Ugly Breakdown at Laurel Edited Out of Video

Sunday at Laurel, 2-year-old Cats Serenade “broke down” in the 9th and is almost assuredly dead. The fall brought at least one other horse to the turf; in all, according to Equibase, five horses were “DNFs,” including one who began – yes, began – the race bleeding (“Resident Scholar went to the starting gate with a bloody mouth”).

By now, it should be clear that the racing people are master propagandists – lying, deceiving, and covering up at every turn. Follows is the official video of the above race from Laurel Park’s YouTube page. The replay begins in the homestretch – the sprawled horses out of sight, out of mind. True to form, however, it does capture the celebratory poses in the “Winner’s Circle.” Vile.


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  1. RECOIL hugged the rail around the turns, eased outside in upper stretch, closed nicely and drove clear late. CAPE LOOKOUT , three wide both turns, gained a clear lead in upper stretch, lugged in near the eighth pole and weakened.
    MR. MEISTER lacked speed, circled the far turn, steadied when carried to the seven path entering the stretch then rallied mildly.
    CENT COMM lacked speed, raced in the two path on the far turn and was checked when stumbling over a fallen horse near the quarter pole.
    A TRUE GENTLEMAN set the pace along the rail and gave way in upper stretch.
    SHINE BRIGHT , five wide on the far turn, bore out when sharply checked avoiding the spill at the head of the stretch then was eased.
    WHOOPDE DO CHARLIE , outrun, steadied to avoid the spill at the head of the lane then was eased. RESIDENT SCHOLAR went to the starting gate with a bloody mouth, weakened on the far turn,
    checked when stumbling over a fallen horse near the quarter pole then was eased.
    CATS SERENADE chased the pace two wide, broke down and fell entering the stretch. SOMEDREAMSCOMETRUE , well placed three wide on the far turn, fell when bumped by the falling CATS SERENADE entering the stretch.
    GOOD REASONING , between horses on the far turn, stumbled over a fallen horse near the quarter pole unseating his rider. There was a stewards inquiry concerning the spill but no action was taken

    The Equibase videos are complete, but the film follows the front-runners, of course. The announcer is very subdued as he calls the race, compared to his exuberance in the 8th race. At the very end of the replay, after the winning photos, the announcer speaks very slowly, “Stewards have removed the inquiry…” and after a very long pause, he chokes out “Official.”

    He saw what we couldn’t. The horror and needless devastation. Mere babies maimed for the sake of “sport”. How many bettors had a clue about the carnage?

  2. I’m searching for words as I can’t find one that can describe this horror show.
    So some adjectives come to mind such as: vile, repulsive, violent, blood bath, deplorable, horrific, disturbing, upsetting, disgusting, unacceptable smut that has no place in the 21st century or any century for that matter.
    It’s important to note that Frank Stronach (AKA Magna Entertainmemt, Adena Springs, Owner of Gulfstream Park, Santa Anita, co-owner of the Maryland Jockey Club, Founder and Owner of XpressBet) is notorious for protecting this industry at all costs.
    If it includes deceiving the wagering public or the public as a whole, by omitting breakdowns during races that takes place on his properties, then that’s what usually happens.
    When he owned Retama Park in San Antonio Texas (not sure if he still owns it), but anyways some breakdowns were being omitted from replays when he bought the track back around 1998/99 when Little Miss Promises snapped both front legs off and had to balance on her nose in the dirt while waiting for the needle to put her out of misery.
    A local photographer complained that he had blockage when attempting to get it into the mainstream newspaper.
    It was published via an animal rights group in a less popular newspaper, but it did get out.
    This was unprecedented then.
    Omitting breakdowns on video replays were unheard of.
    Given the pattern, and corporate protocol of his tracks it seems obvious that omitting breakdowns of race replays is either a written or silent policy.
    Carnage, pain, suffering, and egregious acts of racehorse cruelty, including dying, is not enough for people who claim to “love” racehorses like “family members.”
    Any active Trainer that speaks out about this might as well say good bye to a horse racing career in any capacity. They become enablers of the abuse if not the abusers.
    There’s a pattern here: deliberate omission of public information to deceive and protect the ongoing deaths of racetracks owned or managed by Stronach’s Magna “Entertainment” it seems.
    This dude has well-financed tentacles that can reach anybody anywhere including me so I say this with trepidation.
    As long as there’s people like this, operating like this, the racehorse is doomed.
    Of course this entire antiquated business model has maiming, and dying, with no repercussions or accountability, at ts very core long before Magna/Stronach came along.
    However, the delusion that these people live under is sickening.
    They convince themselves that they “love” the horse while hiding the maimed, and dying!?
    Like I’ve commented before there are two types of people involved in horse racing: Abusers and/or enablers of abuse.
    This incident is pathetic, horrific, and a morally reprehensible occurrence from the racehorses dying to those who deliberately hide it.
    This is the dirty world of horse racing.
    My thoughts go out to all the racehorses who are disposable profit slaves for this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.

    • Gina…I posted a photo in the HRW FB post about this edited replay…I’m wondering if the photo is the horse you speak of…Little Miss Promises.

      • How anyone, with a conscience and an ounce of compassion, can support an industry that perpetuates carnage such as this totally escapes me. As a child, I believed that the monsters were hiding under my bed. Now I believe the monsters are human and are immersed in industries where the exploitation of the animal is supported for financial gain.

        There is no redeeming value to horseracing and I continue to applaud its precipitous decline.

  3. I have stopped watching all horse racing events on TV and social channels like YouTube. I have begun to read more and more on how to make people understand race horses do die in races from all kinds of things. I also read all I can on making awareness to the slaughter market. I wish there was more television ads to bring awareness to rescuing and rehabbing the racing horses!!

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