10-Year-Old Standardbred Dead at Yonkers

10-year-old McDynamite, a “DNF” a week ago at Yonkers, is dead – euthanized, says the Gaming Commission, for his injuries. The long-suffering Standardbred becomes the 78th racehorse to die on or at a New York track this year.


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  1. And there’s over 3 months to the end of the year. Sadly, there will be more excruciatingly painful deaths for innocent horses dying without any dignity or comfort before the year is out. Bred purely for the racing industry (for the gambling, greed, owners, big egos, breeders, unethical jobs for trainers/staff as well as negligent vets, cruel jockeys, officials and the like) all lining their pockets on the backs of the inexcusable suffering of innocent horses. And for human “entertainment” and the industry has the audacity to call it the Sport of Kings. Firstly, it ain’t no sport and, secondly, kings were often horrifically cruel to their wives, relatives and their subjects. Ah yes, the cruel tradition must be carried on – the thrill of it for humans. What is really shameful is that today the education and sciences are out there proving how wrong horseracing is. Abusing, maiming and killing horses in the manner that the racing industry carries it out is pure torture for these voiceless horses and of course slaughtering them when they’ve reached their use by date, which is usually an injury suffered due to the stress of racing and the life that the horse endures, is BARBARIC.

    Oh what a miserable life McDYNAMITE must’ve suffered – 10 years of hell on earth!

    • Well said Carolyn.
      Sorry for you McDYNAMITE that you had a life most likely filled with daily torture just for a bet.
      Although your suffering is over, there are thousands still being subjected to the whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dumping, and/or dying.
      I want to tell people out there that if a Trainer, like myself, refused to partake in the legitimized cruelty they are banished in one way or another.
      Trust me, they get you out.
      If you know your horse needs a rest, and you scratch it then you send a clear signal that you wont compromise the welfare of the racehorse to fill races.
      What’s left are the Trainers who will run sore horses, repeatedly inject them with dope to fill races, and increase profits.
      These are the Trainers who are supported by the system, and in order to be an effective Trainer who have no choice, but to rely on many different people in order to operate.
      In keeping with these standard operating procedures in high profile barns the consequences are usually maiming, and DYING for these voiceless sentiment beings.
      The top people in this industry, that could easily make changes instead uphold, and systematize the maiming, and dying of racehorses as seen here – FACTS.
      In fact, these Trainers are rewarded with million dollar horses, rewards, accolades, and a very good life style.
      Again, I tell you, this is legitimized, and systematized animal cruelty upheld by an all boys corporate network called The Jockey Club.
      So next time any one of you decide to bet on a horse race – think again, turn around, and go to the nearest American Native casino that doesn’t support horse racing.

  2. I was so ignorant to this sport as is all the people I have spoken to.Nobody seems to hear about the horror this blood sport supports. There is certainly a cover up and needs to get all the animal rights groups to get involved. Where are they? I don’t get it. Animal Cruelty, Peta, Congress? This site is the only place that is trying to get the word out. The media should also get involved.It needs to stop. It’s a no brainier and in this great country it should not be allowed.

  3. This is so sad and once again the animals suffer for entertainment and greed. When will it stop?! These tracks and trainers/owners need to be monitored. When money is involved people don’t do the right thing.

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