“Was Pulled Up and Euthanized”

The Equibase line for 6-year-old Cole’s Magic Vow in the 4th last night at Delta: “was pulled up mid stretch and euthanized.” Curt, cold – horseracing.


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  1. I have no problem using the adjective VILE.
    I DESPISE these horse abusers and/or killers.
    This entire business needs to fall into one big abyss and disappear off the face of the planet.
    COLE’S MAGIC VOW a 6 year old gelding, MSW earnings of $228,163 run into the ground.
    Run his butt-off for an owner that just kept on running him even knowing about his possible leg issues.
    Knowing that every time she sent him out he may not come back alive, and that the chances of him DYING in the dirt increased with age, and potential issues.
    $200,000 wasn’t enough to get him a grassy paddock with a good ending.
    These people are so despicable they don’t give a damn about what ending they get.
    They only care about what they can get from them not what they can give to them.
    Connections Trainer Joseph M Foster Owner Patricia A Chennault.
    You both probably don’t read this blog because it contains FACTS that dispels your dirty little secrets going on in the corner cobwebs of the stable area.
    Just in case you are reading this: YOU, Patricia A Chennault are a low life piece of despicable scum.
    You, as an owner, make decisions about your horse. You can overrule the Trainer at any time.
    You were well aware of any issues going on because you pay the vet bills so don’t claim innocent on me.
    This example, once again, exemplifies the protection of the “maiming” records AKA vet records.
    There is unequivocally no doubt in my mind that Cole’s Magic Vow was being given regular meds to address ongoing issues.
    The vet who possibly gave him these injections?
    Off the hook – Scott- free.We don’t even know his name.
    The vets hide behind the protection of non-transparency, and secrecy while making tons of money administering and masking acute and chronic issues.
    The owner, the trainer – off the hook Scott-free.
    NOBODY, not one, not any one of these idiots will be held accountable for this racehorse’s death.
    They call it horse racing.
    I call it a cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.

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