Multiple Horses Killed, But Del Mar Still Claims Success

With Del Mar’s Fall “Bing Meet” coming to a close this past Sunday, here is what we know: At least five horses (see below) were killed while racing (no training deaths were reported) during this relatively short 15-day meet. That’s five dead in 15 days. But – and this is a big but – there was a marked difference in the way the stewards wrote their minutes this time around. Instead of the catchall “Deceased” – which heretofore had included horses killed off-site while being prepped for upcoming Del Mar races – they went with “Fatalities at [italics added] Del Mar,” an obviously more restrictive categorization. (This change, incidentally, happened midstream: In the first set of minutes – 11/13 – “Deceased” was used and edited afterward.) There can be but one explanation for this decidedly cunning move: bad press in the wake of this past summer’s carnage. Apparently, they were counting on no one noticing.

Whatever the actual count, it is an indisputable fact that multiple horses were killed at Del Mar this Fall. Now, juxtapose that against this from the Del Mar site:

Highlighted by a series of terrific stakes races to finish out its final weekend, Del Mar brought its third fall racing season to a sparkling close Sunday with strong wagering numbers rung up and a solid place on the racing calendar etched in. “A very solid meet,” said Del Mar Thoroughbred Club president and general manager Joe Harper. “I think this meet has set us up nicely for the Breeders’ Cup in 2017. We’re going to be ready for it and it’s going to be very good at Del Mar.”

With a pile (a modest one, sure, but a pile nonetheless) of dead “athletes” behind them, they use words like “terrific,” “sparkling,” “very good.” Vile. Again.

The dead we know about:

Lyrical Passage, November 20, Del Mar 5
Trixie Topper, November 27, Del Mar 1
Trump Diesel, November 27, Del Mar 5
Flaming Vixen, December 1, Del Mar 5
Adair, December 3, Del Mar 1



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  1. We were out there every weekend for the horses. They are all in denial there and the coverage up’s are widespread within. There is so much abuse at this race track that swept under the dirt. We are ready for the summer season already. Joe Harper is a horse killer.

    • Thank you Ellen for your voice, dedication, and compassion for the racehorses who DIE at Del Mar.
      You are a much needed warrior – RESPECT.
      Joe Harper is a horse killer, and so is anybody who supports or participates in this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
      There are only 3 categories of pro-horse racing people:
      1. Abusers 2. Enablers of the abuse 3. Both.

      This antiquated business model exploits both horses, and humans.
      Although the cheap Mexican labor has little choices, they still have a voice, and a choice.
      The racehorses, however, don’t have a voice or a choice and that is exploitation to the max.
      Thanks for being their voice Ellen.

  2. Thank you, Ellen, for being there for the horse.
    As you well know, these people have no respect or interest in the welfare of the horse. The focus is money, and anything that results in bringing in more of the same. It is disgraceful what they get away with in terms of animal abuse and outright cruelty. There may be no accountability now, but I believe the day of reckoning is coming. It may take time but it eventually catches up with the wrongdoers, it always does.
    Keep up the good work.

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