U.S. Horseracing Casualties, 12/26/16-1/1/17

Last week on American tracks (not including training and harness casualties):

“Broke Down” (racing-speak for dead); “Collapsed and Died”; “Euthanized”

Surfer Chub, Parx
Condo Prince, Aqueduct
Just Jack, Laurel
Tap It In, Golden Gate

“Vanned Off” – required horse ambulance to get off the track; many of these names will re-surface on my year-end FOIA death-reports

Fnf Bruja, Portland
Rolling Thunder, Portland
Looking At Mossy, Santa Anita
Secret Heat RF, Sunland
Katies Choice, Gulfstream
Tally Jax, Mahoning (“returned lame”)
Uptown Abbey, Turf
Walkers Sentry, Turfway (“went wrong”)
Temperature Rising, Golden Gate (“went wrong”)
Jersey Street, Gulfstream (“took awkward step”)
Dexterous, Hawthorne
Janes Cartel, Los Alamitos
Ira Hayes, Sunland
Chant for Kitten, Turfway
Navy Hymn, Santa Anita
Milkyyourway, Aqueduct
Golden Sand, Gulfstream

“Bled”; “Returned Bleeding From Nostrils” – usually indicates pulmonary hemorrhage

Henrys Way, Charles Town
Nobody Move, Aqueduct

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(source: Equibase)


  1. It appears that in just 7 days on American racetracks 4 horses were killed for $2 bets and human entertainment.
    A further 17 horses were seriously injured otherwise it would not have been necessary for them to have been removed from the racetrack in a horse ambulance. Highly likely that most of these horses were destroyed and any that weren’t are unlikely to resume racing and will be discarded which usually means a horrendous journey to the slaughterhouse then to suffer an unspeakable death – the ultimate betrayal.

    This is horseracing.

  2. In our state we just discovered why our track is still operating! Although there is supposed to be a ban on privately owned/ operated casinos, our sole commercial track is essentially a casino with card table games, historical racing machines and other electronic gaming machines.We wonder who in our state house was paid off to allow these gamboling machines so as to enable our local crummy commercial track to survive.If you look at their Facebook page one can see dozens of these machines in the main area of the track. For years only 1/3 of the main grandstands upper levels were completely open / used. Now, all the upper levels are open and it appears lots of people are attending the facility. The only hope is the fact several people witnessed several horses having to be put down during the races and they said they would not come back after their horse loving children witnessed the horses breaking down and dying.

  3. Not only are they dying in the dirt on the racetrack, but they are dying in their stalls.
    Right now the Fairgrounds Racetrack in New Orleans is dealing with an outbreak of EHV-1 – a totally PREVENTABLE disease (for the most part) via current vaccinations.
    Don’t think it only happens with small Trainers it often happens with large stables.
    The big Trainers have huge allotments of horses being shipped around, all over the country, on a continuous basis, and papers get “mixed-up.”
    So whether intentional or not is debatable, but regular paperwork check-ups is lacking obviously.
    So for the cost of about $20 racehorses are dying, and at least one has been euthanized.
    The government should be all over them, and HEFTY fines should be laid against this track for their blatant inadequate system that only cares about profit.
    Here’s a link to the article:
    Here’s the clincher though, typical horse racing business, doesn’t disclose whether these horses had current vaccinations or not.
    The lack of transparency is sickening, and it has caused unnecessary deaths yet again.
    I’m calling the PUBLICLY FUNDED LA Department of Agriculture and demanding an answer as to whether these horses had current vaccinations or not because not only have they killed a racehorse, but they have the potential to spread it far, and wide under this lack of transparency.
    It’s a public safety health issue for all equines in the country.
    I’m fed up with this multi billion dollar business getting away with murder.

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