U.S. Racing Casualties, 5/23/16-5/29/16

U.S. Horseracing (Thoroughbred, Quarterhorse), last week:

“Broke Down” (euphemism for dead), “Collapsed and Died,” “Humanely Euthanized”
Fors Fortis, Presque Isle

“Vanned Off” – carted away by ambulance
Conticinio, Sunray
Sea Me Sparkle, Sunray
Midnight Black, Thistledown
Okeemeister, Gulfstream – later confirmed dead
Shere Khan, Gulfstream (“fell over fallen rival” – Okeemeister)
Showered, Churchill (“fell”) – later confirmed dead
Miss Corona Tee, Delta (also “bled”)
Arch Adversary, Prairie (“in distress”)
Senor Tebow, Remington (“faltered, lame”)
Cavu, Canterbury (“pulled up in distress”)
Belvedere Road, Charles Town
Adieu My Friend, Evangeline
Ella’s Glory, Prairie
Red Envelope, Ruidoso (also “bled”)
Sr Tacopina Time, Ruidoso
The Downsize, Ruidoso
Night Train Lane, Emerald
She’s Roman, Finger Lakes (“never made it back to the winners circle”)
Matts Lucky Spirit, Golden Gate
Seekinsweetrewards, Lone Star
Tedious, Louisiana
Jimmy Eagle, Ruidoso (also “bled”)
My Attilas Fame, Sunray
Academy Run, Sunray
Sexy and I Know It B, Remington (“lame”)
Silent Ride, Ruidoso

Training Zone Jon, Finger Lakes, “appeared in distress, pulled up”
Explore, Presque Isle, “returned with a bloody mouth”
Danzetti, Thistledown, “stopped, distanced, DNF”
Command Respect, Prairie, “bled”
Big Ennis, Remington, “bled”
Top Tiara, Churchill, “hit the rail hard, DNF”
Lincolns Oak Tree, Delta, “bled”
Play It Strang, Remington, “fractious loading, flipped over, ran off”

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(source: Equibase)

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  1. “In distress” = Abuse
    “Bled” = Abuse
    “Returned with a bloody mouth” = Abuse
    “Appeared in distress, pulled up” = Abuse

    “In the starting gate” = Abuse
    “And they’re off” = Abuse

  2. fell
    fell over fallen rival
    upset, flipped over and ran off
    carted away in an ambulance
    returned with a bloody mouth
    never made it back
    in distress
    later confirmed dead

    One could be forgiven for thinking that this is taking place in a battlefield. Well it is for these horses who are racing for their lives for human entertainment and $2 bets.

  3. Horse racing is not a sport. It’s a cruelty circus full of abuse, pain, and suffering. It’s also a death camp.
    Anybody who has the audacity to come on this blog and defend this blatant animal cruelty, either by participating and/or supporting it, needs their head checked for deliberate delusional psychosis.

    • Can’t agree with you more, Gina. How can we stop this. Petitions and protesting works.

  4. Thank you Patrick. Because of you, this cannot be swept under the rug.

      • Absolutely!…THANK YOU Patrick! And THANK YOU to all who have chosen to support the HORSES of this industry and NOT the industry itself!

    • Absolutely much thanks to Patrick for bringing this to the attention of the public. I have to admit I was not aware of the extent of the abuse!

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