The Casualties, 10/24/16-10/30/16

Last week on U.S. tracks (flats only; does not include training or harness casualties):

“Broke Down” – virtually without exception an industry euphemism for dead
Da Big Dawg, Mountaineer

“Vanned Off” – horse unable to walk off track under own power; good-chance dead
Highly Classified, Turf
Triple Diamonds, Zia
Redredred Redneck, Zia
Freudian Fantasy, Mountaineer (“bad step”)
Seismic Tom, Portland
Irish Pearl, Zia
Big Spring, Zia
Swift Melva, Hawthorne
Uncle Muggs, Keeneland
Tropical Rhythm, Gulfstream W
Smack Talk, Santa Anita
Call the Queen, Santa Anita
Jessie’s Arch, Charles Town
Vodka Effort, Lone Star
Awesome Encounter, Santa Anita – subsequently confirmed dead
Shesaperfectbeamer, Turf
Eyes Perfecto, Zia
Mad About the Moon, Zia

“Bled”; “Bleeding From Nostrils” – as a rule, indicates pulmonary hemorrhage
Ordinary Magic, Zia (also “vanned off”)
Another Shipman, Remington
Chics Cowboy, Evangeline
Tdz Dashin Toast, Evangeline
Weekend Special, Indiana (also “vanned off”)
Fashionly Handsome, Mahoning

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(source: Equibase)


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  1. Needless to say these deaths of these innocent noble horses are –


    JUSTIFY these deaths racing apologists!

  2. A modern day legitimized death gallery for stupid bets, and sadistic “entertainment.”
    How sad that a sentiment being has to DIE in the dirt for something that is so unnecessary.
    This is brutal and is not unlike dog fighting so why isn’t it a Felony?
    Tradition is not an acceptable excuse for this blatant animal cruelty.
    I can’t think of any other form of gambling that exploits animals to their death except for dog fighting.
    The apologists often say “well that’s not me – I didn’t kill the horse.”
    You don’t have to be the killer, but you can be an accessory to the kill just by participating and supporting this horrific gambling venue.
    Like I’ve said before your either the abuser or enabler of the abuse.
    Anybody who really “cared” for a horse would never subject it to this cruelty, abuse, maiming, and/or dying – no way.
    This antiquated business model has got to go.
    So sorry for all the horses that died.
    My heart aches for all of you.

  3. Well I understand what it is that you are attempting to do with this website I think it’s important to say that I am the proud owner of one of the horses you list as dead. And he’s very much alive. Maybe get your information correct.

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