4 Killed at Belmont – Just This Week

From the NYS Gaming Commission – all at Belmont Park:

2-year-old The Silver Frisby euthanized after breaking a leg while training Monday. She was being prepped for her debut.

3-year-old A Chip and a Chair euthanized (on-track) after fracturing a pair of sesamoids while training Wednesday. He was last raced at Saratoga in August.

2-year-old She’s My Ghibli euthanized after breaking a leg in the 9th race Wednesday. It was her second time under the whip.

6-year-old Baccelo euthanized after breaking a leg while training yesterday. Made in Brazil, he was last raced at Belmont earlier this month.

These four bring New York’s 2016 dead-horse total to 100. 100.

Please stop betting on horse races.

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  1. The carnage continues…….
    These deaths of innocent horses are a constant……
    And what is the Humane Society of the USA doing about it…?
    Absolutely NOTHING!
    This inaction by the HSUSA means that it accepts the inhumane treatment of racehorses. What other conclusion could one arrive at?

  2. Sickening, pathetic, abhorrent blood bath, and cruelty show that must end now.
    So sorry for all racehorses who died in New York State so far.
    There’s an easy way to end this carnage – END CASINO MONEY that supports this!
    Support DECOUPLING.
    Gambling can continue in New York State bringing in billions for social causes NOT for sentiment beings to die for bets.
    Don’t gamble at racinos.

  3. Today at Belmont yet another victim of slime ball Rudy Rodriquez was “vanned-off.”
    The victim? MIDNIGHT HAWK.
    Graded Stakes winner $590,000+
    The powerful upper connections of Mike Pegram, Hill N Dale Farms, and Trained by Bob Baffert was dumped when no longer profitable.
    So don’t any of you racing apologists tell me that racehorses being bred and run at the upper levels of the game are somehow shielded from the dumping, doping, maiming, and/or dying.
    MIDNIGHT HAWK made over $500,000, and was still running most likely sore with chronic issues..
    However, $500,000 wasn’t enough to get him a safe haven, a soft landing away from a scum of a Trainer.
    Even before that, the supposed horse lover Bob Baffert and his top notch connections didn’t give this horse an opportunity to have a good home. SHAME ON YOU!
    Instead, they sent him into a life of cruelty, abuse, pain, and suffering in the claiming ranks until he couldn’t give anymore.
    The current status of MIDNIGHT HAWK? Unknown until Patrick gets his FOIA answered!
    Anybody who supports this despicable business in any capacity should hang their head in shame.
    You are all abusers or enablers of the abuse.
    You all make me sick!

    • Thanks for this, Gina. The damning evidence is increasing each and every day against the horseracing industry, an industry that causes the sufferings and deaths of these innocent horses. What sort of people would purposely breed, own, train, ride and oversee these magnificent animals knowing full well that they will be abused in so many ways with the vast majority suffering horrific inhumane deaths in the slaughterhouse after being discarded. These people are sadistic psychopaths.
      When will something be done for these poor horses?

    • Thank you, Gina, for reporting the tragic state of Midnight Hawk. Apologists and insiders talk and talk, defending their industry and attempting to convince the public that they care about the horses. ACTIONS (and sometimes, lack OF them) from the industry convince us otherwise.

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