3-Year-Old Collapses and Dies at Charles Town

I have confirmed that Nite Thunder collapsed and died during the 9th at Charles Town last night. Collapsed and died…at three.

This is horseracing.

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  1. What a business ! One more kill for that infamous track,Charlestown,, AKA as the “Bullring.”.
    Of course there will be a necropsy and drug screen since racing is working so hard to clean up this business. Right ??
    RIP Nite Thunder. You were killed by this corrupt gambling entterprise before you had a chance to live.

    • Oh, how I wish there was a law in place for necropsy and drug screening for horses that break down. The truth would come out how these horses are made to run sore, and on pre-existing injuries. The abuse they endure, and cannot get away from. I wish I had the money to fund legislation for this.

      • Yes, there should be mandatory necropsies performed on every single racehorse that dies. The most important point is that the necropsy must be conducted by an INDEPENDENT agency whereby the results are released to the public without interference from pro-horse racing people.
        There are some racing jurisdictions whereby necropsies are performed, but the entire process, and resulting paperwork is handled by the racing commissions. It doesn’t surprise me that little or nothing comes of it.
        It’s obvious that the commissions are window dressers for the industry. They are certainly not neutral. Most have become an extension of management for wagering income with little regard to the racehorse. This is seen time, and time again as many racehorses with non-performing, non-competitive PP’s are allowed to enter and run essentially to their death in some cases.
        The commissions re-license and avoid suspension of multiple drug violating trainers who have racehorses die under their care.
        Doping and death goes hand in hand so to allow these Trainers to continue training is, more or less, handing them the death key.
        Nite Thunder you were yet another victim of this cruelty circus, and death camp. I don’t support what was forced upon you, and I will continue to be a voice for racehorses who are slaves of this modern day slave trade.


  3. This must have been terrible to watch…even Charlestown removed the 9th race replay from its’ site. Watched his last race in March…non-competitive.

  4. Thank you, Gina, Joy, Mary, et al, for speaking out on behalf of the voiceless. Also, I say thank you to all the pro racing people who post here because their comments re-enforce what a deceitful, corrupt and cruel business racing is at every level. Joy said it well when she said racing was very good at self-incrimination ! And, of course, thanks to Patrick for his diligence in bringing to light a lot of the atrocities in this gambling business and for maintaining this cite.

    The horse business, in general, is rife with cruelty and exploitation in all of it’s disciplines to one degree or another. One just needs to look beyond the superficiality of big competition and the associated pageantry. Racing, in particular, attracts those hoping for easy money as well as ego gratification. Considering this motivation, is it any wonder the horse is the disposable commodity in the pursuit of fame and fortune. Further, should we be surprised at what the horse is subjected to in order to achieve the goals of those in racing ?

    As is often said, the devil is in the details. The details in racing should make one’s hair stand on end. It starts with the exploitation in breeding and ends with death, either in the stall, while training or racing and, more times than not, in the slaughterhouse. These horses, with few exceptions, die before or at maturity. What the horse is subjected to during it’s short life is a disgrace in a civilized society. They are pumped full of drugs, some called “supplements”, their sore joints are injected and numbed, they are forced to run while being whipped, they are started too often and when they are not up to expectations they spiral down in the claiming ranks while being shuffled from barn to barn as they descend into horse Hell.

    Surprising as some of this may seem to the uninitiated, it barely scratches the surface of what horses are subjected to and all while racing ignores or pretends to deal with the injustices.

    Every horse has a story and the story of most race horses and what they are forced to endure is not “bedtime story” material !

  5. Oh, but Rose – they call it “family entertainment!”
    Need I say more?
    Thanks to you Rose for your posts – well said.

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