“Distress,” Then Death

In the 6th Wednesday at Finger Lakes, Zingarella was reported (Equibase) as “appeared in distress…vanned off.” This morning we learn (Gaming Commission) that the 3-year-old was euthanized the following day. The race was her 19th consecutive “maiden claiming”; prior to going into “distress,” she was “For Sale” at $5,000.

This is horseracing.


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  1. ZINGARELLA a pretty grey/roan THREE year old filly suffers a painful catastrophic injury (reported as being “distressed” by equibase). Hate to think of her suffering because it wasn’t until the following day that the green filled syringe comes out, injected into her beautiful young body whilst her mind is in fear and shock and she’s desperately fighting for her life. We’re finished with you, horse, Bye bye……………

    Business as usual in the horseracing industry.

  2. They have a higher power to answer too. Fly high sweet girl, you deserved more, but you were bred for the pleasure of money.

    • Taylor, I want to thank you for posting this link – I trust readers will look at the photos of this stunning filly and never forget her. And I hope racing supporters who so easily dismiss the tragic and unnecessary deaths of these beautiful beings look at her and have it hit home that she is now DEAD – she raced, was injured and died for their entertainment.

      How anyone can accept Zingarella’s death as just “one of those things” is beyond my comprehension. Even more despicable? – to support the industry that killed her and thousands more.

  3. Zingarella what a beautiful filly you were. On the Finger Lakes Finest TTBS website it said she was winless in 18 starts. They had to push her one more time until they killed her. Run free now sweet filly.

    • That’s right, Karen…this sort of thing happens frequently. Zingarella was merely a “working machine” for her owners, Mary and Joseph Grant…used for money-making purposes. And while they were waiting for someone to purchase her and take her off their hands, they just kept racing her, putting her life at risk every time.

  4. We see so many names and numbers. In this case, we have a beautiful face to put to the name. Zingarella was an excellent candidate for rehoming. Finger Lakes Finest Thoroughbreds website stated “We don’t need to remind you that grays are very popular, and with her size, youth and clean wheels, she won’t last long.” Those words have a whole new meaning now. Why did they have to run her again for the 19th time? She was so close to her forever home away from the greed of the racetrack. Such a tragic story like so many others.

  5. There are thousands of Zingarella’s that have died before her, and there will be thousands more as long as this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit continues.
    What a gorgeous racehorse you were Zingarella.
    To the horse racing business you were just another number bred to fill races, to generate profit for the wagering companies, and for your owners.
    It’s the wagering companies that make billions and have no attachment, no fiscal or legal responsibility to their disposable product.
    In fact, TVG head office in Seattle, WA makes BILLIONS in profit, and gives little or nothing back to their profit slaves.
    They are getting away with murder, and nobody holds them accountable.
    Enter the human element.
    In order for any type of animal cruelty to take place, and continue there must be a person abusing and/or enablers of the abuse.
    In this case, the owners Mary and Joseph Grant were both. They were the abusers, and the enablers of the abuse.
    To Mary and Joseph Grant who probably won’t read this: you are low life scums. I will spare no words. You are despicable people, and I bet that they were well aware of some pre-existing conditions that Zingarella probably had.
    Enter the enablers of the abuse: the racing commissions who ensure that vet records are kept private.
    This is one case of many where the private records should be made public.
    This should be mandatory when a racehorse DIES on a racetrack – period. End of story.
    She was running on a publicly funded track with public wagering money.
    The public has a right to know what exactly they were masking with drug cocktails most likely, and then Felony Animal Cruelty charges should be made.
    They may have not held the gun to her head, but they sure as hell loaded it.
    They provided the ripe conditions for her to DIE in the dirt for this despicable business, and they should be held accountable.
    All connections of racehorses should have the private vet records made public, and should be held accountable for the racehorses dying, and training under their care.
    This should be part of the protocol, but that would only happen if a business really “cared” about their “family members,”
    Truth is they don’t give a damn.
    Nobody, not one person, who is a participator and/or supporter of this business really “loves” them because anybody in their right mind would not subject a sentiment being to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying – NOBODY would do this to an animal they love.
    Nobody would throw their horse out to the sharks knowing that one more race is putting their life at risk.
    In fact, anytime they send them into a race they are playing Russian Roulette – pre-existing conditions or not.
    Zingarella, you had more compassion, more class, than anybody in this despicable business could ever possess.
    I’m so sorry for you that your life ended DYING in the dirt for this vile business.
    I detest these people so much. Every single one of them.
    I can’t stand it.
    How can this be permitted to continue in the 21st century.
    We all must continue to educate, to be a voice for these voiceless victims of this antiquated business model, and we must ensure that these tracks shut down starting with the hell hole called Finger Lakes.

  6. Need to get some serious laws in place, with teeth, to deal with this industry. It’s not the $2 dollar bet funding this industry…it’s the casino tax dollars. The public are in the dark about this subsidy just as much as they are about horses breaking down and dying.

    • You are 100% right on.
      Casino money is one of the worse things to happen to racehorses.
      Since its inception more racehorses are being used, abused, and killed.
      It could have been a positive thing, but this is horse racing.
      Instead of finally rectifying ongoing issues that could so easily be changed for the betterment of the racehorse they, instead, used it for financial gain at the expense of life, and limbs of racehorses.
      In fact, the corruption became even more widespread once money was involved.
      This was the end for me.
      I realized that this business is nothing more than a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
      Even the wealthy owners who don’t need the money, they are just as despicable because they do if for their egos, for win photos, something to hang on their wall not unlike a Trophy Hunter.
      This entire business model should sink into one big abyss.
      That would be the best thing for the racehorses.
      One of the most quick, and effective ways to start shutting down these death traps is to END all casino funding.
      Support DECOUPLING.
      Sign the Decoupling petitions that are on Grey2K.
      Let’s get this done once and for all.

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