2 More Dead at Belmont; NY’s 2016 Death Toll Stands at 102

Belmont’s ugly week continues with two more dead “athletes.” The Gaming Commission reports that 6-year-old Long Blooming Rose was euthanized after “rupturing a suspensory” while training yesterday; 6-year-old Winter Games was euthanized after snapping a leg Thursday. At the moment, it is unclear under what circumstances the latter occurred. New York’s 2016 Dead-Racehorse Watch is at 102.


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  1. ONE HUNDRED AND TWO (102) innocent horses have been SACRIFICED so far this year in New York State alone. This is outrageous. All in the name of a so-called sport for $2 bets, greed, big egos and family entertainment.
    A BLOOD sport it most surely is and utterly unacceptable in a modern society.

  2. I know it’s terrible I live right behind the training track and not a day goes by that I don’t hear the sirens going off meaning a loose horse or a breakdown.

    • Thank you for your comment, Laraine. The more the general public is informed of the inexcusable inhumane treatment of these horses the better chance of justice for them. Please spread the word amongst family, friends and workmates. In case you’re unaware, Horseracing Wrongs has a Facebook page.

  3. This is horrible! It’s been raining hard these past two days and they still make the horses run. This should be classified as animal cruelty and endangering the welfare of the animal.

    • Thank you for your comment, Tracy. Not only are they forced to train and race in the rain, they endure other weather conditions such as extreme cold, snowing, very strong winds, extreme heat and high humidity. All of these conditions are a threat to the horses’ health and safety but the show must go on despite the fact that many of these horses are sore, tired, being overworked, carrying pre-existing injuries, pumped with drugs and hit with electrical devices. And of course these horses are forced to gallop at high speed pushing them beyond their limitations whilst being mercilessly beaten with whips often resulting in horses suffering injuries and breakdowns.

  4. Horse racing is a cruelty ring, death camp, and corruption pit.
    All racehorses at ALL levels are subjected to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
    Blatant animal cruelty that is legitimized by managing themselves with little or no neutral oversight.
    NONE – NOT ONE of the connections of a racehorse who DIES under their care, doping, and training methods will be held accountable.
    There are only 3 types of people in horse racing. 1. Abusers 2. Enablers of abuse 3. Both.
    So sad, and utterly despicable that living, breathing, sentiment beings died in the dirt for bets, and egos.
    This antiquated business model full of pain, and suffering has got to shut down.
    It’s a blood bath, and a horror show that has no place in the 21st century.

  5. I grew up in The Village of Floral Park, NY. Am in my 60’s now and live a few miles away but it appears that there is only adulation given by the local paper and all media to the races at Belmont. The truth is squelched. People will maybe become very defensive if you speak out loudly. They are uninformed. Belmont is “special ” in my hometown from what I can see. I hope that the locals can somehow learn the truth.

  6. Patrick, I would love to hear that this is true… I drive by the Belmont race track and the Cornell Veterinary School race track hospital across from the track often and wonder why does Cornell seem not to speak up and tell the public about what is going on. Don’t they have that obligation? It bothers me. It makes them appear complicit, intended or not. ( Trying to give them the benefit of the doubt. ) Are they afraid to speak up, for fear of being asked to leave, thus placing the horses in greater danger? Or is it simply that they support racing? I hope not. They see everything!

    • Buffett, Oh please. There are humane ways to employ people. Cruelty and selfishness is good for no one, including the perpetrators. Kindness to animals is the only way to go.

    • Your missing the bigger picture here. Will racing be banned. I’m not sure. Probably not. But the movement to educate, to bring to the forefront the cruelty is not going away…ever. It will only get stronger. And what does this mean for racing? Petitions..and then laws…and then change. The day will come when whips are not allowed, same day drugs, Lasix, not being able to run two year olds. And solid laws in place for trainers caught doping.The biggest will be when the public no longer wants to subsidize the industry, and use that money for education, and the welfare for all. Without these things the industry cannot survive. Make no mistake…’big business’ will not continue to fund horseracing.

    • If racing is such big buissness then why do the tracks need that subsidised casino money. And constant bailouts from the state.racing is dying everywhere in the US along with the thousands of horses, and for what financial gain ludicrous

    • The end does not justify the means.

      I see what this “big business” does to the horse.I have several here out of the many that die at the track and in the slaughter house. Nobody has the right to inflict such abuse. Plus, this “big business” is thoroughly corrupt. And you say get over it !!!

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