Saturday Casualties

Saturday at the races…

Kattniss, Arapahoe, “bled, vanned off”

Mind That Diamond, Belmont, “vanned off”

Maybry’s Conquest, Belmont, “struck the rail, DNF”

Kt Perry, Canterbury, “vanned off after race”

Julias Girl, Evangeline, “broke down”

Che Querido, Gulfstream, “vanned off”

Sleeting, Pimlico, “had to be vanned off”

Eee I Eee I Oh, Prairie, “vanned off”

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(source: Equibase)

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  1. Maybrys Conquest was tired but is 100 percent fine and healthy. Please adjust accordingly.

    • I had Maybry’s Conquest as merely “DNF” – nothing to adjust. By the way, why don’t you identify yourself and your source? Anonymity – so very typical of this industry.

    • Struck the rail and unable to finish the race. At the very least this horse would’ve suffered a degree of bruising, likely abrasions/grazing and shock. The horse might appear to be fine but he wouldn’t have enjoyed an experience like this which threatened his life. Yes just send him out again at the risk of him breaking a leg, a shoulder, his neck, his spine, his pelvis, etc. His mind has already been broken by this cruel industry. And if he doesn’t die on the track, he’ll end up suffering a torturous inhumane death in the slaughterhouse where the vast majority of racehorses end up.

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