When a “Bad Step” Means Death

Officially – on the Equibase race chart, that is – Fort Smith “took a bad step, was put to a protective hold and vanned off” in the 4th yesterday at Belmont. In fact, the 3-year-old is dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, for a broken leg. He is the 90th racehorse to die at a New York track this year. That’s 90 intelligent, sensitive creatures sacrificed for $2 bets. Insanity.


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  1. This sport is disgusting and so immoral.Anything for almighty buck. People need to stop using animals for entertainment. People really don’t know the horrors of this industry. It need to stop. Thanks for reporting and we need to spread the word.

  2. Horse racing is NOT – I repeat – NOT a sport. So let’s get that out of the way.
    Horse racing is a cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    As a former owner/trainer I’ve exposed some of the inner corruption that I directly experienced, and observed.
    Racing apologists attacked me with indecent comments resulting in character assassination.
    These people are used to bullying racehorses who have no voice – well I have a voice, and I intend on using it on behalf of the racehorses dying in the dirt.
    Recently, horse racing supporters FINALLY published a somewhat neutral article on a champion racehorse dying, MATERIALITY, under mysterious circumstances.
    It’s a convulated story that seems to confirm that this champion racehorse who made over $600,000 DIED for insurance money on behalf of Roy & Gretchen Jackson – the owners of Barbaro.
    Before I provide the link to this story I would like to point out a couple of things:
    1. BARBARO was kept alive to placate the public who was outraged at the visible breakdown. I don’t for one moment accept that the Jackson’s went to great lengths to keep Barbaro alive other than to assist the industry probably on direct orders.
    2. They portrayed them as heroes that gave donations to laminitis research, but records can’t confirm their claims to a certain extent.
    3. They’ve had several catastrophic breakdowns in the past year that resulted in insurance claims.
    So now here’s the link to the MATERIALITY story from no other than racing apologist Ray Paulick:

    It’s important to note that these racehorses who die away from public records, away from the racetracks, tucked away on private farms don’t appear here only because their records are not available.
    Moreover, when the records are available, the names are often withheld in certain states.

    Another thing to note is that multiple drug violating Trainer, Todd Pletcher, who has multiple racehorses die under his care was the Trainer of MATERIALITY.
    Perhaps the “toddster” did what Steve Asmussen did to NEHRO – GLUED his foot on – who knows?
    The SECRET vet records, and the lack of transparency ensures that nobody really knows what goes on in the cobwebs of the stable areas in most racetracks in America.
    One thing we do know: Pletcher never revealed what happened to this horse. Kept his mouth shut. Kept the silence just like a good boy should.
    Apparently, he “cares” for racehorses – yea right.
    So this racehorse who made over $600,000 virtually DISAPPEARED off the radar when not standing at stud. Nobody would have followed-up with this situation.
    There are MANY MORE racehorses like MATERIALITY that seem to DISAPPEAR off the radar so who knows what happens to them?
    This article confirms that MATERIALITY was owned by an insurance company at the time of his death.
    How convenient is that?
    How many more horse racing champions are owned by insurance companies at the time of their death?
    Nobody really knows because hidden ownership is rampant in this industry, and most racehorses sold at auction houses such as Keenland, and Fasig-Tipton are HIDDEN ownership under the guise of the Consignor names.
    This is a corruption pit folks, and the racehorses pay with the lives.
    They DIE while people in this industry barely flicker an eyelash.
    They make me sick.
    PLEASE governments STOP financially supporting this corruption pit.

  3. Correction: Roy & Gretchen Jackson didn’t receive any insurance money on behalf of Materiality.
    That said, nobody really knows WHO this insurance company is, and WHO is listed as the beneficiaries.
    Further, nobody knows WHO the managing partners of Alto Racing is who owned Materiality.
    Research shows that partners Eddie Harrell and Gil Moutray are managing partners of Alto Racing LLC.
    Both are heavily involved with owning gambling rackets for many sport venues including horse racing.
    It appears that their racehorses such as Materiality are nothing more than gambling pawns for their gambling enterprises.
    What’s equally disturbing about this story is just how deep the corruption goes.
    Nobody should have to research WHO owns a racehorse at the time of it’s mysterious death that resulted in lots of money being paid out.
    I tried to find their past multiple stake winners, but nobody knows WHERE they are either.
    Todd Pletcher should have a visit from the FBI, and a full investigation should ensue, but this is horse racing.
    They fly under the legal radar, huge secrets, big mysteries surrounding racehorse deaths, lack of transparency etc. etc.
    They get away with this because racehorses have no voice.
    They are victims of this despicable industry.
    Poor Materiality. Yet another victim of this cruelty circus, death camp, and corruption pit.
    Wonder if Pletcher got a financial cut on the insurance policy?

  4. Totally agree Gina and thank you for the information.. LAWS need to change for these animals horses in general, dogs and cats have more rights then horses do and I can’t seem to understand why.Horses are mammals just like humans cats and dogs so why are they looked at different why are horses cosidered property and looked at as commodities these horses are being exploited for every one of their God given talents and it’s just not right.

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