NY up to 28 Dead Racehorses on the Year

Two Standardbreds are dead in NY:

10-year-old Tug River Dylan “collapsed and died on the track” (Gaming Commission) after the 1st race Sunday afternoon at Saratoga Raceway. “Possible cardiac event,” they’re calling it. Trainer, Normand Dessureault; driver, Stephane Bouchard.

12-year-old Hypnotist went down in the 3rd last Thursday night at Yonkers. All the Commission has to say on this one is the ever laughable “investigation continues.” Trainer, Kimberly Asher; driver, Larry Stalbaum.


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  1. There are so many “wrongs” going on every day on these death circuits.
    So sorry for TUG RIVER DYLAN and HYPNOTIST.
    The people who really loved you are the ones who didn’t exploit you.
    From a bystander who watches the daily maiming, deaths, and dumping – you were loved.
    May you find peace now that you are no longer subjected to the torture chamber called a racetrack.

  2. Stop breeding you stop deaths and killings of horses. Horses have rights to they serve us and are there for us. We are betrayer to kill them at slaughter and to breed them for slaughter.
    Shame on Canada.
    We Canadians don’t want the eirldvto see us as “horse killers.”… it’s inhuman amd ultimate betrayal. Bedingfield fir slaughter needs to be ciminslized fior crulty. No more PMU RANCHES IN SASKATCHEWAN MANITOBA CANADA. THEY BREED FOALS TO KILL THEM. HEART BREAKING. TRANSPORT 36 HOURS NO FOOD OR WATER IS CRULTY. . SHIPPING TO JAPAN ASIA IN CRATES TO DIE IS CRULTY. STOP THE CRULTY STOP THE SHAME. .

  3. The only way to stop it is to shut it down. The only way to shut it down is to follow these steps: 1. Support decoupling. This will end casino funding of horse racing. Many racetracks will immediately shut down due to lack of funding for daily operations. This is one of the single most important, most effective way to put an immediate end to many tracks. 2. Cancel the Interstate Horse Racing Act. This Act was supposed to be temporary as it allows billions of dollars to be wagered across state lines with little or no regulation. This is a major source of funding for tracks. So if this is cancelled then it will immediately shut down many tracks. 3. Don’t watch or wager on horse racing. 4. Educate.
    What many people don’t realize is that the majority of racetracks are no longer financially viable due to the lack of wagering revenue, the reduced interest of the younger generation, the increase of sensitivity to animal issues such as exploitation, the lack of labour on tracks because not many people want to work 7 days per day, wake-up at 5:00 AM in the morning, risk getting physically maimed on a daily basis for horrific wages, and no benefits. The only way the tracks are filling labour gaps is by hiring Mexican immigrants, and that includes jockeys.

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