3-Year-Old Mary’s Legacy Dead at Finger Lakes

3-year-old Mary’s Legacy is dead after breaking down in yesterday’s 5th at Finger Lakes. While the chart merely reads “pulled up, vanned off,” the Gaming Commission confirms that the Jeffrey Englehart-trained filly was euthanized where she lay.

This is horseracing.

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  1. Yet another victim of this cruelty circus, and death camp.
    Mary’s Legacy – so sorry for you filly.
    You just couldn’t live up to their expectations of slavery – could you?
    You poor little darling.
    They ran you into the ground, and watched you die in the dirt.
    These are the same people banging on Gov. Cuomo’s door for MILLIONS in financial compensation to fill the gap that the new American Native casino will take away from you parasitic scum bags.
    Yes, the reports show that your gambling revenue will decline by about 30% which will not leave enough to financially support your ongoing cruelty ring and slavery circus.
    Consequently, Finger Lakes will shut down very soon or in the near future which is the best thing for all racehorses involved.
    Of course we had one person in government not snoozing, and that person is Gov. Cuomo – the only government individual that actually asks questions, that actually provides oversight for taxpayers money because even though you claim that your money comes from casinos it actually diverts millions in payments for such things as education, health care, and infrastructure.
    While teachers are having to buy textbooks for their students, while people suffer because they can’t get medical care, and while roads fall apart we are supposed to support your despicable industry.
    So you paint a few walls, put in some slots machines, and provide crappy service in order to get millions in gambling revenue for your ongoing cruelty to animals.
    Are you kidding me?
    This industry must be finally held accountable, and all financing must end.
    Once the corporate welfare, taxpayers/casino money stops filling up your troughs then your demise will begin.
    One by one your abusive cruelty rings will shut down until there’s no more left.
    That will be the best day for racehorses, and it can’t come soon enough.
    May all racehorse souls that have died in the dirt for $2 bets come back and haunt them all.
    May your spirits live on while the industry that killed you dies.

  2. Yes Gina! Finger Lakes…where to begin with that special kind of crazy. So, as I understand the horsemen want the new Del Lago to pay them for lost revenue. Now they are not in the jurisdiction, so they expect lawmakers to write a new law, that would force the new Del Lago to pay them subsidies for so-called lost revenue. What is this…communism, Russia, the mafia?? My head is spinning…you can’t make this stuff up. http://www.democratandchronicle.com/story/news/politics/blogs/vote-up/2016/05/25/finger-lakes-horsemen-fear-lago-impact/84912268/

    • Thanks so much for providing this article 20+ Industry Insider. It made my day.
      Del Lago has followed the rules unlike the horse racing industry.
      When is somebody in government going to wake up, smell the coffee, and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH?
      When is somebody going to stand up in government on behalf of the hard working Americans?
      When are they going to ensure that casino money goes to much needed essential services for residents instead of supporting a bunch of corrupt hillbillies known as the HBPA who have done NOTHING to improve the health and welfare of racehorses who are dying daily on their tracks while collecting billions in casino/tax breaks over the years.
      In the process, they have alienated many people from their elite endless ATM machine compliments of casinos and/or taxpayers.
      They are washed up yesterdays who continue to support the ongoing cruelty, abuse, whipping, doping, dumping, and dying of racehorses.
      This has got to stop.
      Their entire business model exploits both racehorses, and people with the BILLIONS they have received very few got pay raises, and/or decent benefits.
      The greedy bunch of associations are so used to getting their toast buttered that they don’t give a damm about anybody else.
      They project this delusional image that they care about the racehorses, and people but can’t back it up with solid evidence, and nobody in government questions it. They just keep filling their money troughs.
      Based on my experience with many different levels of personnel on racetracks?
      It’s a highly organized bunch of money exploiters who care little or nothing about the horses or people.
      They have lost their moral, and social license and they need to shut down this atrocity.

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