Jennie Says So Killed at Parx

The Equibase line for 6-year-old Jennie Says So in the 1st yesterday at Parx:

“JENNIE SAYS SO broke down in her left front nearing the finish line and was subsequently euthanized.”

For $2 bets.


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  1. The inexcusable carnage continues.
    JENNIE SAYS SO had her life cruelly stolen from her for $2 bets, greed and family “entertainment”.

    SHAME on the horseracing industry.

  2. That was the same race that Jill’s Reflection was in.. There certainly was the potential for two dead horses in that one. The footnotes say JR’ dropped back after the start and stopped abruptly. She was 34 lengths off the winner. Also, she has a new trainer. I believe this is the 3rd under the same owner, Moshe Mark.
    And she is still being started twice each month and many times she was started three times in a month. This overwork abuse has been unabated since her 1st race in May 2013. Here it is year by year:

    2013 12 starts in 7 months

    2014 26 starts

    2015 17 starts

    2016. 14 starts to date.

    As you can see, this mare has had no time off. I ask the racing apologists if they think this is abuse because it certainly is not an isolated case in the claiming ranks, the backbone of this game.

    PS This is not unique to this horse as we well know. What is unique is that she has held up for this long.

  3. Thanks for this, Rose. My thoughts exactly when I saw that Jennie Says So died in that race, it could’ve been Jill’s Reflection as well. As I’ve said before, the overracing of JR is nothing short of aggravated animal cruelty. And as we know this long suffering mare is just one example only of the vast majority of racehorses racing for their lives every day for $2 bets.
    Every time JR comes up in my virtual stable entered to race, I think will this be the race in which she suffers a cruel catastrophic injury and dies.
    In the meantime, the racing authorities and their so-called “vets” do NOTHING.

    • Carolyn, you’re lucky that JR still comes up in your VS. Many horses that I have entered into my VS have disappeared. Could some have landed in a good place? Of course, but there are others that are gone for good. The underground slaughter pipeline is alive and well.

      • Mary, the other day we followed a kill truck loaded with thoroughbreds off the 401 in Ontario – the route that transfers horses to slaughter.
        We have pics of the license plate, and we did speak to the driver briefly.
        Although we were denied access to the horses, which we fully complied with, we were told that the horses were dumped at a farm after some race meets.
        The owner of the farm provided the papers, said to ask no questions, and to get “rid” of them according to the driver.
        It was clear that they were all thoroughbreds, some with racing plates still on.
        It was so heartbreaking to see them loaded on the truck, with trails waving outside the slots, full of manure up to their ankles, no water, no hay, bite marks visible, and so were leg injuries.
        I have a few pics of the truck with the license plate visible.
        This is the sad truth about this despicable industry – dump them when no longer able to produce bets.
        This is the dirty world of horse racing.

      • Gina, I have always suspected there are “farms” here in the states that are actually gathering sites for slaughter bound TB’s. For years there has been talk that one of those farms Is located in New York but, of course, that can’t be proven unless someone follows the trucks from the tracks, documents horses being unloaded, then documents horses being reloaded and follows those trucks, across the border, to the plants. I have a very reliable source that has said that another one of those “farms” is here in the Midwest and it is a gathering place for horses that are sent to kill by Mr. Jaron Gold, a contract kill buyer who is also an owner/trainer. This particular “farm” is owned by another licensed owner/trainer. How convenient, right? Anyone, with minimal intelligence, should know that very few of the discarded horses from racing will end up in a good home that lasts forever. As my dear departed mother used to say, “Ignorance is bliss,” especially for those who don’t want to admit the truth.

      • It’s just too terrible for words, Mary. Thanks for exposing this hidden from the public HORROR!

      • Gina, I greatly admire your courage and tenacity. No doubt traumatic and distressing for you to witness such inexcusable cruelty.
        I noticed on the Paulickreport the other day that the government is giving something like $1.6billion to prop up horseracing in Ontario. It just beggars belief that when some people are homeless, jobless, unwell and in despair and desperately needing help that a government sees fit to subsidize a so-called ‘industry’ whose modus operandi is nothing short of grotesque animal cruelty!

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