Okeemeister “Falls,” “Put Down” at Gulfstream

The (Equibase) chart for the final race at Gulfstream yesterday: “Okeemeister fell [at the] top [of the] stretch, vanned off”; “Shere Khan fell over fallen rival, vanned off.” The “fallen rival,” the Daily Racing Form reports, was “put down.” Dead.

In his last five full races (September-May), Okeemeister finished a combined 94 lengths back – almost 20 per start. Sounds like his fatal fall was but a matter of time. Incidentally, during this six-race run (including yesterday), the 4-year-old was made to endure three different trainers – Juan Arias, Antonio Machado, and Antonio Cioffi.

Okeemeister – made, January 27, 2012…killed, May 25, 2016

This is horseracing.

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  1. Yet another fallen victim of this antiquated business model that includes whipping/beating, doping, maiming, dying, and dumping.
    Lest we forget Gulfstream’s owner is Frank Stronach (AKA Adena Springs AKA Magna Entertainment). A prolific racehorse breeder, and owner of 600+ thoroughbreds (everything from broodmares, colts, fillies, active racehorses etc), owner of 3 multi-million dollar farms (Ontario, Kentucky, Florida).
    Frank Stronach who recently announced that his Pegasus Race that he created was sold out, and confirmed one of the buyers are the team of multiple drug violating Trainer Doug O’Neill, and owner Paul Reddam. So much for reforming this industry right?
    Nobody in this business has ever denied these cheaters at any level of the game. If they were really serious about cleaning up the drugs then multiple drug violating Trainers would be denied access to the system such as stall denial and/or entry denial.
    Instead, honest owner/trainers who have clean records, with no doping, are denied stalls every day. It’s clear that the ongoing use of dope, to address chronic issues, is necessary to fill races even at the highest level of the game.
    I’m all for wealth, and success so I’m not attacking that aspect of this operation and the connections.
    What I’m saying is that at the highest level of the game – Frank Stronach (it doesn’t get much higher than him) the worse aspect of this entire business model (racehorses dying) is happening at all levels even on racetracks owned by the owner.
    The fact that Mr. Stronach had nothing, directly, to do with this racehorse dying, does not preclude the fact that he owns the track, his track implements policies to essentially “cover-up” the carnage by not releasing videos of race replays where breakdowns are on camera, participates directly in the prolific breeding, and subsequent dumping either in claiming or otherwise. (Important to note that Mr. Stronach is one of the few owners that has a prolific aftercare program that rehabilitates many of his racehorses, but some become part of the disposal system when you are breeding hundreds per year).
    When you participate in this business you are participating and directly or indirectly responsible for the carnage. It’s just that simple. Nobody gets out of this business with clean hands – not even the top wealthy owners.
    Participants and supporters of horse racing talk about cleaning up the business, but their actions tend to contradict what they are actually saying. The mere fact that they participate in the exploitation to whatever degree makes them responsible for the carnage in some capacity.
    In the end it’s all the same: racehorses dying in the dirt for $2 bets – rich or poor.
    This is horse racing.

  2. that POOR POOR POOR HORSE , that is the saddest thing i have heard dammit , the owners license should be revoked.

    • Agreed Lexi. So sad that OKEEMEISTER is one of thousands who die on racetracks throughout North America.
      The license getting revoked is one approach, but so is automatic animal cruelty charges.
      Of course it will never happen. Not sure how familiar you are with this industry, but this has been going on for years.
      The entire business model is nothing more than a cruelty circus, and death camp with the racing commissions legitimizing the ongoing doping, and cruelty probably to ensure that charges are not brought forth in a court of law.
      It’s all a neat package. In order for this modern-day slavery ring to continue, the wheels of the wagering machine need to be greased with the victims – the racehorses.
      How can this be going on in 21st century America?
      I’m living in the wrong century. I wish I could fast forward into a society where all animal exploitation has ended. The only way to get to that point is to continue being a voice for the voiceless who lay dying in the dirt for this despicable industry.

  3. Horseracing kills. There is no doubt that a noble, beautiful, pure poetry in motion are the 21st century gladiators entertaining the bloodthirsty masses who continue to participate in the killing game for a 2 dollar bet. At least the gladiators had weapons and armor. The horses have nothing to protect themselves against their most prolific predator, the so called humans. The racetracks have become the blood soaked arena where the horses are shedding their blood to satisfy the corruption, the greed and lack of empathy for the suffering of inflicted deliberately in pursuit of the mighty dollar is disgusting, and stomach turning. If there is such a thing as reincarnation I hope these degenerates will return as race horses and suffer the brutal torture they have and will continue to inflict on defenseless innocent feeling beings. Family fun they called indoctrination and indifference to the suffering that ultimately ends with the killing of the horses. Patrick thank you for your dedication and love for the horses. Thank you for being a warrior exposing the corruption and gathering voices to shout from the rooftops “stop horseracing, close the tracks down”. Maybe one day …

  4. Back when horse racing started was there records of drugs or any additives to the horses? What happened to running horses just for fun across pastures and not under spotlights full of illegal processes. Sickens me that so many breeders
    Are in it for the greed and not for the love of the horse who they make run until their deaths or injuries. RIP Okeemeister and may we one day get doping and drugs out of racing and ban racing nationwide.

  5. No, there was little accountability when drugs were given.
    That said, there is little accountability now.
    The industry fights hard to defend the use of drugs that are usually administered: 1. to mask chronic issues, to keep horses filling races resulting in wagering revenues.
    2. To gain a competitive edge by administering performance enhancements. For example, Lasix is a performance enhancer. 3. To mask pain so that the racehorse can continue to run.
    There isn’t one active racehorse running 100% dope free at some time during their career.
    This entire business model is directed by the bettors with the racehorses paying the price.
    It’s a known fact that large fields increases wagering revenue because it increases the wagering choices for exotic bets.
    The industry wants races filled – sore or not.
    They accomplish this by allowing multiple drugs to be in the horses system when running.
    If they were to require racehorses with NO dope in their system when running then there would be little races especially in the claiming ranks where most horses are running with chronic issues resulting in pain, and probably suffering.
    So what do they do to alleviate the inhumane treatment of racehorses?
    They INCREASE the number of times that a racehorse can be whipped/beaten.
    They did this for many reasons, but Victor E. (rider of American Pharoah who excessively and repeatedly beat him in the stretch of the Derby) was the deciding vote to ensure that the continued ongoing abuse and animal cruelty is institutionalized.
    So now we have a recipe for disaster. We now have doped-up, sore, and tired racehorses who will not slow down to protect themselves because they are being beaten with the whip.
    This industry is a cruelty circus and death camp for the racehorses. It’s not a “Sport of Kings,” it is a “Sport of Animal Cruelty and Death.”
    PLEASE if you like to gamble – play cards or do the slots. There are no lives being lost in this form of gambling, but in horse racing it’s the racehorses that are losing their lives every day for $2 bets.

    • every word Gina speaks is the REALITY of horse racing , the insiders do EVERYTHING to keep the dope flowing in the horses veins , the veterinarians ( OATH BREAKING SCUM) are at the center of the blame for this , they are the ones administering the dope.

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