropsy, and often refuses to pay with no repercussions.

      Click to access Public_Notice-Necropsy_Costs_EnglishMar2015.pdf

      So a vet is not likely to order a necropsy when they know that it will not be paid for, and cash-strapped Texas horse racing can’t pay for it.
      Another thing, the vet bases their decision on some factors including medications given.
      However, there are no mandatory rules for Trainers to record medications given.
      The majority of racing jurisdictions (California, Kentucky, Florida) don’t have a mandatory medication reporting regime.
      It’s pretty much like the Wild West with the racehorses paying with their lives.
      So when a Trainer is caught with a drug positive and/or a racehorse dying under their care, it opens the flood gates for their attorneys to fight it because there are no medications on record except with the private vet.
      Then their attorney, in conjunction with their private vet, cite privacy laws, and refuse to release the vet records.
      Of course the owners on record will not comply because they often know damn well that their horse is being turned into a pin cushion in order to perform – enablers of the abuse.
      It’s a nice tidy way of doping up a racehorse, resulting in dying, with no repercussions whatsoever.
      Moreover, if no necropsy is performed, then that pretty much completes any type of accountability when a racehorse dies.
      Racehorses dying are inherent in horse racing. It’s “business as usual.”

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