Friday: A Breakdown and Busy Ambulances

Friday at the races (“broke down”: racing-speak for dead; “vanned off”: horse required an ambulance to get off the course – good chance dead)

Jesse Pinkman, Arapahoe, “hit rail, vanned off”

Going for Miles, Arlington, “pulled up, vanned off”

Lonesome Jay, Belterra, “eased, vanned off”

The Conception, Churchill, “eased, vanned off”

Lingeringobsession, Fair Meadows, “fell suddenly, vanned off”

Dixie Delta, Fair Meadows, “hit fallen rival, stopped”

Posture, Indiana, “bled, vanned off”

Bansky, Indiana, “pulled up, vanned off”

La Fortunada, Los Alamitos, “fell”

Mike the Hab, Penn, “broke down”

Superb Owl, Santa Anita, “weakened, vanned off”

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(source: Equibase)


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  1. Patrick Battuello – I would like to ask this question of you….

    How in the bloody hell do you manage to stay sane and carry on with your life when you are constantly researching, investigating, meticulously checking your facts, maintaining your credibility and reputation for what you stand for, in revealing the deaths and serious injuries that these horses suffer, day after day, week after week, month after month AND year after year? You are a saint!

    I cannot find the words to praise you enough as you deserve for what you do. The horses thank you. You are their representative, not unlike workers in an industry that has an union to represent them for their rights, etc.

    And as for those in the racing industry who thrive and enjoy both financially and mindfully in the cruelty that these horses (God’s living creatures just like yourselves) suffer, then of course there are no suitable words to describe you because you’re totally worthless as fellow human beings.

    • Thank you for the kind words, Carolyn, but I see myself as but a soldier (like so many of you) waging a war in behalf of those who cannot speak/fight for themselves – the true innocents. Nothing heroic, really – more like a compulsion.

      • Thanks for what you do man. Thank you for spending the countless hours to educate people like myself who essentially live in equine hell penn national brian moore new Holland auction all to close to home who otherwise never relized or never looked into horse racing for what it truely is finding horseracing wrongs and educating myself on what this so called sport truely is has changed my life in a sense all that’s left is trying to fight for the ones that can’t thanks to everyone who brings and shares their knowledge here

    • I second your comment, Carolyn. The amount of TIME it takes to do what Patrick does – to ultimately expose the cruelties for the sake of the horses – just shows his level of commitment to them. I am simply and incredibly grateful.

  2. There is something seriously wrong with the supporters of this business. Some may be in a state of pathological denial while others may just be totally impervious to suffering (as long as it is not their own!) And, of course, there are the thrill seekers and fortune hunters hoping to “hit it big” regardless of the costs in terms of their integrity and the carnage they are responsible for. I think there is a mix of all of these types ( and perhaps more) in the game but the collective result of all is the desperate plight of so many horses.

  3. There is something seriously wrong with the supporters of this business. Some may be in a state of pathological denial while others may just be totally impervious to suffering (as long as it is not their own!) And, of course, there are the thrill seekers and fortune hunters hoping to “hit it big” regardless of the costs in terms of their integrity and the carnage they are responsible for. I think there is a mix of all of these types ( and perhaps more) in the game but the collective result of all is the desperate plight of so many horses.

  4. Patrick and all those who put themselves on the frontlines to stop the atrocities committed in a daily basis against the intelligent, noble, beautiful and right now powerless race horses. I continue to ask myself the same question over and over again, what is it going to take to close down all the race tracks?
    Abuse is ongoing, horses dying and suffering public infliction of torture, doping, whipping, shady deals, individuals with no morals, psychopaths who who are totally indifferent to the suffering endured by the race horses in the eyes of the public who doesn’t care as long as they can place a $ 2 bet. Is that the value of a horse now? All those who participate from cleaning stalls to owners commissioners, jockeys, etc are complicit and active participants in this horror that ends in the slaughter or death in the track or behind stall doors. When it appears that humanity has reached a new low a trap door opens into a bottomless pit. How much longer can the horses wait to be valued for what they are sentient, feeling beings that when all is said and done are so much better than us. To see their suffering while knowing that so much money and so much wealth is involved in keeping the tracks operating at the cost of the brutal treatment horses are subjected to because the money involved that the question remains. What is going to take to end their suffering for a $ 2 bet? No one is listening and be are preaching to the choir. The organizations that could advocate for an end to this monstrous business are silent while enjoying millions of dollars in their coffers and their obscene salaries, one example Wayne Pacelle sells himself to the highest bidders over and over again. They only help themselves and the others are even worse. Their CEOs pull six figures in salaries and the animals they are supposed to advocate continue to endure the horrific treatment at the hands of those self serving, pat in the back psychopaths who pass for humans but have no one once of empathy or sympathy plus is convenient for them who are and continue to enjoy their blood money, horses blood. They are all guilty of this horror show that they call the sport of kings. Thank Patrick for all that you do in behalf of the beloved horses Gina, Joyce and all involved in this uphill battle hopefully one day it won’t be necessary and the noble horse will regain his value and status in our society. Lets not forget that we can change laws but not the hearts of so called humans.

    • Thanks for your post. Well said, Sybiline.
      I particularly like your comment: “We can change laws but not the hearts of so called humans”. Amen to that !!

    • Like Rose, I want to thank you, Sybilyne, for your post. One thing to encourage you…people ARE listening and we ARE helping to change minds and hearts! Keep sharing!

  5. I feel so sorry for these horses. Like Lonesome Jay…just a youngster, 4 years old. I only looked back at the last 6 months and in that short time, he’s been with 3 different owners. They are passed around like some object to be used – such a stressful thing for a creature that craves routine. And no one is going to convince me that this young chestnut gelding just LOVES to race.

    Dec 4, 10th of 12, faltered, 16+ L back
    Dec 26, 7th of 11, tired, 12 L back
    Jan 10, 9th of 11, never a factor
    Jan 31, 8th of 10, retreated, 20+ L back
    Feb 12, 9th of 10. showed little, 13+ L back
    Feb 27, 9th of 9, stopped, 17 L back
    May 1, 12th of 12, 20 L back
    May 19, 8th of 11, through after half, 19+ L back
    June 4, 5th, steady fade
    June 24, DNF, trailed early, eased and vanned off

    Think Lonesome Jay is having fun?

    And running with a price on his head in every race. This beloved “family member”. The LIES they spew.

  6. Absolutely, Joy – THE LIES they tell!

    For far too many decades the racing industry has deliberately deceived the public into thinking that the horses just LOVE to race and are so very well cared for……
    Their dark ugly secrets are no more and the industry cannot justify nor can it defend the inexcusable cruelty inflicted upon these innocent horses.

  7. Patrick, and to all others who expose the truth about this industry.
    I would also like to thank the pro-horse racing people who comment because your comments expose the deliberate or ignorant delusion that you fall into the “good” category of this industry.
    Anybody who participates and/or supports this industry is either directly or indirectly supporting the mandatory aspects of it such as: whipping/beating, doping, dumping and dying.
    Anytime you are called out on your pro-horse racing comments you can never dispute the fact that this industry is a cruelty circus, and a death camp.
    The entire fundamental aspect of this business model is the exploitation of a voiceless racehorse as it’s beaten/whipped, doped, dumped, and killed in action.
    This is just part of it because there are so many negative spin-offs that this industry is responsible for creating.
    To put it succinctly this industry not only exploits horses, but labour and supports the environmental devastation of a slaughterhouse by supplying about 30% of the horse being killed with a captive bolt to their head.
    Pro-horse racing supporters continually shift the focus and responsibility onto PETA.
    Whether you like PETA or not the point is PETA has absolutely nothing to do with the exploitation of racehorses.
    I regularly review comments on the Bloodhorse website whereby supporters are slamming PETA for racehorses breaking down or ending up in the slaughterhouse!
    Such comments as “where’s PETA now?”
    This shows just how irrational these supporters are.
    My question to them is “where’s the multimillion dollar horse racing industry while these horses are dying on tracks or in the slaughterhouses?”
    Where are the connections to these horses after they’ve made them money and dumped?”
    The truth is they have no answers so, instead, they stir up hatred over one of the most prolific animal rights groups in American history!
    Then they attack people like me or others who are very active directly witnessing the carnage that this industry is directly repibsible for.
    Moreover, many of us are all too familiar with racehorses standing at a kill auction $200 away from stepping on a slaughterhouse bound truck!
    When we contact these so called “good” folks or the super rich connections with empty paddocks on their multimillion dollar farms they couldn’t care less in most cases and refuse to cough up some financial support for the racehorse they were part of exploited.
    Instead, these dumped racehorses only hope is somebody to help them – somebody that didn’t breed them nor exploit them for this despicable industry.
    Let’s not forget about the “good” folks who watch their horses did in the dirt.
    That’s just part of this business they say.
    Well neither PETA, myself of others who don’t support this death camp have anything to do with the consequences of this exploitation.
    No, that blame lies directly on all you pro-horse racing participants and supporters.
    You create the mess and play havoc in these pot racehorses lives.
    You are directly responsible for this carnage – nobody else is.
    On a final note, there was a horrific accident on the Ft. Erie Racetrack yesterday.
    It left 1 racehorses dead, and a Trainer and a jockey fighting for their life in the hospital.
    Again, the industry has flexed its power over the media by refusing to release the names of those involved.
    Another day of carnage with no accountability, a shroud of secrecy surrounding this horrific accident while downplaying the life lost.
    This, my fellow horse lovers, is yet another death in the horrific world of horse racing.
    Another day – another death.

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