A Shocking Report Redux

With a recent surge in new readers (owing mostly to Del Mar and Saratoga), I thought it a good time to re-post an example of what I consider my most important work here. Beginning in December, I submit FOIA dead-horses requests to the racing commissions of each of the 30-odd states that regularly run races. This was my 2015 entry for Pennsylvania – “A Report That Should Shock – Pennsylvania’s Dead, 2015.”

(quoted material direct from FOIA documents)

“open disarticulated RF fetlock with ruptured sesmoidean ligaments”
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race”
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”
“horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”
“traumatic head injury”
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”
“skull fracture”
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time”
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”
“euthanized [after some] thrashing”
“shipping fever”

Through a FOIA request to the Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, I have confirmed the following 118 kills on Pennsylvania tracks in 2015. (Unless otherwise noted, fatal injury was a fracture of one kind or another.)

6-year-old Calvados, January 3, Parx 9 (euthanized January 4)

3-year-old Mar de Mares, January 10, Parx, training

6-year-old Pick Four, January 10, Penn, training

4-year-old For All the Kathys, January 11, Parx 6

5-year-old She Be Bunny, January 17, Penn 3

4-year-old Save This Dance, January 29, Penn 8

4-year-old Rock Shaft, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Trust in Tebow, February 9, Parx 4

4-year-old Astral, February 10, Parx 9 (euthanized February 11)

6-year-old Razmataz, February 12, Penn, training

7-year-old Drink With Pride, February 13, Penn 8

3-year-old Okey Dokey Smokey, February 14, Parx, training

3-year-old Sendme Some Lovin, February 14, Parx, training

2-year-old Fastique, February 18, Parx, training

4-year-old Doubly Smart, February 22, Parx 3

3-year-old Hurricane Turn, February 22, Parx 3 (euthanized February 28)

3-year-old Heretodaygonetmrow, February 25, Penn, training

7-year-old Bracket Buster, March 1, Parx 1
“heart attack – dropped after finishing race (poor performance)”

4-year-old Stormy Dan, March 1, Parx 2

2-year-old Moonshine Express, March 6, Penn, training

Head of the Barn, March 11, Meadows (pre-race)

3-year-old Irish Jones, March 13, Parx, training

4-year-old Quietly Prim, March 17, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track following 1/2 mile work”

3-year-old Miss Siphon, March 18, Penn, training

3-year-old Saratoga Sundae, March 19, Parx, training

3-year-old I Forget, March 26, Penn 7

3-year-old Albert P., March 27, Penn 4 (euthanized March 30)

6-year-old Quiet Title, March 28, Penn, training
“sudden cardiac arrest; horse fell and broke neck – someone saw blood from the ears”

5-year-old Landry Jack, April 3, Penn 2
“horse collapsed – sudden death”

3-year-old Formal Call, April 6, Parx, training

4-year-old Mr. Giovanna, April 6, Parx 1

Bubs Desire, April 11, Pocono 13

3-year-old Charm City Dancer, April 13, Parx 7

4-year-old Wise Remark, April 14, Parx 6

4-year-old Circular Drive, April 17, Penn 7

4-year-old Elda, April 23, Penn 2

7-year-old E. Espee, April 24, Penn, training

7-year-old Above The Stars, April 24, Penn, training

3-year-old Eddie’sinthewoods, April 24, Penn 1

4-year-old Hooked On the Lady, April 29, Penn 7
“horse collapsed and died just past the finish line”

3-year-old Nasdaq Princess, May 2, Penn 8 (euthanized September 14)

5-year-old Fire I Am, May 15, Parx, training

5-year-old Bluecam, May 17, Parx 6

6-year-old Shoplift, May 19, Parx, training

2-year-old Bossy Betty Lou, May 24, Presque Isle, training

4-year-old It’s Charlie, May 25, Parx 2

5-year-old Bella Afleet, May 25, Presque Isle 7

5-year-old Global Risk, May 27, Penn, training

4-year-old Thou Art Mary, May 29, Penn 8

5-year-old Player to Be Named, May 29, Penn 8

6-year-old Widow’s Jewel, May 31, Penn, training
“exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage”

2-year-old Cowabunga, May 31, Presque Isle 2 (pre-race)
“traumatic head injury”

8-year-old Vision of Romance, June 1, Presque Isle, training
“possible aneurysm”

5-year-old Pitch N Roll, June 2, Presque Isle 4

5-year-old Sixteen Stone, June 6, Penn 7

Digital Z Tam, June 6, Pocono 3
“became weak and fell to the ground; horse was having trouble breathing and died naturally within two minutes”

4-year-old Total Talent, June 8, Parx, training

5-year-old This Kat of Mine, June 10, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

4-year-old Aces Are Wild, June 15, Parx 3

6-year-old Pistoria, June 17, Penn 2

4-year-old Double Jock Mount, June 19, Penn 7

5-year-old Black Lagoon, June 26, Parx, training

3-year-old Stop the Nonsense, June 26, Penn 7 (euthanized June 30)

3-year-old Willful, June 27, Parx 5

2-year-old Patchouli, July 9, Presque Isle 1 (euthanized July 11)
“euthanasia chosen because of severe pain; disposed off property prior to examination by Commission Vet”

7-year-old Cortado, July 13, Parx 3

5-year-old Main Entrance, July 16, Parx, training

7-year-old Holy Royal, July 16, Presque Isle 5
“heart attack”

7-year-old Wicket Ewok, July 22, Penn 3

2-year-old Summer Mesa, July 24, Penn 1 (first race)

4-year-old Stormy Stepper, July 24, Penn 2

3-year-old Top Dead Center, July 25, Penn, training

10-year-old Dream Maestro, July 26, Parx 3

4-year-old Sleepy Jean, July 30, Penn 7

3-year-old So Trusty, July 31, Parx, training

5-year-old Jay Eye See, August 4, Parx 7 (euthanized August 5)

4-year-old Duck Duck Goose, August 7, Penn 8

4-year-old Silver Reward, August 10, Presque Isle 8

5-year-old Empire Star, August 14, Parx, training

7-year-old Espresso Royale, August 14, Penn 8

4-year-old The Mooche, August 25, Presque Isle 7

4-year-old Boss Cat, August 28, Parx, training

3-year-old Dash, September 5, Parx 1

4-year-old Aunt Ellipsis, September 12, Parx 7 (pre-race)
“flipped in paddock – fractured pelvis”

5-year-old Zuma Moon, September 12, Penn, training
“skull fracture”

4-year-old Harvey’s Bear, September 16, Presque Isle 1

10-year-old Rough Road Ahead, September 23, Presque Isle, training
“cardiac arrest”

5-year-old Outhaul, September 30, Penn 3

6-year-old Gold Mantis, October 3, Penn 6

2-year-old Candy Skirt, October 4, Parx, training

4-year-old Armani the Won, October 4, Parx 3

4-year-old Tizjohn, October 4, Parx 6 (euthanized October 9)

5-year-old Morning Cigar, October 5, Parx, training

3-year-old Face, October 5, Presque Isle 2 (euthanized October 6)

4-year-old Crossing, October 9, Parx, training

3-year-old Dakota Fox, October 13, Parx, training

7-year-old Destiny Joy, October 16, Penn 8

4-year-old Heavenly Girl, October 18, Parx, training

8-year-old Giopi, October 19, Parx 9

8-year-old Huff’n Hughes, October 20, Parx, training
“collapsed and died on track”

3-year-old Star Actor, October 30, Parx 3

4-year-old Surprise Success, November 3, Parx, training

7-year-old Awesome Indy, November 4, Penn 8 (euthanized November 6)

2-year-old Squad Girl, November 9, Parx, training

6-year-old Quotable, November 10, Parx 4

3-year-old Fit to Keep, November 11, Penn 4 (euthanized November 12 at Parx)

3-year-old Empty Backfield, November 14, Parx 9

4-year-old Thrill Show, November 14, Penn, training

3-year-old Tip Toe Joe, November 17, Penn, training

4-year-old Thick as Thieves, December 1, Penn, training

4-year-old Who’s Z Daddy, December 6, Parx 9 (euthanized December 16)

6-year-old Zealevo, December 11, Penn 5

4-year-old Saratoga Woods, December 12, Parx 4

3-year-old The Red Baron, December 14, Parx 8

3-year-old My Dutchess Kate, December 19, Parx, training

3-year-old Gangstress of Love, December 19, Parx 8

2-year-old Kandy Andy, December 21, Parx, training (euthanized post-surgery)

3-year-old Lake Ouachita, December 21, Parx 3

th (1)

In addition, the following 22 still-active racehorses died on track grounds from what the industry calls “non-racing” causes. While technically true, morally they are no less casualties of this vile business than the ones above.

Up Front Biz, January 10, Meadows

13-year-old Capo, January 10, Parx
“horse bolted and ran into a gate”

5-year-old Dancewithcourtney, January 12, Parx

6-year-old Zamita, January 30, Penn
“severely injured leg – in stall, worsened over time; humanely destroyed”

6-year-old Pretty Mr. D, February 2, Parx
“cellulitis – two-week duration”

5-year-old JC’s Dream, February 14, Penn
“broken carpus, very thin, very lame”

18-year-old Ladys Bad Boy, April 4, Penn
“[found] the horse dead in his stall”

3-year-old Blow By, May 16, Presque Isle
“found dead in the stall; pneumonia or possible head trauma during shipping”

9-year-old Butterscotch, June 2, Presque Isle
“pony horse – fractured femur”

Joscoc, June 9, Meadows

Rebel Strike, June 29, Pocono
“joint infection”

6-year-old Runnin Bull, July 8, Parx

4-year-old Riot Squad, July 8, Penn
“colic of unknown ethology; euthanized [after some] thrashing”

5-year-old Kettle’s Kid, July 15, Presque Isle
“shipping fever”

7-year-old Blue Tick Hound, July 24, Penn
“infected hock”

Automatic Teller, August 27, Pocono
“fractured pastern in the stall”

8-year-old Marie’s Babe, August 28, Parx

3-year-old Giant Swing, October 24, Parx

5-year-old Dean the Man, November 9, Parx
“terminally ill”

3-year-old Rangersleadtheway, November 14, Parx
“severely neurologic”

2-year-old Lady Lion, December 13, Parx

Wok N Roll, December 16, Meadows
“cardiac arrest”



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  1. Have you ever heard the expression “if you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem?” Instead of sitting around making lists, why don’t you DO something? With all your followers, collect some money and rescue a horse. There are plenty of them out there in danger. You have a bully pulpit here that could be far more useful than just words. One life saved is STILL one life saved. DO SOMETHING!

    • Jeanette Jackson, I have been involved in saving racehorses since I founded the first CANTER program in 1997 and despite all of the affiliate programs and other racehorse rescues in this country and all-breed rescues, it is not possible to keep up with saving the 20,000 plus racehorses foaled each year that begin training at 18-months of age. I resigned from CANTER in 2006 and removed my muzzle to be able to expose what I saw every day at the racetrack. Nothing changed because I could not reach the masses to let them know how deadly racing is even with emails, letters, phone calls, posts, blog comments and still try to save horses. There was NO ONE at the helm doing the necessary nationwide investigations, hours of preparation of Freedom of Information Act requests (racing is adept at hiding their dead), doing the statistics, and presenting it factually because WE were too busy picking up the broken bodies as boots-on-the ground. There are only so many hours in a day yet KNOWLEDGE of what is happening to the racehorses can end this carnage.

      People did not have that knowledge before Horseracing Wrongs and people cannot demand an end to the use of living beings as disposable gambling tools unless they KNOW about it. Sure, they might know about the high-profile deaths seen on television but have absolutely no idea of the thousands that die across this country in training and racing and remember that for racehorses, the finish line remains the slaughterhouse. More racehorses die there each year than in racing yet that topic is never even a part of the annual summit the Jockey Club has on racehorse welfare!!! Patrick’s Horseracing Wrongs shows the FACTS, the names, the tracks, the trainers, the cause of injury and death and we have made more of a difference in educating the public since Patrick began Horseracing Wrongs than anyone has done that has saved thousands of lives. BOTH must be done to achieve success and it is beyond my comprehension that you could throw out a platitude to someone who has made more of a difference in public opinion on horse racing than anyone else in the world.

      In 2012, frustrated that not only horse friends but family and non-horse friends had absolutely no idea that horse racing is the same as dog racing, I thought writing a book about my experiences as a racing breeder, owner and elected member to my states two prestigious racing boards and how I quit after the horrors I observed daily in order to found CANTER. I hoped my true story, I named Saving Baby-How One Woman’s Love for a Racehorse Led to Her Redemption http://www.savingbaby.com would help INFORM and make a difference. If you read the reviews on Amazon (5 stars and also a Reader’s Digest featured book selection) it has made a difference to readers who had no clue what racing was really until they heard it from a former racing insider. Also, because a portion of my book helps fund Saving Baby Equine Charity http://www.savingbaby.org which helps all horses, we recently saved two racehorses by sending money to two different rescues who saved them at slaughter auctions.

      However, Patrick’s daily blog has change thousands and we have a movement now that includes other countries. By the way, I am STILL saving racehorses and I assume YOU are also saving “one life” and I applaud you but Patrick is saving thousands through information and education. We would return to the “dark ages” of knowledge of racing injuries and deaths if Horseracing Wrongs did not exist. Thank you, Patrick, for saving far more lives through your unpaid dedication to being the horses’ voice as they have no choice.

      • Thank you, Jo Anne, for making the point…the racing industry’s damaged gambling tools – the horses – are no one’s responsibility but THEIRS to address and resolve! Yet how often we are accused of not doing enough…

    • Not everyone has the money or means to rescue horses discarded by the racing industry. But shared awareness thru education, is a way for all to help that otherwise could not. Without Horseracing Wrongs, the dead swept under the rug would continue pile up in the dark, never being exposed to the light of day. Thank you Patrick!

      • Grateful to you 20+ Insider for your insightful comments based on direct experience – the best education of all.
        Moreover, you are compassionate enough to share those experiences on this Blog.
        Direct experience supported by facts are indisputable, and sadly the truth for these racehorses who are DYING for bets.
        They are reduced to gambling pawns for the connections while being doped into the ground.
        The connections are merely conduits of the ongoing abuse, cruelty, pain, suffering, whipping, doping and/or DYING.
        This, my friend, is horse racing.

    • Jeanette Jackson…You do realize that the term you use ‘Bully Pulpit’ is here on Patrick’s Horseracing Wrongs KIA list? Without this site, without Patrick’s work, he would already been forgotten.

  2. Jeanette Jackson, Clearly, you have not been part of this group very long. Patrick spends a great deal of time making lists and writing articles. What he does is a Labor of Love. What he is doing is helping to enlighten MORE people to the reality of the ABSOLUTE EVIL of horseracing. The more people realize how abusive horseracing is, the more they will STOP going to the racetrack and contributing to the ABUSE of horseracing. The goal of this group “Horseracing Wrongs” is to END horseracing forever. There are many people on this list that have been rescuing horses for years. Tens of Thousands of horses have been rescued over the years. Tens of Thousands more go to their death at the racetrack or by being brutally murdered for food in Canada and Mex. As long as people keep going to the racetrack, the abuse will continue. Patrick is doing a tremendous service for horses by working tirelessly FOR FREE to educate people. What Patrick does is a great deal of work.

  3. Jeanette Jackson,
    Please see Below under DATA. An Example of US Thoroughbred Horses Slaughtered . Horses are Sent by the thousands to Mexico and Canada to be brutally murdered. There is NO other website like this that does this kind of research and makes this kind of List and exposes day after day, week after week, year after, the abuse at the racetrack.

  4. I never went to a horserace because I knew even when young (50 plus years ago) that horses were drugged illicitly. Horseracing Wrongs and snctuaries I support taught me so much more about racing and I am horrified they are legal in the United States.
    The main thing I’ve learned is that horses are overbred for this industry, and this industry exists to prifit a few at the peril of many thousands of horses (snd jockeys).
    I support horses in sanctuaries that I do not “own”, I did not “breed”, and I want nothing from except they enjoy their lives.
    Sanctuaries are few and far between and the racing profiteers take no responsibility for ensuring horses who cannot race are retired annd cared for.
    There are many other sordid details of this industry that horse lovers should be aware of. Horseracing Wrongs educates people in order for them to stop patronizing cruelty.

  5. Jeanette Jackson, have you never heard of grassroots activism?…or that knowledge is power and there is power in numbers? Patrick’s “sitting around” has educated countless individuals on the PROBLEM – that a gambling industry is crippling and killing non-consenting sentient creatures in alarming numbers. While you suggest a Band-Aid for a massive hemorrhaging wound, Patrick urges a treatment – a “cure”, if you will – that will ultimately end the horrific suffering of innumerable horses.

    Your comment is disturbing in more than one way…your accusation reveals that in your opinion, being “useful” consists of one thing – giving of one’s money. When I think of the time that Patrick has SPENT in giving a voice to horses HE never benefitted from, I also realize that it’s time he will never get back. But he gives anyway.

    Each horse’s name he has listed – each one that died for entertainment purposes, a gambling addiction, a job, an ego trip – is deserving of the recognition they get here. And ONLY here. Every single one of those dead racehorses deserved to live…and they certainly didn’t deserve to die in anonymity. But it’s clear that isn’t important to you.

    Finally, there’s a crippled TB mare, injured and discarded by the racing industry that a few of us are currently helping. I never asked Patrick for financial assistance for her although much is needed – yet, his donation was the FIRST one I received. So now, Jeanette, you can “put your money where your mouth is” and “DO something” – her transport to safety is $270, her quarantine board bill is $400, her veterinary bills for a full evaluation including radiographs for her enlarged, deformed and painful “ankles” are yet to be determined, and that’s just the beginning…you can send YOUR donation for Anita Vacation to me at PO Box 132, Hudsonville, MI, 49426.

    And there will be countless more maimed and slaughter-bound racing TB’s after her…until this industry dies, at last.

  6. Grateful to Patrick for all his dedication, and endless UNPAID hours because he truly cares about the DYING racehorses.
    Grateful to Joy for her excellent comments, and to all of you who rescue the racehorses that this industry dumps when no longer profitable.
    Jeanette, it’s incumbent upon the racehorse industry to ensure a safe haven for these horses when they are dumped – NOT PEOPLE who had NOTHING to do with the exploitation.
    In fact, the horse racing industry should be legally mandated to be fiscally responsible for every single thoroughbred that is no longer filling races, and stroking egos.
    This industry has been irresponsible to the very horse they breed specifically to fill races, and generate profit, it falls upon other people to clean up their mess.
    Quite frankly Jeanette, I’m sick and tired of cleaning up their mess. Not to mention the small fortune I spent re-homing no less than 22 racehorses that were physically/mentally and/or spiritually BROKEN from this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    So sad that the racehorses are the ones who suffer because people are up to their eyeballs cleaning up the mess that this industry creates.
    Why do you pro-horse racing people feel ENTITLED to everybody else, but yourselves?
    You feel entitled to tax breaks, taxpayers money, casino money, anybody else who will take in a dumped racehorse.
    “There are plenty out there in danger.” Yes Jeanette there sure is, and that’s because this industry exists.
    Therefore, it’s up to people like us, this unique BLOG to educate people, and to ensure that every single racetrack closes down.

  7. When will the AFDA step in and stop these horse Raceing ? Too many horses are dyeing , Stop. This now , they are doping up these horses, and their heart can’t take it!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡💔💔💔💔💔

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