3-Year-Old Becomes Victim #16 at Saratoga Race Course

3-year-old Core Competency is dead, says the NYS Gaming Commission, after breaking a leg training at Saratoga Monday morning. The pubescent animal had been under the whip once, in a “maiden claiming” (yes, he was “claimed” – sold) September 2 at that same track. Saratoga – “the oldest sports venue in the country” – counts 16 dead racehorses on its 2016 ledger. For shame.



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  1. Yet ANOTHER innocent horse, purposely bred for this industry, is sacrificed.


    And here we are living in the 21st century….?

  2. So sorry for you CORE COMPETENCY.
    Since the industry keeps the vet records SECRET while collecting millions in casino/taxpayers money, that could otherwise be diverted into beneficial social causes, we can never prove that you were probably suffering long before your leg gave out.
    I bet that the vet records would show ongoing use of doping to cover-up a chronic issue in the leg that you broke.
    Yet, these parasitic scums probably knew that you were suffering, but continued to train, and run you until you finally gave out.
    It’s not only the direct connections that are responsible for your demise, but the entire industry.
    To anybody who supports and/or participates in this industry you are enablers of this abuse, and DYING.
    You often refer to pain, and suffering as the “royal treatment.”
    We know otherwise.

    • Here we go again.
      Racing apologists suggesting that us horse lovers don’t find other atrocities unacceptable.
      Let’s divert attention, and blame us horse lovers for pointing out the cruelty circus, and death camp called horse racing.
      For the record, yet again:
      Brenda I don’t support the cruelty, abuse, and inhumane treatment of any animal or any person for that matter.
      Secondly, breeding horses for an industry that repeatedly subjects them to whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or DYING is wrong.
      Your industry turns racehorses into slaves to exploit for financial gain.
      Finally, if you really cared for horses then you wouldn’t breed them in the first place because there are hundreds standing at kill auctions minutes away from boarding the slaughterhouse bound truck.
      These are your “family members,” that you treat “royally” that are dumped when no longer profitable.
      So go tell that malarkey to somebody who is deaf, dumb, and blind.
      In other words, somebody delusional like all of you racing apologists.

    • Another racing apologist attempting to justify racehorses dying by comparing it with another form of animal abuse. The terrible suffering of dogs in China – PETA is trying to make a change there.

      Oh, so agree with you Brenda….”meanwhile they are slaughtering horses by the hundreds” … yes, racehorses suffering the torturous road journeys to Canada and Mexico. And upon arrival often in a state of fear, weakness, poor condition, pained with injuries/conditions which haven’t been attended to, only to then be inhumanely butchered. And even more shameful, some of the ex-racehorses are in good health. Yes, the inexcusable betrayal by the racing industry which purposely bred these horses to use and abuse them and after inflicting often irreparable damage to their bodies and minds, callously dispose of them.

  3. It’s so unthinkable that people support such a cruel activities. Sorry for you and your soul mates, Core. This weekend will probably bring a lot of heartache, as Parx will have its Derby that is billed as good family entertainment. Stay safe beautiful equines.

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